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  1. If the pets summoned were all the hovering Arachnos Drone types, then this would a) be awesome and b) be less like a Crabbermind.
  2. Acknowledging that it would be a big undertaking for the Dev team but, Heck yeah! Not only do we need hats for the beast heads, but if the various ears from the "Monstrous" heads could be options for the Bird head, that would give us a great way to do griffin heads!
  3. Good question, I don't know. I normally attune set IOs to be able to slot at the minimum level. *looks at the hcwiki* It looks like it does not change the minimum level, assuming the wiki article is up to date. Source: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Enhancement_Booster_Salvage https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Exemplar_Effects_on_Enhancements#Set_bonuses This is just me perusing the articles on my lunch break though, so if a more knowledgeable person can confirm or deny, then that would be great!
  4. The forum knowledge that I have put into practice is as follows: If you +5 the lvl 50 Recharge Reduction IOs in Hasten, you can get away with 2-slotting it. It has worked for me so far, but if there are fine points beyond this, I'm not sure.
  5. It's good times! Don't forget to pick up some "Ultimate" Inspirations from Luna in Ouroboros. These give you a +1 level shift and makes it easier/possible to teleport those lvl 54 Bosses and Elite Bosses. It's hilarious to hover slightly above the league and rain down groups of Rikti. Don't forget to reposition your Singularity for maximum Hilarity. I use this bind to make it easier to use Wormhole. You just target a Rikti, hit your bound key and the ones you successfully grab appear just in front of you. /bind <key> "powexeclocation 0:10 Wormhole" Here
  6. BZRKR

    Tankiest Tanks?

    Yep. Better DDR, Recharge, Scaling Resistance that you can stack with IOs, and the #1 reason it edges out Shield in my opinion: You can do /em drink while a pull catches up to you 🙂 But seriously, in the content I run every day (MSR, most often as a puller) I don't die on my Shield or Super Reflexes Tanks, so they're both awesome. In other content AAO and Shield Charge go a LONG way towards making Shield worth losing the ability to do emotes while your toggles are on.
  7. BZRKR

    Tankiest Tanks?

    I see what you did there 🙃
  8. BZRKR

    Tankiest Tanks?

    I find that Super Reflexes is my favorite when pulling on the MSR. I'd rate it in the "A" tier of @America's Angel's list.
  9. Around these parts, we like to say "Middle Back Pocket" 🙂
  10. The same place the cash comes from when you use the "wealthy" aura, I assume.
  11. I went all in and 6 slotted it with Ragnarok on my Gravity/ Thermal controller.
  12. I think you can right click on the popmenu and select the appropriate choice?
  13. Logged in to thumbsup this 🙂 Next week, could you post this as a new "Thread in the General Discussion section that folks chase each other around their circular arguments for several pages" topic?
  14. A no-jetpack jetpack option, would be pretty cool. For a while, the Longbow Jetpack and Small Longbow jetpack were all black (I suspect it was a texture bug) and that made the small one VERY unobtrusive and both looked great.
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