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Finding Your City Install Root on Windows for HC Launcher, Tequila, Island Rum


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Talking about modding City or the new Homecoming Installer, I keep referring to the City Install Root, often shortened to '<root>'.  It's where all the files of your City install are located.  For the new HC Installer, it's everything, as all programs, library, settings, etc live in the files under that location.


So, how to find it if you can't remember where it is.


For the new HC Installer, just click on the gear icon in the upper right of its main window to get its Settings window.  Install Location is stated front and centre (here to the default path).  Note you can install the HC Launcher many times in different locations, as all are independent and use different links to start their respective Launchers.  But only one install is needed to access everything including the Beta Shards and Multiboxing.




For the Tequila installer, find the shortcut you use to launch Tequila, right-click on it, and select Properties.  The Install Location is the "Start in" folder.




If you happened to use Island Rum, it's found via its shortcut, similar to Tequila.  In my install, it always had its own folder under the City Install Root.  Here <root> is "C:\Prog\PL".  I never got Island Rum and Tequila to co-exist, so I had to use a separate install location.



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