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  1. *snipped excellent post* And all of those numbers are before say, adding Bio Armor's Offensive Adaptation, right? Man oh man.
  2. There are Non-Carapace armor VFX options for all of the powers, but then you end up looking like a "Cloud of Clouds" in the same vein as Radiation Armor. On my Bio/Mace Tanker, I only kept the carapace on the swingin' arm, and that looks pretty good.
  3. Sounds great! When you say "Unique" do you mean per power, or across the build (I suspect the latter)? I know I would love to free up a slot on every character build by only having to 1-slot hasten! Also, for my favorite characters, it would feel nice and "prestige-y" to have purple Run and Jump IOs in Swift and Hurdle. Do you envision these being craftable? Do the enhancements themselves drop? Would you put them in the Merit vendors?
  4. I'm sorry you don't like it, but that 1-hand animation is very nostalgic for some players, myself included. The fast 1-handed Energy Transfer animation is the original animation for Energy Transfer. When it got changed to the 2-handed animation, many were sorely disappointed. That the Devs put the fast animation back into Energy Melee as part of their changes is greatly appreciated. Your EM/EA should absolutely destroy though, I made an EM/EA scrapper after the changes and love it.
  5. Does the /interact command help in these situations?
  6. Oh man, I hadn't thought of it that way! It makes me think that a story arc where a flustered intern (standing near the AE building) flags down a local "freelancer" (player character) in Cap Au Diable to perform some surveillance on some villain group's activities to satisfy the unreasonable demands of the intern's boss. Maybe a mission where if you click all the glowies without aggroing enemies/ triggering an ambush you'd get one set of end mission dialogue and if you just wade in and defeat everyone you'd get another.
  7. Heracles and Odysseus are mythological figures.
  8. If you are talking about player character Melee AT's, then this is already how it works. Resisting Mez and Resisting Debuffs are two different things, and many Mezzes (at higher levels) already come packaged with Debuffs. For example, the Rikti Magus Block of Ice power is a Hold and a Slow,. Another is the Earthquake from a Ruin Mage is -Defense. These things have to be resisted separately from the mezzes, and not every Armor set available to Melee AT's has the appropriate debuff resistance. If you are talking about giving Dominator Mezzes additional unresistable debuffs, then... well that sounds so "awesome", I suspect it wouldn't be implemented.
  9. This randomly inspires me to suggest: What if a new Sentinel Inherent gave them a small +recharge and endurance discount for every enemy in visible line of sight, up to some capped limit? That way they can machinegun their low damage, low target cap attacks more often, thus "sustaining" their AoE output. Apologies if something like this has been suggested elsewhere, elsewhen.
  10. Melee characters tend to have their eyes on the 6 foot line. This makes them comparable to Non-Tank Freakshow, and they look good compared to citizens. Other archetypes, I put the top of the head on the 6 foot line, which keeps them from looking too "Tanky", but they project a "super-powered" air. Now, if I have a specific idea in mind, then the above goes out the window. Since you can change your name/ body model/ height/ etc without too much hassle, some characters get full identity makeovers at some point in their careers.
  11. I dislike Synapse the most, which is a shame, since it has a very flavorful villain the cool outdoor monster attack. Everyone knows why it's a slog, but it always struck me as odd that you have to talk to Positron twice in Synapse's task force. I guess teamwork does make the dream work though.
  12. I have it 6-slotted in the single-target hold on both of my Dominators. I am only concerned with the set bonuses and the fact that I can slot it at level 7. However, I almost always play on a team so that factors into my build plans.
  13. I think that some folks just want/need to interact in order to interact. And if they get to do so while discussing the One True Game, then all the better.
  14. Only the finest cuts went into this post. Thank you!
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