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  1. No, they're talking about a duplicate version of the current live server but with all the usual beta cheat codes available. to use now as part of testing I27. Say I don't currently have a Trick Arrow defender on live, but I'd like to test the proposed TA changes. I can make a TA Defender on the test server, but I can't compare how it plays to the current live game TA Defender unless I level up and slot out a character on live. If there was a 'live copy' test server I could easily make the character there to use for comparison.
  2. AFAIK, there's a closed beta server and a closed beta Discord. It's fair to assume that players who have access to those (I'm not one of them) will have seen more of the devs' thinking about these changes.
  3. Knockback's the most fun. Confuse is the funniest. The rest are all fine.
  4. Can't you save that? My windows all stay in the same place, anyway, but I'm damned if I remember how I did it.
  5. FWIW, I would have been happy enough with you guys simply disabling enterbasefrompasscode. I managed to get into my base without it on live, it would be fine on HC, too. I just think that adding two more base entry powers to what is already, as you say, a messy system, is entirely the wrong direction to take things.
  6. Having seen this I now understand much better how you managed to end up with this weird multiplication of almost-but-not-quite identical base powers, when HC's redesigns are usually so neat and logical. It still hurts me in my soul, though :-)
  7. Although it does have a 30 minute cooldown unaffected by global recharge. I would much prefer one base portal summon power, matching Ouro portals in its cooldown, and get rid of all the others. it's so much simpler and cleaner. We don't have four types of Ouro portals with four different combinations of function, charges and cooldowns. We don't need four different base access powers, either.
  8. A lot of the accolade powers are like that, though. They might be nice to pick up 'for free', but you wouldn't want to spend a power pick on them as the top tier power in an epic pool. I actually really like the idea of an accolade that gets more useful as characters pick up more zone exploration badges. It seems well in line with the effort required to get popular accolades like TFC. However, I can see why people who already use LRT as part of their character concept are annoyed that they'll lose the power and have to regain it. I don't know how easy/feasible this is, but would it be possible to grant character who currently have LRT the option to automatically gain the exploration badges for those zones currently covered by LRT? That way they aren't losing anything the character already had. (Optional because I'm sure there are some people who wouldn't want to take the badges, for whatever reason.)
  9. I'd prefer to have a clean initial design than expect players to use moderately obscure features to work around UI issues.
  10. Four different base access powers taking up a slot in a power tray. Two of them are pure teleports, two summon portals. Two have charges, two don't. All of them have different length cooldowns. This just seems like a lot. Personally, I would rather have one base portal-summoning power that has a five-minute cooldown like an Ouro portal, and call it a day.
  11. Look, you can't just expect the Halloween mobs to show up line-perfect once a year on demand. They need a week of rehearsals before their big day!
  12. Well, sometimes they do. Sometimes the editor decides to randomly count them as another few. Fixing the editor would be a great first step for improving bios.
  13. I am! I'm generally too lazy to write any for my own characters, but I like reading other peoples'. ETA: That said, I think they're a pretty good length at the moment. Long enough to convey a reasonable amount of info, but short enough that I can read a bunch of them while waiting for a team to get rolling.
  14. You're close! I just searched my chatlogs, and it's actually said by Slag Heaps redside.
  15. @philtrum - Heeeeeeeey! Nice to see you :-) I don't know if you remember me, but I used to join your speed ITFs on Defiant. The last time I saw a dev post about enterbasefrompasscode, they said that it wouldn't be removed until there was a replacement. IIRC, the thinking was something like the Ouro power, that would allow a temporary base portal to be created anywhere. Passcode macros would still work, if used next to a base portal (permanent or temporary). So basically, it would preserve the convenience and functionality while adding a cast time to stop it being used as a get-out-of-death-free trick.
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