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Mastermind and temp buff missions are borked

Razor Cure

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Out of three of the coolest missions in the game, two are ALWAYS broken, if you run them with a Solo MM.


Both the final mission of SSA2 and the last mission of the Leviathan Essence arc (vincent ross) give cool temp powers..to the player. NOT to any of your pets.


This makes the Levi mission waaay longer than it should be (the idea is you are powered up and tear through a whole army), because your pets are 'normal' and easily die versus the huge mobs,


The SSA mission is flat out IMPOSSIBLE. This is because one of the temps (for killing warhulks) is a special damage proc...which again, your pets do not actually get. For an MM with no primary attacks (and lets face it, they are all shitty, besides the WHip ones), there was literally no way I could even damage the thing. Temp powers like black wand and nem staff did O damage, and so did all my pet attacks.


The first mission from Menderl Ramiel also can bug out and not give your pets the incarnate temp powers (which also shows that there IS a way to have pets gain these type of special, and necessary buffs).


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