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could not load launcher bootstrap package


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When I try to install the new launcher, it starts the install and I select a location then select INSTALL.  It starts the install process then this error pops up and the install stops.




When I navigate to where I said to install, there are a few file folders there.


I select to have it bring over the files from Tequila.  I thought about trying to install without bringing over the files, but I don't know if I can bring them over later and I don't want to lose the data (maps, custom stuff).


Any thoughts about the error?

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@Stupefied, I also have Bitdefender, and there's way to fix the problem without uninstalling.


If you look in the Bitdefender threat logs, it's flagging up a particular file that the installer tries to fetch.  (The URL is http://cdn.homecomingservers.com/hc/launcher/3417/win32/launchercli.exe.xz)  If you add 'cdn.homecomingservers.com' as an exception to the Online Threat Protection module in Bitdefender, that will sort it out.  (Protection --> Online Threat Protection settings --> Manage Exceptions --> Add an exception)


@TalonMC, @SwissArmyBacon, that's the same error that I got when Bitdefender was blocking my connection, so have a poke around in your virus checkers.

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