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  1. How about giving Kallisti Wharf a "Halloween Makeover" mode, like the excellent work done in Atlas Park this year? Then, set it to be "All Night, All of the Time" for the duration of the Halloween event. There would be no enemies except level-less event mobs, so any level character that can make it to a Tram/Ferry/Supergroup Base could join. It's a co-op zone so all alignments could join. It's really big so there would be plenty of doors. To my knowledge, only Market Crash takes place there, so night-averse folks would be unlikely to be routed there for mission arcs. Costume Contests during Halloween would be in the appropriate atmosphere. Disclaimer: I have no idea if such a thing is possible, and of course it uses precious, precious Dev resources, but it's just a suggestion.
  2. On my Radiation/Titan Weapon: Alpha: Musculature Radial - Only the Immobilize bonus is unused, and it gives +EndMod Judgement: Vorpal Radial: 40 Targets, 120ft cone AoE, +def, with a unique targeting mechanic. Great for pulling on MSR Interface: Reactive Core. Also has Paralytic Radial available. Lore: Knives of Vengeance Core - stylish winged ladies ftw Destiny: Barrier Core - Used more for the team than for myself, it's still nice to "turn off" incoming damage. Hybrid: Assault Core. I also have Assault Radial, but I don't like that I can't see when doublehit occurs. On my Bio/ War Mace: Alpha: Agility Radial, for the +defense. I'm not sure this is the best choice. Judgement: Vorpal Radial: see above, the best pulling judgement in my opinion. Interface: Paralytic Core for -def Lore: Banished Pantheon Radial: Ice Monsters were more in theme, and that radial pet is hilarious until he gets "adjusted" Destiny: Barrier Core - Vital for creating time for debuffs to fall off. Hybrid: Melee Core for front loaded +Regen and Resistance. On My Super Reflexes/ Claws: Alpha: Musculature Radial - Damage, End Mod and the Defense Debuff Judgement: Vorpal Radial: Have you spotted the pattern yet? 🙂 Interface: Degenerative Core. The -HP seems more valuable on Claws Lore: Longbow Radial - I wanted the -Regen Bot, and the Warden heals Destiny: Rebirth Core - I read on the forums that SR/ could use a heal, so here we are 🙂 Hybrid: Assault Core - Again, I'm following the SR/ pioneers here.
  3. As a stress response, the mutant's body goes into overdrive and heals more? The onboard damage control systems flood the body-chassis with more reconstructive nanites? The wards and enchantments trigger and auto-cast more spells in response to damage? The mind of the combatant subconsciously directs more interdimensional energy to heal wounds at an accelerated rate? The grizzled combat veteran swallows an experimental energy supplement?
  4. No, it's the setting for enemies that are +4 level, and spawned as if a team of 8 were present. Whether it's "for" any specific kind of team is left out of the interface.
  5. As noted in my anecdotes, yep!
  6. Anecdote 1: I have a Gravity/Dark controller, and with that Gravity/Dark controller, I can put Darkest Night on an unbroken grate nearest to the flat of the bowl and hide at the base of the ramp, just behind one of the corners at the edge of the ramp. Even with Shadowfall running, when Rikti hit that debuff, they will come running to me, even if they have never seen me, and stack up on the "point" of the corner at the base of the ramp just like when I pull them there with a Tanker or Brute. Anecdote 2: Sometimes when a player running a support character wants to be ornery, they will use Grant Invisibility on a puller, for funsies. When this has happened to one of my Tankers, it doesn't seem to impede my ability to pull in a group of Rikti. My (unscientific) feeling is that Gauntlet, Taunt, and Damage Dealt blow right through any stealth radius shenanigans. It is pretty funny though and leads to good-spirited banter on Discord.
  7. Do it quickly so you can make a before and after comparison for page 6!
  8. Tanker threads are the best threads 🙂
  9. How about the Ripper/Eviscerate backflip into a forward strike? The more I stare at that attack from the side, the less sense it makes to me. And perhaps not a "weird" animation, but Shin Breaker from street justice looks so much more like a "step" than a "stomp".
  10. I'm just saying, in Cap Au Diable they have some suspicious looking pumpkins outside town!
  11. This isn't hard at all! "Bug Hunter" is a badge. Report Everything!
  12. Absolutely! And that is why, as a fairly dedicated Titan Weaponeer, I am pleased to see the word "rework" from the Devs, and hope to spend time on the beta server testing stuff. In addition, I am prepared to adapt to the possibility that where they put Titan Weapon isn't fun for me anymore. I mean, we get 1000 character slots and free re-names, my main is going to be fine.
  13. Here's the trick: Practice using mouse look to swing the camera around and look at the mission situation while the slow animations are playing. Really take note of where the enemies are, where the other players are, where any glowies that need clicking are, what info is being displayed on the Nav window, how much beverage is left in you computer cup, what your snack levels and composition are at that time, whether you need to turn on a light in the room, whether or not you can tell if the delivery man has pulled into the drive way, whether or not the dryer is still running, and if you have any spare Red inspitations to click... ...and then MASH WHIRLING SMASH! QUEUE UP FOLLOW UP! QUEUE UP TITAN SWEEP! Combat jump into the next group! And then take a moment to see if build momentum is up and if it is, hit that and maybe Whirling Smash into Radiation Therapy into another Whirling Smash and by then probably reposition again, taking into account where the enemies are, where the other players are, where any glowies that need clicking are... etc 🙂
  14. I must decline, on behalf of Freakilok sounding like an adult themed version of Goldilocks! Oh I don't know, why wouldn't splinter factions have splinter factions? There could be an Arc called "The Spelling Bee" in a similar vein to Freaklympics... (I was going to make another comment, but then I typed "Freakylok and the Three Tank Smashers" and realized my error 🙂 )
  15. My main is a Radiation/Titan Weapon Tanker, and I keep an eye (well, an ear) out for that weird sound Whirling Smash makes because I too don't see many other Titan Weapon users out there. I know that several of the folks I team with pretty regularly have made Titan Weapon characters, and while they may make it to 50, it seems that they go on the shelf. I will say that Momentum makes lower levels clanky-janky, but once you have all of your slots, and are stuffed to the gills with crafted IOs, you can really smash through a lot of enemies. I'm interested to see what the "rework" for Titan Weapon turns out to be, and hope that the reduction in damage is paired with either a less restrictive momentum window or some other QoL improvement. One thing that I'm confident won't get nerfed is the taunt animation, which, in my opinion, is the best one in the game.
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