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Immersion suggestions (QoL)

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One of the best things, IMO, about CoX is how immersive it can be. The environments are rich, the stories are great, the characters all wonderful and the play mechanics are pretty easy to use without too much thought.


One thing does invariably stand in the way of deeper immersion, though: reward alerts and combat number floaters. I'm sure most people are grateful to have them since they're important for getting an idea of how well a character is doing and how much damage a character is taking, and the reward alerts keep you apprized of the items you're gathering.


I'm sure I'm not the only player, however, that feels they're simply more than we'd like to see. It defeats the cinematic quality of the combats. If we could be able to shut those off (preferably by item such as having the ability to disable damage done floaters, healing done floaters, damage taken floaters, reward alerts, etc.), it would make the game far more immersive than it already is. If that could be added I think many people who currently can't see a reason for it would find that it would be nice some times. An ocean of floating orange numbers can make it difficult to track enemy movements or select specific targets. The more players there are in a confined space, the worse the problems become.


I thank you for your time and consideration.



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