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Elusive Mind: Solo option

Razor Cure

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SOmeone made a thread about this a week back, but now I cant find it.

Out of the Accolade powers, Elusive Mind is maybe 7th down the list of useful/good powers (the 4 +hp/end ones, Demonic, Force of Nature). It is also the ONLY one you can not get solo.

Sure, all the others (especially the stupid FoN defeats, on either side) go faster in a team, but if you dont or cant team, you are really shit out of luck for Elusive Mind.

Case in point..I have been trying to get it on my new scrappa for a week or so. Every invasion that popped up (well most, assuming I wasnt teamed etc), I wrent to, and tried to recruit a team. It took about 11 invasions and I FINALLY got it (in PI..subjective, but PI seems to spawn WAY more bombs and heavies than almost any other zone, even other zones with huge leagues).

I know, a week isnt so long to wait for a power I wont use much (compared to Demonic), but it is also a week too long, compared to every other accolade, that I could get solo in (at most) an hours time.



Have the Heavies spawn with at LEAST a team of 4.

Have the Riders in LGTF count (why dont they?).

Have the Heavies on MSR's count.


All those are non-solo options so..


Have the Heavies in the RWZ count. Those are 54 (usually) and in big mobs, so its not like they are super easy to kill solo for a lot of people.


Other options. Have Heavies spawn when X bombs are defeated by a single person (as the aliens get worried and port in backup). This would allow solo people to at least get a few Heavies per invasion.


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