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  1. This is a brilliant recommendation for this level. Despite the warning on Paragonwiki about needing a team it's extremely quick to solo on low difficulty. Quick note: in the final mission, the two hostages are located at the side pillars in the boss room. They don't have any text on sighting and I found them quite tricky to spot on the first run.
  2. There's no map-creation in AE, it uses existing missions maps from the game. So you just need to figure out which maps were used in the old AE missions you enjoyed.
  3. The local copies of AE files are kept after publishing. I never deleted my old CoH folder, and my AE mission files were all still there. I just copied them over to the Homecoming directory and they were available to publish to AE.
  4. I somehow missed the CoH resurgence, but I'm here now. I played pretty much exclusively on Defiant, bar a little badge-hunting. I had various alts: Grouchybeast (rad/rad defender), Ellie Mintaal (Fire/Ice blaster), Cocktail Companion (Cold defender), Penny Black and Penny Umbra (Dark...somethings I don't remember) and a lot more, due to a fairly mild (for CoH) case of altitis. Hope to see some familiar faces around :-)
  5. I'm very late to the party, but big hellos to any old Defiant players who are around. I'm so excited and delighted to be back in game. I admit I got a tiny tear in my eye when I saw the loading screen come up. It's been seven long years, but apparently I can still remember the layout of Atlas City. (Not so much how the powers work, mind.) I'm also feeling extremely happy right now about my decision to never delete my old costumes files, or my Mids builds folder. Is there a chat channel for ex-Defiant players, or anything similar? p.s. If you're looking at my name and wondering who the hell I am, I did solo a lot. But I'm the one who used to get a pity slot on the late night speed ITFs for my Fire blaster, due to still being awake at 2am, despite my enduring tendency to fly the wrong way and into walls.
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