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Secondary Mutation: Heightened Speed


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When I used the Secondary Mutation power (P2W vendor: Prestige Powers -> Utility). I noticed the following effect when I received the Heightened Speed buff.


When I click on the icon under the Experience bar I see the following numbers;

Max Jump Height: +4.60 ft.

Jumping Speed: +2.15 mph

Flying Speed: -5.01 mph

Running Speed: +2.15 mph


If I click on Info (just above these numbers) then Detailed Info it says;

+15% % run speed on self

+15% % fly speed on self

+15% % jump speed on self

+15% % jump height on self


When I look at my Combat Attributes -> Movements it says

Flying Speed -> Mutation: Heightened Speed +2.15 mph from self


So, which is it? +2.15 mph or -5.01 mph? Fly is slow enough, it doesn't need a negative modifier.

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