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  1. On the extremely rare occasions where I went into a PVP zone on live and someone actually attacked me, I'd always stick around and get killed a few times. You had to feel sorry for anyone who was hanging around in Warburg or Siren's Call looking for PVP action on Defiant.
  2. There are some mutually exclusive lower level contacts who share identical missions, and only one from each set of those contacts is in Ouro, I assume so that there aren't loads of duplicate missions in there. So while there quite a few missing low-level contacts, there are a lot fewer missing missions that it looks.
  3. I'm always surprised that no one has ever started up a PVP-focused server and concentrated on really developing mechanics and balancing for the PVP game, without needing to consider effects on the PVE game at all. One of the biggest advantages of the code being out in the wild is that the players now have the power to take the game and shape it the way they want, instead of having to wheedle the devs into doing it.
  4. Pretty much all the old content is available through Ouro. The only missions that aren't in there are the single missions that are basically radio-style content filler.
  5. This isn't quite accurate. Generally, with some exceptions, an IO's bonus will not work if the character's combat level is more than three levels below the level of the IO. However, it will work no matter how many level higher the character's combat level is. A level 10 Blessing of the Zephyr will provide KB protection all the way up to 50+.
  6. I still have my old game logs, and out of curiosity I did a few searches. Most of the acronyms used now were also in use back on the Live servers, so I don't think that's changed very much, Which ones you see has probably changed, e.g. SBB was a late and seasonal addition, but there were plenty of IFT LFM posted back on live. Likewise with levels -- people didn't always specify TF levels in the past either. Speeding TFs isn't a new thing, either. That became really popular when merits were introduced and there was suddenly a significant reward for fast times. But also, it's
  7. Have you tried the different low-level arcs on redside? There's actually quite a variety, with the newer ones. I really enjoy both Dr Graves and Lt Harris, but they start at level 5, so if you're deleting before then you won't have run into them. I also tend to play good characters, but when I'm playing redside I tend to look at it less as the charactering being an avatar for me, and more than I'm reading a story.
  8. Rise of the Phoenix. The animation is amazing, and the pure joy of Oh, so you think that was it, huh? You think you won? Well, watch THIS! never gets old. It makes defeat a pleasure.
  9. All-support team in CoX are kind of the opposite of this, though. You don't need to number-crunch, design a specific team, or come up with clever tactics or highly tuned builds. You just need to round up eight Defenders and stroll around the mission maps chatting, while the enemies melt and nothing gets to fight back because either they're all debuffed to heck, or you're all buffed to the hardcaps. Or both. It's basically cheat mode.
  10. I got a left-handed Razer mouse for Christmas. The mouse itself works really well, and I'm enjoying the exciting novelty of a middle scroll wheel and other new-fangled gizmos (for context: I've been using a finger-operated Logitech trackball since roughly forever). The Razer software, on the other hand, is a pile of crap. From years of using right-handed mice with my left hand, I have right-clicking with my index finger so completely ingrained that I decided to set up the Razer to swap the left and right mouse buttons assignments. This does mostly work. The mouse respects my bu
  11. The serious answer is: merits. The arrival of merit rewards determined on a merits-per-minute formula made speed-running TFs extremely rewarding.
  12. It also depends on how and when you slot. I tend to make a build plan early on with a character and, and slot it up with sets as I go. I also level quite slowly and solo a lot. So I get a lot of use out of attuned IOs. If you prefer to level to 50 and then give your characters a set IO build, it becomes more a question of whether or not you exemp. If you farm a character up to 50, slot them out, and never exemp, attuned IOs are pretty pointless.
  13. I also suspect that this is the actual answer. Blue power obviously saps blue stat!
  14. We duoed the ITF pretty easily with a fire/fire brute and an ice/cold corr. It wasn't MO, but then we weren't trying for that.
  15. It could start by simply replacing any powers you keep in the same slots, and removing icons for powers you haven't taken. Any new powers can be placed in the tray later by the players. That would be vast;ly better than the current situation. At worst, the player might decide to /cleartray and start from scratch, which is no different to now, except that now everyone has to do it instead of only some people. We know the game already keeps the information during the entire respec process, because it can be cancelled right at the end and the trays are restored,
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