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Change all event NPC levels


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Can we change all seasonal and event NPCs to the same values as rikti/zombie etc. That is, minion, lieut, boss, +, instead of them matching zone levels?

Would be great to be able to tackle mobs like Supa Trolls at any level and them have a fighting chance.



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The problem you'd run into there is that they'd likely have to be programmed to use the same mechanics as said raids, so if you needed to hunt a Boss level mob, but were the only person in the zone, you won't find anything but minions. Likewise, if you're trying to solo around the area but two full teams roll in to street sweep, you're suddenly going to have to contend with huge spawns popping up wherever you are, spawning ludicrous amounts of minions, along with multiple lieutenants and bosses, which will make the experience very difficult for you. It would basically make the game impossible to play solo for any considerable length of time, and kind of cramp the style of the whole game, which has always thrived on "Play how you want" mentality, from soloing to teaming to picking whatever powers/archetype you want and still being able to progress.


At the same time, it also makes badge hunting more challenging than it can already be by making every zone match your level. We all know that you street sweep in Perez for the Skulls badges to get massive amounts of minions and guaranteed boss spawns, not to mention Clockwork Princes for Gears, Embalmed Cadavers, COT Mages and Hordelings and Hellions bosses. If everything matched my level at 50? There's not a thing in the world that would make me venture into that forest maze ever again until the end of the universe.


If it could be implemented without the associate raid mechanics it would make things a little less complicated, but still throw a monkey wrench in pretty much the entire progression of the game.

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