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  1. I've done a test with my Rad/Fire Brute. I sell all the enhancements non-Red inspirations and fill up on them. I avoid the Ally in the zone and clear it before exiting. By doing this, I earn over 40 Mil Inf/Hour and earn 3-4 Veteran Levels. I know that with the Ally, your XP and Inf go down, but you can clear faster. Here's my build: I run the following toggles: Fire Shield, Plasma Shield, Weave, Combat Jumping, Assault, Maneuvers, and Sprint. Changes from your best Rad/Fire Brute: Swapped the IOs in Electric Fences and Ball Lightning. Sometimes I use Ball Lightning to taunt a group that is walking by and I don't want them immobilized (it's faster for them to stand up after a knockdown rather than waiting for the immobilize to wear off). Dropped Vengeance to get Super Speed (slotted with attuned Blessing of the Zephyr - KB resist). Slotted Sprint with an Attuned Celerity (Endurance Reduction) IO - yours is empty. With Ageless (incarnate) I probably could use a run speed - but I feel safer with the endurance reduction. Slotted Prestige Power Slide with Celerity (Stealth) IO - yours is empty. This and Super Speed give me near invisibility when running around not in the AE. Slotted Swift with a Running IO and Hurdle with a Jumping IO (again, yours are empty). Slotted Rest with a Recharge IO - I sometimes used this when leveling the character - not in the AE. Slotted Brawl with Chance for Knockdown, Knockback to Knockdown. I don't think it increases the chance that other attacks will do a knockdown or will convert their knockbacks to knockdowns, but it's better than nothing. Filled in all the Incarnate powers - your Judgement, Lore, and Hybrid were empty. I think this better fits my play-style. I think having Vengeance with the Increased Global Recharge would be slightly better, but I'd miss Super Speed.
  2. Mageman

    Day Jobs

    I've been there - logging out in the arena area of Pocket D gives you the Clubber badge, not the Duelist badge.
  3. Mageman

    Day Jobs

    I know you can access the arena via the menu (but I've never used it). Where is the arena in Pocket D?
  4. How do you upgrade them? For example: Brute's Fury - how do you upgrade it to Superior Brute's Fury. I thought you have to swap it out.
  5. Mageman

    Day Jobs

    I'm wondering about some of the badges with Praetorians: Chronologist - is there an Ouroboros for them? Cimeroran - How can they get to Cimerora? Duelist/Predator - do they have Arenas and PvP zones? Fashion Designer - do they have a dedicated costume editor? Cold Hand of Death - Can they get to Dark Astoria? I can confirm that they can't use a base portal to get there. Vanguard Recruit - how do they get to RWZ? I can confirm that they can't via the base portal again.
  6. Mageman

    Day Jobs

    Here is a list of all the 33 day jobs you can earn. Note - there are 6 Hero/Vigilante and 6 Villain/Rogue day jobs - you have to be of the appropriate alignment to receive the badge, although you can earn credit for them while of the wrong alignment. The badge number is the order they appear when listing day jobs earned. # Hero/Vigilante Badge Villain/Rogue Badge Loyalist Badge Resistance Badge Where Earned 1 Patroller Criminal Patroller Patroller Anywhere 2 Architect Architect Architect Architect AE Building 3 City Official Ousted Official ––– ––– City Hall 4 Law Enforcer Dirty Cop ––– ––– Police Stations 5 Commuter Fare Jumper ––– ––– Train Station 6 Shop Keeper Price Gouger ––– ––– Stores 7 Dimensional Explorer Dimensional Plunderer ––– ––– Shadow Shard 8 Intern Wage Slave ––– ––– Portal Corps Building 9 Care Giver Pain Specialist Pain Specialist Care Giver Hospital 10 Professor Professor Professor Professor University 11 Banker Thief Thief Banker Vault 12 Clubber Clubber Clubber Clubber Pocket D 13 Day Trader Marketeer Marketeer Day Trader Auction House 14 Vanguard Recruit Vanguard Recruit ––– ––– Vanguard Base (RWZ) 15 Chronologist Chronologist ––– ––– Ouroboros 16 Midnighter Midnighter Midnighter Midnighter Midnighter Club/Night Ward 17 Grounded Pilot ––– ––– Black Helicopter 18 Duelist Duelist ––– ––– Arena 19 Fashion Designer Fashion Designer ––– ––– Icon/Facemaker 20 Cimeroran Cimeroran ––– ––– Cimerora 21 Predator Predator ––– ––– PvP Zone 22 Monitor Duty Monitor Duty Monitor Duty Monitor Duty Base Portal 23 Mortician Mortician Mortician Mortician Graveyard 24 Crey Test Subject Crey Employee ––– ––– Crey Building (Nerva) 25 Arachnos Traitor Arachnos Official ––– ––– Grandville 26 Cannon Fodder Arachnos Agent ––– ––– Arachnos Bases 27 Gunrunner Smuggler ––– ––– Ferry Dock 28 Professional Liar Demagogue ––– ––– SG Building (Port Oaks) 29 DUST Ranger DUST Ranger DUST Ranger DUST Ranger DUST Facility (First Ward) 30 Scavenger Scavenger Scavenger Scavenger First Ward 31 Psychologist Psychologist Psychologist Psychologist Mother of Mercy Hospital (First Ward) 32 Survivalist Survivalist Survivalist Survivalist Survivalist Compound (First Ward) 33 Cold Hand of Death Cold Hand of Death ––– ––– Dark Astoria This information was taken from the Paragon Wiki Archive (and sorted in the order on one of my characters). These have all been verified by me: Praetorians can get the Architect badge in the AE area of Pocket D. Praetorians can earn the Midnighter badge in Night Ward zone. I've verified each badge that was listed as 2 in the Archive (for example: logging off in the hospital gave Praetorians the Caregiver/Pain Specialist badge - I verified that Loyalists get the Pain Specialist badge and the Resistance get Caregiver badge). Because Praetorian Loyalists get the same badge as a villain and Resistance get the same badge as a hero, I'm testing if a Loyalist gets the Criminal badge instead of the Patroller badge. This will take some time. I have verified that a Praetorian Loyalist gets the Patroller badge. P.S. I created a list of the Day Job badges in the order they appear in the game - this makes it easier to find which badges you are missing (compared to other websites that lists them alphabetically. This topic is about getting the day job badges. Please - keep comments not on this topic out of it.
  7. When I used the Secondary Mutation power (P2W vendor: Prestige Powers -> Utility). I noticed the following effect when I received the Heightened Speed buff. When I click on the icon under the Experience bar I see the following numbers; Max Jump Height: +4.60 ft. Jumping Speed: +2.15 mph Flying Speed: -5.01 mph Running Speed: +2.15 mph If I click on Info (just above these numbers) then Detailed Info it says; +15% % run speed on self +15% % fly speed on self +15% % jump speed on self +15% % jump height on self When I look at my Combat Attributes -> Movements it says Flying Speed -> Mutation: Heightened Speed +2.15 mph from self So, which is it? +2.15 mph or -5.01 mph? Fly is slow enough, it doesn't need a negative modifier.
  8. With the changes to base teleportation in Issue 27, I've decided to create a base on each server that is identical on each one. So I've created characters on each server and created a base on each one. Here's the information so far (to be updated as I have time to work on each base). Server: Excelsior /macro_image "Awakened_PsionicCut" "Base Teleporter" enterbasefrompasscode TRANSPORT-7831 TRANSPORT-6608 Status: Operational/Complete Server: Everlasting /macro_image "Awakened_PsionicCut" "Base Teleporter" enterbasefrompasscode TRANSPORT-16925 Status: Operational/Complete Server: Indomitable /macro_image "Awakened_PsionicCut" "Base Teleporter" enterbasefrompasscode TRANSPORT-8027 Status: Operational/Complete Server: Reunion /macro_image "Awakened_PsionicCut" "Base Teleporter" enterbasefrompasscode TRANSPORT-5685 Status: Operational/Complete Server: Torchbearer /macro_image "Awakened_PsionicCut" "Base Teleporter" enterbasefrompasscode TRANSPORT-10482 Status: Operational/Complete Please note that it takes 4+ hours of editing to get the base looking the way I want. I can't do this all at once, so it will take time. The first thing I work on is the basic look/feel of the base followed by the Teleporters (which I think are the most important part), followed by the NPCs, then everything else. The steps I use to create a base; Add a 2X5 room and a 4X6 room. Add and remove doorways (eventually, I'll remove the door between the "Entrance" and the 4X6 room). Raise the ceiling all the way up in all the rooms. Select wall and ceiling textures. Remove floor and ceiling trim. Place an (Arcane) Small Power Crystal upside down on the ceiling of the "Secret Entrance" room. Place a floor plate where I want the entrance portal to be. Place Arcane and Tech Reclamators on either side of the entrance portal (in case I die). Move the entrance portal onto the floor plate. Place a globe. Place a (Tech Teleport) Interdimensional Shard inside the Globe. Place the (Tech Teleport) beacons for that shard. Test the globe to make sure that all the correct destinations are available. Then push the beacons down into the floor (so you can't see them). Label the globes for the destinations. NOTE - one of the first beacons I place is Pocket D then I visit Null the Gull to change my alignment to Vigilante or Rogue so I can see all the destinations. Then I remove the Pocket D beacon and place the additional beacon(s) for that first globe. Repeat step 3 as necessary for the additional globes/shards/beacons. Place an Interdimensional Shard in the SE corner (in the wall) of the 4X6 room with a Beacon to the Aleph point. Place the Teleport Point Beth next to the Entrance Portal. Place another Interdimensional Shard in the Entrance Room with a Beacon to the Beth point. Place the Teleport Point Aleph at the north edge of the 2X5 room. NOTE - the reason for these is so when I remove the door between the entrance room and 4X6 room, I can teleport between them. Place a Tech Enhancement Table and an Arcane Inspiration Storage in the Entrance Room on either side of the Shard placed in step 5. Place 5 Vanguard and 5 Midnighter trainers and label them. Place 5 Vanguard and 5 Midnighter Quartermasters (sells Enhancements) and label them. Place 10 Nurses (sells Inspirations) and label them. Place 6 Facemakers and 6 Icon Employees (Costume Changes) and label them. Place 5 Fortuna Fateweavers and 5 Hero Corps Analysits (Game Settings) and label them. Place 3 Supercolliders and 3 Mystic Crucibles (Craft Empowerments) and label them. Place 15 Pillars of Ice and Flame and 10 Merit ATMs. Place 1 Arcane and 1 Tech Vault doors. Place 8 Tech and 8 Arcane Workbenches (for crafting IOs). Base is Operational (everything non-SG members need). Place 8 Tech and 8 Arcane Salvage Racks in the 2X5 room. Choose Mid Floor texture. Remove the doorway between the Entrance room and the 4X6 room. Base is Complete! FAQs: Why did I do this? I feel that if you're working on multiple servers, it's nice to have a place to go where everything remains the same. Even with bases more difficult to get to (in Issue 27), you can still use the macro near a portal or in your own base. You also don't need to spend hours creating a base that useful to you - you only need a Rez and storage in your base - and then use the base I created. Even I do this with my alts. Do you actually have characters on each server? Yes - you need at least one on the server to create a SG and then edit the base. However, I mainly play on Excelsior - a friend is trying to talk me into also playing on Everlasting (he plays on both). I have a few characters created there, but I still go back to Excelsior when he's not around. Why did you choose the NPCs you did when there are others to choose from? I'm trying to keep the base balanced - wherever possible equal numbers of Arcane (Midnighters) and Tech (Vanguard) NPCs. Also equal numbers of Hero (Icon Employees and Hero Corps Analysits) and Villain (Facemakers and Fortuna Fateweavers). As far as the nurses go, I consider them a neutral NPC so they are balanced. The other inspiration sellers (like the Autodoc) are too large and I would need to reduce the number of NPCs. Why do you wait until step 17 to choose the floor texture? I find that the Tech Circles floor texture is the easiest way to get everything lined up. However, I don't want this as my final floor texture. What do you gain by doing this? Actually, I have nothing to gain. I'm not part of the Homecoming Team and I don't receive any compensation for doing it. However, I do enjoy seeing people actually using my base - knowing that it's useful and that it's something they enjoy.
  9. Base Updated for Issue 27. All I changed is the destinations on the teleportation globes and the letters above them. It went from about 34 to 38 different destinations, so I had to move some around. Like I said before, my base had (at the last time I checked) the same number or more of everything Cosmic Transportation has in a smaller footprint.
  10. You say that my post is filled with inaccuracies. How? How can a level 1 unlock Ouroboros? To get there, you need the "Entrusted with the Secret" badge. Maybe if it was unlocked prior to this patch, they could - but now it's impossible for a level 1 to get there solo (maybe by teaming with Earn XP turned off - but not solo). The way I described it, it's easy for a level 1 to get there. The patch notes say that now both of the jump packs share the same global cooldown - which (to me) means that when one is on cooldown, the other is forced into cooldown. This makes it stupid to buy the other one as you can't use one while the other is on cooldown. I explained how and why I used them (to get a fly-like ability without using a power choice). I also stated that on the Live servers, I remember the long cooldown and I don't remember if they reduced it or the Discord servers did this. What is the /ebfp command and how do you use it? Is it the same /enterbasefrompasscode? Now you have to be close to a base portal. How is this more accessible? It's more limiting IMHO. Take Independance Port - if you're in the lower-left corner, you have a very long run to get close enough to the base portal to use it. Before, you could just use the command.
  11. I realize that you're trying to do what you think is best for the game, but I can't help but think that you are actually taking a sledge hammer to a game that was working properly. I mean really, "fixing" things that the original developers didn't think needed fixing. Here are my complaints with just this patch: Long Range Teleport - in theory, this isn't a major problem, but you took away the Ouro Portal. You say that a level 1 can now get to Ouro, but how? The portal power is gone (which required level 14 before you removed it), you need the "Entrusted with the Secret" badge, and the beacons to Echo: Galaxy City and Echo: Dark Astoria are gone. To get a level 1 "Entrusted with the Secret", I used to go to Echo: Galaxy City -> (Tram) to Ouro -> get the exploration badge in Ouro. I haven't a clue how to get there now at level 1. This also saved me from begging for a portal so I could get there at level 14. I could actually summon the portal at level 1 but I couldn't use the portal I just summoned. Both jump packs on the same global cooldown - really? I had both on Live (I believe one was from the Good vs. Evil edition and the other was a veteran reward - but I'm not going to look it up right now), and I remember both of them having a long cooldown (I don't know if the devs reduced it to 30 seconds or if you did). Since you have to pay to get the second, I don't understand why someone would buy the second one as it's useless if it has the same global cooldown. Personally, I was using both to get a "fly" ability without using a power choice and not using the rocket board or flying carpet (I don't like them turning off all my toggles). I think they're slower than Ninja run and I don't know how they compare to the hover board or flying carpet. These should be set so that you can't activate both at the same time, but using it as a slow fly isn't game-breaking. Removing the /enterbasefrompasscode - I don't know whatever "exploit" you are talking about but this (for me) was a quick way to get to the vendors, trainers, teleporters, and my base storage. I know that if you used it while in a mission - when you left the base it would take you back to the zone of the mission (usually where the base teleporter drops you) - then you'd have to run back to the mission entrance to get inside or use the mission teleport power. This is more of a hindrance instead of an exploit. Back on the Live servers, you had to get the Supergroup exploration badge to be able to attach a beacon to the teleporter. Before using /enterbasefrompasscode (which I learned about on your servers), I'd have to get those exploration badges for each supergroup that I wanted to go somewhere. I remember that RWZ used to be the hardest as there is an exploration badge on the ship and you had to have a mothership raid in progress to get to it. Right now, I'm trying to get on the Discord server Victory because I don't like the direction you're taking the game.
  12. I have found the easiest way to get the Villain Disruptor badge (defeating 25 Signature Villains) is easiest to get by "bugging" a bank mission - preferably a bank mission WITHOUT an elevator to the vault in the bank (I know the bank in Peregrine Island has an elevator). You run to the bank door and as soon as you get there, enter the bank (you should get the message "The bank is being robbed" as soon as you get to the door). The Villain is entering the bank and you can defeat it - along with whatever enemy spawns with it - DON'T attack the guards in the lobby of the bank. What happens is the bank timer starts as soon as you defeat all the enemies in the bank (and getting the "mission completed" message). Since you haven't defeated everyone in the bank, the timer never starts and the mission isn't complete. So after defeating those two (you have to defeat both otherwise the other one can continue to the vault, take the money, and you'd get a "mission failed"), run back to the mission exit, exit the mission, and reset the mission (go to your mission list and select a different mission - getting the popup asking you if you want to lose any progress in your current mission - then select the bank mission again). Now that the mission is reset, the "signature villain" will respawn next time you get to the bank entrance. Rinse and repeat as necessary until you get the badge. By doing this +2 levels to the mission (get the bank mission, make one level, set the difficulty to level -1, team size 1, and no bosses). It took me about 15 minutes to get the badge. The reason this is more difficult in a bank mission with an elevator to the vault is that when you get the message "The bank is being robbed!" is that the villain and his/her friend spawn at the elevator in the vault area not at the entrance door to the bank lobby. This means you have to run past the guards in the lobby (without defeating them) to get to those attacking the vault door. Then you have to run past those guards again to get to the mission exit. This adds time and some difficulty to getting the badge. Also, the reason this doesn't work for the "Hero Slayer" badge (defeating 25 signature heroes) is that the 15 minute timer starts as soon as you enter the bank mission for the first time. Then you have to run to the vault door, beat your way through the door, steal the money, then run back to the bank entrance and wait for the "hero" to come after you (for me, most of the time the hero arrives about the time I get back to the bank entrance). You have to defeat the Hero WITHOUT defeating the longbow that comes along with the hero (as defeating both get the "mission complete"). Then run back to the entrance and reset the mission. All this takes time while the timer is continuing to count down. I haven't been able to get more than about 10 heroes before the timer runs out and I get the "Mission failed." This means I have to do more Newspaper missions to get the bank mission again so I can get about 10 more heroes. So it's a lot more time-consuming to get the badge this way.
  13. Just as a note, I changed back to a Vigalante (again with Null the Gull) and stayed there for a few days. When I changed back to Rogue, my interface is still blue on that alt. I don't know what happened, but I like it. I don't know why, but I dislike the red interface.
  14. Actually, this is very helpful. I haven't done much in St. Martial other than newspaper missions and the Patron Power Pools, and the beacon on the pyramid is inconvenient for those missions.
  15. The base beacon (where your base teleporter takes you) is high up on the Golden Giza (pyramid). This is far away from anything useful - could it be moved somewhere else? I think a good location is on top of the ferry that takes you from other zones would be a good location. It's just a pain when you get a mission there and have to run/jump/fly long distances to get to where you need to go. I'd hate to have a timed mission using this beacon.
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