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Attuned and Non-Attuned Set Bonuses

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I apologize if this may be old news and I may have missed something or have just not been paying attention but I remember a time where if you mix-matched attuned IOs with non-attuned IOs in a given set you couldn't get cumulative set bonuses within that set unless they are all attuned or all non-attuned.  I'm looking at 4 Unbreakable Guard IOs, one is attuned (max hp unique) and when I mouse over the IOs in the power it lists the 4 piece set bonus.  Is that new?  I thought I would only see the 3 piece bonus on the non-attuned and the 0 bonus for the 1 piece attuned IO in the set?






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Those only apply to ATOs from the Super Packs that can be....... superiorized...(?) when you hit level 50.  Namely the Archetype Specific ATOs and Winters.

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