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  1. I've noticed that groups form a line too, and do not really gather around my toon. Maybe the devs could change this behavior in some way? It would be nice if opponents you managed to pull grouped around you instead of forming a line away from you. I played ITF twice at +2 and seemed to get different results as far as what I was able to pull. The first time I couldn't pull/teleport anyone, the second time I pulled/teleported solid groups of opponents. Same toon, had alpha slotted same both times. Any thoughts on what might have been different? the 'number of opponents setting (x1 to x8) should not matter, right? If an opponent is out of the teleport's league (boss, AV, level too high, etc), does it still count against the powers use cap?
  2. I’ve been playing with 2 of my characters running various Task Forces, radio missions, and other pickup group arcs (both just recently hit 50, so not really any incarnate content if that matters) testing out the use of Fold Space. For reference one is an Energy Blast Sentinel and the other is a Broadsword Brute. In most content it seems like I’m not grabbing more than about 5 opponents; in general content there are obstacles that I think cut down on LOS significantly (and since Fold Space is LOS only, that cuts into what can be targeted). Running something like ITF which its wide open spaces and plentiful opponent mobs in the same area, I get more, certainly. So I have been feeling that Fold Space is kind of weak. Its *better than nothing* for sure, so I’m keeping it on the 2 characters I’ve got it on. I had not, until recently, seen gravity control, and its ability to ‘condense’ mobs – on top of one another, into small spaces, etc. – and I was floored at how powerful that was. No comparison with Fold Space, just crazy good. Now, that’s as it should be for a main power pick vs a pool power, but I do think there’s room to improve Fold Space in some way. I’d love to not have LOS restriction on it, as I think that would open its use more in ‘non-flatland’ content, and with only 100ft I still don’t see it being likely to pull from other rooms. Its info says it prioritizes closest targets, which is probably standard coded mechanics for AoE power caps, but maybe it could prioritize farthest first, so that if you are already close to a bunch, you can pull more in on top of them? (too powerful an ability?) Anyone else feel the same or different? Is there some trick to using it other than trying to best center yourself among mobs you want to pull in?
  3. I can see your point; I'm not sure if it would work that way - I'm not sure it wouldn't though either, its hard to tell what will really incentivize people. Ultimately, if I invest in getting the LRT badges, I want to use the power more often. I do like the suggestion from earlier in the thread where the more badges you get the shorter your cooldown for LRT. I'd vote for that, if its technically feasible. I'm not against putting in time or getting badges, I just have to weigh that time vs the time I get to play in total, and how much getting badges actually speeds up how I play.
  4. Sorry, I thought I was being clear: I know LRT can take you to your base (or any base), and that's how I use it now. My point was: To make LRT *worth* investing the extra time to you need to get badges for direct teleport, I feel it needs a shorter cooldown. I'm just providing feedback on opportunity cost for the power, based on what I perceive the power is intended to do, and how I'd align it more with its intention and cost.
  5. This definitely. I just explained to a not-so-new, but more casual than myself player, how it all worked and that you can use EBFP with LRT and Enter Base Trans, and they still had some issues - they were expecting it to show on the menu. I expect many people will have the same confusion and frustration. --- I think LRT needs its timer reduced - say 5 minutes. WHY: The time invested in unlocking areas, per character, is not worth it at 10 minutes cooldown. So I get that with the multiple *different* modes of travel you can jump to bases and go everywhere multiple times in 10 minutes, and if ALL that LRT did was take you to a base after you unlock it, that would be fine. However the idea is that you unlock areas for direct teleport, and even at one badge per location it took me an hour to get all the ones listed in Cosmic SG Base. So once every 10 minutes, on that one character I can jump anywhere. Ok, bonus I guess? But any other time I go thru the SG base. Can you see how since LRT requires time invested in unlocking destinations to teleport directly, and the cooldown is too long to make it the most often used method of transport that it just becomes a second Base Transporter? TLDR: I've been fast to adapt to the change, with grabbing LRT and Base Transport on my characters to facilitate travel, and even checked out unlocking every area I could for LRT, and right now unlocking extra LRT locations is not worth the time invested, to me.
  6. I've seen some of the recent posts on client side graphic changes, and was wondering if anyone had made, or could offer any pointers toward making graphic improvements for Assault Rifle and Devices: Caltrops. For Assault Rifle, I find the graphics underwhelming and would like something 'splashy-er'. I have played Dual Pistol and love the way I can see the bullets streak toward the target, but since I see no projectile at all for AR, I suspect there might not BE any, just the 'hit' effect. Does anyone know? I'd also love to make the hit effect more pronounced so I can tell during combat what/who I hit. So I'd be looking to improve the hit splash of both the single target attacks (burst, slug) but also the area/cone effects (Buckshot, M30 Grenade, Full Auto), to make the hits bigger/more notable. For caltrops, I'd either want bigger, more noticeable caltrop models or some type of 'circle/area' graphic that shows the actual area of effect the caltrops cover (both together would be awesome, but I'll take what I can get). Any advice on where to start looking for these in the PIGGs, what graphics/models I might use to replace them with, and if it can even be done, would be appreciated!
  7. Personal Background: I never played on live; I started playing less than a year ago. I've done quite a bit of online research to learn this game, how to build characters and how it all works, but I never encountered a mention of the base passcode going away. I heard about the base passcode while online, and used it from that point on, and travel was STILL a learning curve, but not a painful one. --- So, instant entry from anywhere is going away for legitimate reasons, and begin replaced with other options, so I have some questions: Specifically in Atlas Park, where does Long Range Teleport drop you? Is it in the central area near the Super Group Base portal? (If it is, I can see easily getting the Atlas Park accolades for LRT on each of my characters and using that to port and enter the base for travel) If you use one of the new powers that drop a base teleporter, when you return from the base via the entry portal, do you drop right back where you were in the zone you left? (that was the part I loved best - I could go level, or grab inspirations, and come right back to where I was in the zone) Comments: I think the P2W option needs to be 1M cost and not 10M cost. I DO vendor but I'm not rolling in enough cash to pay 10M to buy that on all 20-ish of my alts. I think all the base items need a cooldown of 5 minus or less (I guess I'm talking only about the P2W power?). I'm not a speed demon when it comes to finishing a mission map, so 5 minutes cooldown is short enough to allow me to do one, then use the power to travel to base. I assume that on a mission with other people maybe one person per mission will need to drop a base porter, and that 5 minutes is still a good timing because groups clear faster in my experience. So, while I'm surprised that the command is not going to work for instant travel anymore, I think maybe I can adapt as long as the options work the way I hope they do, and the cooldown isn't too high on the pay power.
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