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  1. Woops! I was thinking so hard about keeping Savage Leap and Feral Charge separate in my mind that I got it wrong. Editing the list.
  2. First, the song I consider a Titan Weapons anthem. You can hear when Build Momentum kicks in: Next, one of my favorites for pulling Rikti on the MSR:
  3. Based on city of data, as best I can tell: Spring Attack - Yes Soul Extraction - No Dark Extraction - No Gang War - No Corrosive Vial - No Lightning Rod - Yes Gremlins - Yes Ignite - Yes Bullet Rain - No Irradiated Ground - No Savage Leap - Yes No Shield Charge - Yes Omega Maneuver - Yes Team Teleport - No
  4. Also, I have a Shield/Radiation Tanker, and it's hell on wheels. It may have some slow spots leveling up, but it's a monster once you get Irradiated Ground Procslotted up. Happy Tanking!
  5. BZRKR

    SR a trap?

    SR is great! The only issue you may run into is that you will want to take everything but Elude. There is a taunt aura in evasion: https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=tanker_defense.super_reflexes.evasion&at=tanker There are scaling resists that are built into Agile, Dodge, and Lucky https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=tanker_defense.super_reflexes.agile&at=tanker https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=tanker_defense.super_reflexes.dodge&at=tanker https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=tanker_defense.
  6. First of all Thank you for hosting the wiki! I think I visit every day whenever I'm daydreaming about a build. I noticed that the HCWiki looks different today: font, font size, placement of the search window, etc. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a way for me to change the font size that I see the wiki with? It's kind of big, like maybe optimized for a phone? For sneakily browsing at work on a desktop, it's a little too easy to read over the shoulder 🙂 Thanks again!
  7. I put Domination on auto and bind Hasten to the ` (tilde) key so that it's easily within reach. I still like to build for permadom without needing Hasten, but having as much overlap as possible helps to protect against slows. Also, not all power set combinations allow for the best IO set combinations to get +recharge for perma Domination, and so folks take Hasten for that too.
  8. BZRKR

    Swamp Thing?

    If you select a tan-ish brown primary color, and a darker brown or olive drab-ish secondary color, you might be able to convince yourself that it's rapidly grown wood or bark.
  9. Hey all, We all know that Carrion Creepers are awesome with damage procs. But just for funsies, has anyone slotted "Superior Dominating Grasp: Recharge/Chance for Fiery Orb" in them, and if so what happened?
  10. In my runs through the Night Ward content, I found that Tab Targeting found every enemy no matter how much it blended in. You just have to look around every dusty corner and down every hedge row maze corridor.
  11. Begin here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Incarnate_System And that will help you ask more directed questions 🙂
  12. It should be fine, especially with No-Redraw Claws. You use Particle Shielding in between groups, Radiation Therapy and Ground Zero are more like PBAoE attacks that you squeeze into the attack chain once you're elbow deep in the enemy. As an added bonus, because of how Ground Zero works, if you team regularly, you'll end up with the "Empath" badge, which is my favorite badge to wear on a Tanker 🙂
  13. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Controller https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Mastermind
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