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Victory Rush Super Bugged. Bugged on multiple levels


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1- First off the value of End Recovery is 'pose to increase based on the toughness of the target.  However that doesn't work.  If you pit a LT. instead of a Minion, it gives you the EXACT SAME buff.  So that's bugged.  

2- Slotting does nothing.  I put two slots END MOD on Victory Rush and it gave me the EXACT SAME value as before 2 slotting it.  So that's bugged.

3- Now I'm stuck with 2 slots that do nothing.  So I thought, I'll put Recharge Time on them to increase how often I can use it.  Wrong... nope... it also does not accept Recharge time.

So it's bugged (nothing you can do to change the value of the buff given) and if you slot it there's nothing useful you can put on it to make it more useful.

The literal only way you can get the value to change is to target a downed Boss.  That's it.

Super bugged.

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