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  1. I don't plus 5 my enhs in Mids, but they are. It's perma.
  2. Nice build and thanks for taking the time to share your findings. I'd swap your two scrapper sets around so that the 3 second chance to crit is available for Arc of Destruction, but otherwise super solid.
  3. I think you already said it best.
  4. Just looking at it, it's a lot tighter. There's no essential power that doesn't recharge within its own duration. Now you've confirmed what I assumed about the recharge slotting, I think you've made the right choices. This is one of those builds (if not the only build I've seen) that successfully sacrifices a large number of what would be superfluous slots (in effect 10) to gain what would usually be eaten up by recharge components in various powers. I know there's a lot of us throwing LotGs and purple sets around to boost recharge, but this particular combo seems unique in that every other power works in unison. The slotting on Bullet Rain and Empty Clips I'll have to try. I'm assuming leaving out FF works better because the set is so click intensive, there aren't any actual gaps. At least for me; I juggle a lot of extras too, including Plasmatic Taser and Hand Grenades, but usually only when exemped low. Ofc this is an end game build, so the Hami Os and purps would have to wait for most players. I'll switch out stealth and CJ, so I can stealth when exemped. Weave provides the same immob res so all good there. I'll also "pull an @Linea" and push swap ammo up to bring in Weave early enough for Positron TF. I'm slightly tempted to switch Unbreakable Constraint out for Pacing of the Turtle, as the hold is only a chance and I enjoy paralyzing mobs AND their powers. Plus, Turtle gives an additional chance to slow rech on top of that. All your powers' recharge times still fall within their duration (2s loss on Chrono Shift). There's a 3% loss on global Accuracy which may or may not be noticeable, but for the price of 5 unslotters I'm prepared to test. Lots of tweaks and tests, but no overhauls.
  5. I'm comparing build 1A to a previous build of yours. I can't find the link, but here's an ss... And for those wanting a side by side... I'm wondering... for an AoE build, why is there more of a focus on Pistols and a "sacrifice" on Empty Clips? I understand the 2 slots freed on Juncture, at a cost of plus rchg from set and 1% -tohit. I assume the damage was negligible in Distortion Field, although I did enjoy seeing those numbers come up on when following slowed response on mobs. The slotting for Brawl and Boxing is obviously because you're chasing +rchg, but what specifically are you trying to cycle faster? Chrono Shift? It's at 93s on old build and 91 on build 1A. Or, are you trying to speed up the attack chain? I've never had an issue with your older build, but I am curious to try this newly tinkered one. The previous Empty Clips slotting was superb and really hacked down mobs like there was no tomorrow. I haven't rerolled to try your 1A (I will), but I'm expecting to see much lower numbers with Ragnarok.
  6. I meant, why place it in TS rather than Health? Simply because there's a free slot and health requires using an additional one? And I think you mean this the other way around. Miracle instead of Numina.
  7. Is slotting this way instead of in Health solely to free up one slot?
  8. TL/DR Missing a hit in a combo chain is not the end of the world.
  9. I have the same troller and it's a joy to play. I'll post my build at a later date because I can't export running Mids through Wineskin, but I wanted to advise you specifically on Anguishing Cry. On my build it refreshes around every 30s. It's duration is 30s, so the effect is pretty much perma, but slotting this with anything but an Achilles Heel is a waste. Mine has 2x rch and 1 Achilles. With 2 force feedback in the build it can come up quicker but not by much. Point being, any power you use every 30s shouldn't take up too many of your slots assigned for process enhs.
  10. Damage is under power info and effect tab. You have to know what numbers reflect good damage in terms of what the power's base damage is and what you can achieve fully slotted, with process chance enhancements after the damage potential is achieved. This is different for classes with high damage potential such as blasters, scrappers, and brutes. With these ATs, their potential damage bonus can (not always "will") be greater than the damage from the process enhancements. As a rule of thumb, once my damage is in the green (usually after 3 enhancements boosting damage are slotted), I switch to process enhs. For accuracy, go to "Options>Configuration>Exemping&Base Values and set the "Base to-hit" to 39. This will give you a good reflection of your actual accuracy against +4s. Once you change it to 39, you can leave it without having to change it again. Simply check the accuracy for each power under the "info tab" and slot until it is around 100%. This can vary from power to power; Blind will hit more times than your typical ranged attack so you can get away with it being in the 80s, but for something like Blaze you want 100 minimum. Usually with set bonuses and tactics switched on my attacks will be at 120%+.
  11. Right, so if someone new joins the discussion, don't listen? Yes, good idea. Perhaps long term. Meanwhile, while a skeleton crew works in their spare time, let them know any simple change is appreciated. This shouldn't be difficult to implement and would be a welcome addition. Yes to this! Especially the signature spawn. Yes and no. There's no point in putting 2 minions in the pack for funsies, but why not simply change the numbers of ranks spawned. why would you want to neuter a tanker from being able to hold aggro? This could work if say, the tank had to apply multiple taunt uses to grab the boss. This is because they haven't changed and include multiple repeat missions - Citadel, Synapse, we're looking at you. Part of this is the mundanity A new challenge would negate this slightly, if only briefly. Long term, more difficulty would allow the removal of repeat missions. Everyone would agree, but as you already said... So let's baby step solutions. Also, if people make a suggestion that isn't feasible or liked, by all means point out what's wrong, but bear in mind any suggestion is better than none and offering constructive feedback, "Hey, X won't work, but you could try Y", can stir creative thinking that benefits everyone. Keep the suggestions coming, bad and good.
  12. My first reaction was, "And?" But even so, if the changes were selectable, there'd be no issue. I'm for changes to the game that improve playability. As someone who farms a lot, I see no need to be appeased. The inf nerf? I'll keep farming because everyone is the same boat.
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