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Non Farming RM/FA


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Hi all, I have a Rad Armor/Fire Melee brute that I plan on having two builds for. One is of course for  farming. Those builds are easy to find though.

What I'm looking for assistance with is  general content.

I currently have a build that is hard-capped to s/l/f resistances, and respectable AoE (still need to get a few sets to finish the farming build). Since I left AE though (in my early 30's), I have noticed that Rad seem to be lacking in the ST department. This may just be a skewed opinion though. I normally build toons to solo AVs, as I'm not big on teaming, unless it's for TFs and iTrials.


Any guidance thaat could be provided is helpful, even an solid, high damage st attack chain would be great.

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