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Anyone in the East Asia/Australia/New Zealand area?


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(I apologize in advance if I left anyone in the area out.)


Hi all.

I'm looking for people to play with who are more in my time zone.  I think it'd be nice to have a regular group of people (supergroup or otherwise) to chat/team with.  So if there's a supergroup based in our side of the world, or if you think we should start one, then please hit me up.  I'm not exceptionally active, but I'd like to be able to do weekly/monthly activities (TFs, Hamis, I don't even know what else because I'm a fairly new returnee).


You can always reply here, or send me a message/email in game (@Shadow Squirrel).  I hope we can work something out!



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Hi there ShadowS, I'm a player in mainland China, so Beijing Time here, I usually play with people in NA, so I play Saturday and Sunday mornings, but I'd love to have a weeknight team up,


My home shard right now is Everlasting but I can move toons,


Get me on the boards or at my global @Stygus

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Hiya Stygus,

I'll message you in game. I'm hoping we can find a couple more people at least so we could do something during the week.  It would be nice to not always have to rely on the weekend overlap for a team. 🙂

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