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  1. I feel like the results of that would be fairly predictable, though, which is instead of running AE Fire Farms/PI papers/Tinpex, people will run New Most Efficient AE Farm/New Most Efficient Repeatable Normal Content/New Most Efficient Incarnate Trial, and we'll be back exactly where we are, only with higher rewards across the board. What does work pretty well right now, actually, are the weekly SF targets. I wonder if something could be done along those lines to encourage people to run a wider variety of content?
  2. Actually, a lot of people enthusiastically agree that there should be more challenging optional and/or high level content. The consolidated difficulty thread poll suggests that view is in the majority on the forums. The only contentious part is whether there should be a global change to difficulty (most people seem to feel not) and secondarily whether there are enough players who would actually use such content to make it worthwhile developing. And one reason people question that is because the difficulty conversation cycle generally goes like this: A: The game is too easy, we need a hard mode or harder content. B: Okay, but meanwhile there are already lots of ways players can choose to challenge themselves. Have you considered [SO only/Ouro with buffed enemies/AE challenge missions/etc]? A: No, I can't find enough people who want to play like this to make up even one static team.
  3. Citadel is way the worst for me, not just because it's so repetitive, but because those cave maps give me motion sickness. 🤢
  4. The problem with bugs is that it's so difficult to judge from the symptoms how hard they are to fix. Actually, it would be really nice to have a list of reported bugs, with a dev note saying whether they've been looked at yet, and what the conclusion was in terms of effort needed to fix them.
  5. It's interesting that you noticed it on a blaster. A couple of weeks ago I was duoing my MM with a blaster, and he was complaining that breakfrees weren't working while he was held. I wasn't having any problem using them while held, so we couldn't figure out why he was. Then after a while they started working again for him. If they're bugged it's apparently something weird and intermittent.
  6. Can you apply knockback to an enemy in the middle of the knock-up animation? Because epic knockup followed by epic knockback would be, well. Epic. Never, not here or on live, have I wanted a suggestion thread to become reality as much as I want this one.
  7. At the Talos train station: "No, my phone doesn't take pictures. Does yours?"
  8. Neopets, of all places, has a barter-based trading post. Actually, it's a hybrid because a trade can involve a limited amount of currency, but inflation meant that the value of trades can exceed the allowed currency amount many times over. Anyway, the answer is that people invented their own currency to use in barter -- in the case of Neopets, a couple of different high-value single-use items that could be bought in infinite amounts from a store. Bartering requires an enormously tedious amount of research to make sure that the exchange you're making is actually fair and that someone isn't trying to rip you off by offering useless junk. It's much faster and safer to ask for currency cap + four Baby Paint Brushes for your item than it is to sit there and figure out the value of an offer containing a dozen different books, four morphing potions, two food items, a weapon and a plushie.
  9. My virus scanner threw a fit about Tequila, so maybe you just have insufficiently paranoid software 😉
  10. I am also bad at video games! On teams, I like playing debuff-heavy defenders and blasters. Blasters are the lowest-stress AT of all, because you have no responsibility. Just shoot things, and if you die, oh well. The team will be fine until you get back to them. For the high-tech version, find a tank or brute, follow them, shoot things and if you die, oh well. Debuff-heavy defenders are nice because you don't need to worry about juggling buffs and actively keeping people alive, and on teams the debuffing really shines when facing AVs, when you'll likely have plenty of time to apply toggles etc. And the rest of the time, blast!
  11. Make him Ice/Devices instead and call him Ice Qbe.
  12. IIRC, characters all have a base Hold protection of Mag 1, so Acrobatics will actually stop any holds that are Mag 3 or less.
  13. How about just replacing all of them with clones of Manticore?
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