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  1. It's always seemed weird to me that Ms Lib is now in two places at once, while poor BAB is stuck out in the boonies. Why not let him be the main Atlas trainer? Or, if seeing Ms Lib on entering Paragon for the first time is too iconic to change, let BAB launch the TF instead.
  2. My very strong prediction is that you're not going to get any kind of declaration about it. HC has so far, very consistently and very sensibly, not given guidelines like that, to stop assholes dancing gleefully on the boundaries. Just keep your ERP private, and don't give people a chance to report it. If you're not comfortable risking your account here, then use any one of the many other communication options available on the internet.
  3. This is why I don't go to Monkey Island after dark.
  4. The biggest problem with The Coming Storm was always the business case driving it. The Coming Storm, and the whole incarnate system, was an attempt to push a stereotypical MMO end-game grind onto a playerbase that had evolved in a game without one. It was only accessible to subscribers. There was gear (incarnate powers) locked behind large group raids. Incarnate tiers were, effectively, level cap raises. Even though the devs were forced to back down a little, with things like the Dark Astoria revamp providing a very slow solo path, the intent of the Incarnate system was clearl
  5. I was going to ask, what, do you think all the folks in the Market Forum are just rogue AIs trying to keep up their Turing fronts? But then I started wondering about it and...well, I can't prove that isn't the case. The devs set the overall parameters of the game, though, and they have definitely made a lot of deliberate, targeted choices that have increased IO availability and kept down cost.
  6. I adore this idea. I especially like the thought that every now and again Perez Park would probably be hit by a shower of falling level 54 Circle of Thorns, who would end up as a kind of wandering zone hazard until they eventually despawned.
  7. These would be really nifty, not least as a way of avoiding accidentally typoing inf away at the AH. I know there are options already, but storing inf on other alts is tedious to move around, and storing too much in email makes me nervous.
  8. I've been testing the new Infiltrate travel power, and loving it, EXCEPT for the deep, pulsing hum that plays all the time while it's running. It actually makes me feel queasy after a while. I know that it's fairly easy to mod out sounds, but I thought that I'd mention how incredibly unpleasant I found it.
  9. Back on live I had a fancy-pants purpled-out blaster build purely so that I could recharge Rise of the Phoenix as fast as possible.
  10. If you have a second account, or a kind friend with the contact unlocked on a high level character, you can just cycle quickly through all the mayhem missions and grab the badges. Even easier if the alt or kind friend has TP to yank you over to the badge.
  11. The faster the team steamrolls, the more cysts spawn...
  12. Surely the best answer to that is to give every other AT a cyst equivalent, too.
  13. This seems unlikely, purely because of the way that CoX works. A team of 5 doesn't get anything significantly more out of taking a structured 'Trinity' approach than a team of 8, so there's no real pressure towards it. Back on live I wandered around in a team of 4 AMed-up fire/rad corrs, watching debuffed mobs melting under our fireballs and rains before we even got a chance to fire off a single-target attack, A brute who played with us sometimes had to run off ahead just to have a hope of reaching a live mob. Here on HC my last two duos were a MM & Blaster, a Corr & Br
  14. The situation with IOs on HC is very different to what is was on live. Freely available converters, cheap catalysts, selling packs for inf, dropping PVP recipes in normal content, bucketing IOs and recipes, bucketing normal and Attuned IOs, giving normal rewards in AE, removing the AE double inf -- everything the HC devs have done has been tilted towards increasing IO supply and holding down inflation. Adding a +3% global def PVP unique used to require 3 billion inf and the patience to wait for one to come up for sale off-market. Now you can pay for one with the merits from runni
  15. This one of hers still breaks my heart, even now.
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