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  1. It was Brain on discord. You can find it if you search.
  2. Plz take the Reflector from Detail 1, remove the mirror, and call it "headband". Then we get headband access on different hairstyles. Thx.
  3. Give your character that law enforcement feel with: 1. Pistol from dual pistols (animation only) Ranged, Minor DMG (Lethal) 2. Tear Gas. Lower rch than temp version. Mag 2 3. Baton. Lower rch than temp version. Moderate damage (Smashing). Mag 2 4. Riot Shield. Timed buff to resistance. 5. Back up radio. Basically the temporary power.
  4. HC has a huge player base that provides most of the feedback; check the patch notes. The powerset works very well and looks great on TS. This is true. There's zero evidence of this. If i were true, why would it go on for years and why would they be threatening legal action against other servers already?
  5. Does any1 have the stats for the origin temps? I see the -damage on mutagen is "approximately" 3.5% (https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Origin_Powers) But what about the foe -Resistance on Apprentice Charm? Taser Dart hold mag? Guessing 1. And Tranq Dart's sleep? Again assuming 1.
  6. Can some1 tell me the required global rch to run this combo back to back plz?
  7. Given it's on Thunderspy and the HC devs are extremely reluctant to use other servers' ideas, I don't see it ever happening.
  8. Enhancements can be loaded and taken out, but they must be reloaded if you're not happy with result. Plz change this so the enhancement either reloads or make the two conversion trays alternate if you press convert. This way players can keep clicking the same button till they get the desired enhancement.
  9. Would like to be able to slot enhancements at any level with the caveat that you have to be the right level for them to work. Why? Because I'd like to drop a lvl20 enhancement in a power when I'm lvl16 ready for it to kick in when I hit 17. It's a time saver and makes for a more less cluttered tray.
  10. Whenever you switch upper body and lower body it causes other pieces to reset. Can we remove this feature, so if a piece is available it stays on the character. Thx
  11. PD could use a trainer. Null will do. Thx
  12. With the rock/paper/scissors system there would always be a weakness, which would make for a more interesting game. Especially if you're facing a group like the council with various damage types. This is something hero epics have to deal with in quants. I think it would good for all toons to have an Achilles'. I agree, which is why I'd diversify damage types and include a secondary type on NPCs that don't already have one. There's many ways to roll this out and many tweaks that can be made in response to players needs and the new challenges that arise.
  13. Rock/Paper/Scissors... It would be a significant boon to the game if each toon were allotted a 20% inherent res/weakness to their power choice and it's opposing element; fire/cold and vice versa, neg/nrg, smash/psi, lethal/toxic. Yes, many tanks would have a "weakness" but where the game currently sits, this would make for more challenging and involving gameplay. Obviously the balance in game isn't equal and most damage comes in different forms, but this could be partially negated by making any form of say, smashing damage, follow this rule. Lethal would benefit the most, a
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