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Visionary Badge in issue 27


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So before the new issue went live i had about 7 or so boss Overseers to finish off killing to earn the visionary badge. It is said in the notes that the badge was being changed to include credit for killing the lower level mobs making the goal 500 points 5 for bosses, and 1 for lower ranks. And said that progress would be converted. 


Well 93x5 should be 465 points of that 500. But i got nothing at all. I have 3 new badge counters for Brutes, Natterlings, and what is called Sentries, which are the eyeballs, but when i went to start earning the brute/natterling badges realized that i was also starting over from scratch on the sentry badges as well. So how do i get my progress back. GMs say they cant help me?

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