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I hate Maestro *so* much


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12 minutes ago, Soyuz said:

Ouch. He's certainly a cranky one.


Mean b*stard no matter what alt and power set I come at him with. Took a 40 scrapper and my 40 tank about four defeats to finally corner him, take out his healer and drop him. And a whole party-size bag of skittles.


go, Soyuz said:

Mind if I ask what settings you're using with the cel shader top get it to look like that? Whenever I try it, it ends up looking like a dog's breakfast.


Base settings with celshader enabled, i think. It is a 4K screen at 100% resolution.

I keep meaning to investigate all the tweakage the cel shader settings have grown, but I am happy with what I am pretty sure is the base settings, so...


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