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  1. This always seems so alien to me, because IOs were added in 2007, just three years into the game's life. By the time I started playing in 2008, they'd existed for a year and I basically never used TO/DO/SO in all the time I've played. I did the University tutorial on my first character and thought, well, yeah, this makes sense, why would I ever use something that expires? and that was it. So the basic pre-50 game experience doesn't really feel like it's changed that much to me. On the other hand, I can get very 'hey, you kids, get off my lawn!' about the Incarnate system, so the
  2. On HC, the Incarnate system has had a LOT of the pain taken out of it. It really does just kind of happen in the background while you play whatever content you like. The thing about Incarnates is that I've always found the actual game content to be good fun to play. The iTrials and TFs are not too long and have some fun mechanics. The Dark Astoria solo Incarnate content, grudgingly as it was added by the devs, has an interesting and involving story, and is also quite inventive with the mechanics. The problem on live was that it was spoiled by being tied into an attempt to bolt
  3. I finally wrestled the search system into submission and found the couple of threads I remembered from spring last year. I can't speak to the alleged drop inequality (I've never noticed that) but there are screenshots to demonstrate the XP bug. Very bad bug. Leader of group gets less exp and item drops. (uploaded pics for proof) Varying XP?
  4. Good luck with your project, but after previous unfortunate experiences I don't take part in online research unless the researchers are willing to, at a minimum, post their real name and institutional affiliations.
  5. One really key part is that on the live servers, the Incarnate system was a nonsensical labyrinth of different types of XP and currencies, that meant you needed to grind particular incarnate trials in a particular order to make your way through it. On HC is this massively simplified: playing any content will gain incarnate XP that will unlock your incarnate powers in time, and levelling up through veteran levels will give you components that you need to craft enhancements to use those powers. You can still choose to speed the process up by playing incarnate-level content that will
  6. This is a bug that I noticed while duoing story arcs last year. The team leader always gets a different amount of XP in the end-of-mission bonus to the non-leader, even if every other factor is the same (both have the mission arc and the missions complete just fine for both players, both have the same amount of patrol XP, day jobs, etc). You can see the difference very clearly in the game logs. All other XP drops were normal. The way we got round it was simply by switching who led the missions when the difference got big enough to be annoying, until the player who was behind cau
  7. It's a question of overkill. If the team as a whole can land 200% of the damage needed to kill a spawn, then splitting the team into two and having each sub-team engage different spawns would halve the mission clear time (not really, because of the time to travel between spawns, but you get the point). And in a range-heavy team, it can be difficult for a melee character to reach the next mob before the hail of AOEs has wiped it out. If a melee character who can safely engage at +4x8 only rarely gets to land an attack (and when they do, their attack doesn't materially speed up the
  8. I think at a minimum it's reasonable to expect people to search the build forums and look at the builds and discussions that already exist. Asking for a build when perfectly viable builds have already been posted does smack of laziness. (Although of course it's fine to say 'I looked at X and Y builds, but they didn't fit my needs for reasons A, B and C.')
  9. Why go with generics, when six-slotting Kinetic Crash hits the ED cap for knockback and gives you a 7.5% recharge bonus on top?
  10. +1 This would be my suggestion, too. They start out with fun powers, and pretty much every power you get on the way to 50 just adds more fun. There's not really any flat spots. (But you should always shout "Pull!" when you Ki Push a mob and shoot them mid air. I swear it actually adds more damage.)
  11. People explained all this a year ago, but this is a very misguided approach to getting maximum utility from Defenders. Defenders have much higher values on the secondary effects from their attacks, which directly adds to their utility as a support toon. For example, when a Defender uses Shriek from the Sonic Attack set, they apply a 20% Damage Resistance debuff to the enemy. That's a 20% damage buff not just to your attacks but to every single attack the party lands in the next 5 seconds. And during that 5 seconds you could fire off Scream, which, guess what, applies a 20% resis
  12. Probably just you. Wayback Machine capture from the 24/9/20 has the same username, so unless it was changed in the intervening couple of weeks, that's the original name. ETA: I've just realised that usernames stay the same in quoted posts, even if they're later changed, so no, the OP's username hasn't changed.
  13. The Marchand and Mr G arcs are some of the worst, though, because they're not only as confusing as hell if you haven't played the incarnate contact, but they also completely spoiler it for new players. I think they're definitely better saved for an alt.
  14. Could they have been talking about a PVP or a purple set? I think the bonuses on those are always available, no matter how low the exemplar.
  15. To get the most out of blasters, it's best to take a multi-layered approach to mez protection. - Your T1 and T2 attacks, which can be used while mezzed. Slot them up and use them. - Inspirations: purples to buff your defence so you don't get mezzed in the first place, and breakfrees to, uh, break free when you do. Keep some in your tray. Right-click and combine when you see a few boring oranges or yellows that you don't need. (As you level up, turn off smaller insps to keep your tray tidy.) - Powerset selection. Some Blaster powersets come with varying levels of mez p
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