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  1. I feel like if you've got a character to vet level 99+ then either a) it's a farm toon and it's already generating plenty of rewards, or b) you really, really enjoy playing that character, which again is pretty much its own reward. Just let the steadily increasing vet number stand as a measure of how awesome that character is to play.
  2. YES! MORE KNOCKBACK! MAKE KNOCKBACK THE MOST POWERFUL SECONDARY EFFECT IN THE GAME! Seriously, that thread has some great ideas. Knockback needs to be made BETTER, not neutered.
  3. IIRC think the plan was to replace it with a summonable base portal, like the Ouro portal, which will act as a normal base portal and also allow people to us a base passcode macro to a different when standing next to it. So it will have a fairly short cooldown and an interruptible animation, which will handle the issue of it being a get-out-of-jail-free card for Mo and PVP, but it will still allow people to visit other bases easily. It seems like a nice addition to the game if they can get it working right.
  4. I don't see a balance reason why the Hami-Os couldn't be allowed to be re-rolled with Enhancement Converters, within their own pool. I guess it might be mechanically difficult to do for some reason, because they're not IOs.
  5. So in other words, yes. You didn't take the melee-based mitigation tools from your secondary, and so you struggle to handle mobs when they manage to close to melee. As other people have suggested, if you're don't like the way that blasters play even after the major buffs they got in I24, and you want a more def-based game experience, perhaps an Elec Sentinel with a non-clicky secondary might be more to your taste then trying to hammer the Blaster round peg into the square hole of your playstyle.
  6. Null the Gull didn't offer alignment changes on Live.
  7. You know, I think this might be one of your problems playing Blasters. Are you getting much use out of your secondaries? That's where you can find a lot of survivability for a Blaster. without running away when something looks in your direction. My main is a very rangy blaster, and I much prefer to hover and snipe, but even she has a single-target immob, a giant slow field, a cone slow, a single-target hold, and a big icy sword for when things don't die way over there.
  8. No, I was speeding through as fast as possible, because I wanted to get through the massive pile of Ouro badges in a reasonable timeframe. There's just no need to take that much care on -1/x1, even with the challenge debuffs.
  9. 100% this isn't a fundamental blaster problem, this is a player problem. My badging character is a blaster. I got the full set of Ouro badges on her playing at -1x1, so I could get through them as fast as possible. That's multiple runs with various combinations of enemies buffed, character debuffed, no enhancements, no travel powers, no pool powers, etc. I died maaaaaybe a handful of times, mostly at the higher levels. And honestly? I'm absolutely not a good gamer, and I would never claim to be.
  10. As I mentioned before, Blasters got a HUGE buff in I24. You really should look into updating that copy of Mids.
  11. 1. Mids is not always accurate and does not always match the real in-game numbers. 2. Mids ESPECIALLY is not accurate and does not always match in-game numbers when you are using an extremely out-of-date version of Mids. 3. Blasters already received a huge buff in I24. I assume this isn't reflected in your version of Mids, which is extremely out-of-date.
  12. If you do decide to swap for boosted purples, then you need to consider the effect of ED on the end result. There's not really much point spending millions of inf on boosting damage, if you end up with a trivial actual increase because almost all the boost has been swallowed up by ED. This also goes for slotting purple sets in the first place. Unless you really want the six-slot bonus, then it's often pretty pointless slotting the pure Dam IO from a purple set, versus the benefit you could get by either slotting a proc, slotting extra recharge/end reduction/range/whatever, or moving the slot to another power. (I also have a fire blaster main, and while I lavish love on her, the only purple set she has is 5/6 of a Ragnarok. What she has instead is capped ranged def from a mix of orange and yellow sets and the Blaster ATOs.)
  13. I duoed them both not so long ago, and that was a lot of fun.
  14. Ray Bradbury said that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 as a response to McCarthyism and censorship. Then much later he said that he wrote it because of the damaging effect of mass media on literacy. Writer opinions are impermanent headcanons, only the text remains.
  15. The way I've always looked at things, Word of God is pretty worthless. If something isn't actually in canon, then it doesn't count. I don't care what some dev said at some later point -- if they wanted the readers to know something, they should put it in the source material. A creator's later opinions about what the source material should really say isn't worth any more than anyone else's. 14-20 seems like a pretty reasonable age range for 'young man' to me. I might even nudge it a bit older, up to low 20s.
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