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  1. No, I'm agreeing that trainers shouldn't have been given costume change powers, I'm just pointing out that they shouldn't have been given them by the devs on live, rather than that they shouldn't have been given them by the HC devs.
  2. I 100% agree with this, (although the costume change option was actually added to trainers on live, in I21).
  3. Only the MMs themselves could walk though pets on live. 'All players can now move through Mastermind henchmen and push them out of the way, not just their owners.' It was the same update as the double inf exploit fix, so it was easy to miss in the multi-page meltdown that followed.
  4. It takes, what, an hour or so to farm up a new 50 with an alt account? I think if some people find that unbearably slow, then they're probably leaving anyway, since I imagine they're also going to be unable to bear to wait for the time it would take to buy and slot their enhancements. Unless the new shard also needs to provides IOs on demand? In which case, yeah, I think these entirely hypothetical people would be a lot happier on Cake.
  5. Null's in Paragonwiki -- he was actually a live server addition, in Issue 20.5.
  6. Great guide! It might be worth pointing out explicitly that base macros also function when the LRT window is open. This still seems to be something that a lot of people don't realise.
  7. Without the repel, Hurriance is just an AOE debuff with fancier graphics. Repel is what makes it interesting to use, and actually require some more thought to play that 'turn on toggle and forget it exists'. So, no thanks.
  8. Maybe this is server dependent, but I've never had anyone turn down any of my characters for any teams on HC or on Live, or even souded slightly disappointed. Really, once you get to a team of eight or more, no character is needed and no character is unwanted. This is doubly true at incarnate levels, where people will have a wide selection of incarnate powers available. But across all levels, there aren't any ATs or powersets where people are going to fall to their knees in desperate gratitude when you arrive, but I think that's a feature of CoX, not a bug. (Except that one time on Live in the middle of the night on Defiant, where a lower-level team with no debuffers had been hacking away at Lusca forever, and I answered a call for help with my Rad Defender. That one time people were really happy.)
  9. I would love a Praetorian Hamidon raid. In Marchand's arc there's a mission where you go back to Praetoria and in the distance you can see the city being ripped up, and it looks amazing. It could make a great Incarnate-level challenge.
  10. Good idea! There are some contacts on Peregrine, especially, which are annoying, and easy, to accidentally outlevel. (Tina Macintyre, I'm looking at you.)
  11. In @Galaxy Brain's tests, even on SOs blasters' clear times weren't much slower than the scrappers'.
  12. As far as I know, Phantom Army damage has always healed back over time. It's noted in the old Paragonwiki as working like Spectral Wounds.
  13. I would much rather see limits placed on access to incarnate powers in non-incarnate content than see the non-incarnate content buffed to the level where incarnate powers have become a requirement to run it.
  14. You can put in a support request using the link at the top of the forums. There's a reduced support service over Christmas, but I'm sure a GM will get to your request as soon as they can.
  15. Did you back out of the character creator between checks, or check another name? Sometimes the reserved status 'sticks' on the name for a while. Try a rename and see if the name has come free again.
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