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Targeting macros and keybinds


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Wondering about the wide range of targeting commands?  What's best?  Targetcustomnear?  Targetcustomnext?  I was wondering too and spent a few minutes testing out a bunch of options.  Here are the results: 


  • Generally: 
    • These tools identify targets within the character's line of sight.  They won't identify a target behind you, but if there is a target ahead, the targeting tool may find it even if it is outside your rendered environment.  
    • You can use any part of a target's name to identify the target.  "Fake" will target fake nemesis.  "Immunes" will target both immunes surgeons and immunes engineers.  You can use two words from the target's name, such as "fake nemesis" or "immunes engineer."     
  • BEST commands:
    • "Targetcustomnext"  or "Target_name"     If you have a lot of mobs in view and you want to swap between certain targets, this command will find a new target each time you click it.  For example, "targetcustomnext immunes" might be the ideal targeting tool for the ITF, because you may want to choose from among several immunes surgeons and immunes engineers in sight.   Only problem: it will show dead targets and living targets.
    • "Targetcustomnear enemy alive"          This is the best tool to avoid targeting a dead enemy, but it will not swap to a new target if you re-click it.   You can target a new enemy by adjusting your line of sight, then re-clicking. 
  • NOT SO USEFUL commands:
    • "Targetcustomnear" with no modifiers will not swap and will show dead targets.
    • "Targetcustomnext enemy alive" does not resolve the problem of showing dead targets.   It seems like it should, but it doesn't.
    • "Target_name enemy alive" won't work at all.
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