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  1. Happening to me every time I touch slider too. It seems to be a stability issue caused by the crash handler itself not waiting for the game to respond.
  2. Could we get a change implemented so that you can drop up to 5 boosters at a time on to the " _ + _ =" screen? Then we could select one enhancement and 5 boosters, instead of having to exit the screen or wait while animations play after each booster is combined. Thx!
  3. Sure thing. Time, place, server. I'll be there. I'll even get my Fire/Atom later and show you a few tricks.
  4. Winetricks link is dead: Not Found The requested URL /webroot/php/Winetricks was not found on this server.
  5. I'll disagree again. Mt TA/Arch beats most basters at their own game.
  6. Do you happen to know if you slot 5x LOTG +7.5% rch, would that fill the 7.5 rch quota from bonuses too? (5x Sting of Manticore for example). it's part of an enhancement and not technically a set bonus, but it does show up in the list with set bonuses.
  7. Are you going off Mids? Because my Ill/TA owns everything and has solo'd All lv54 AVs and most TFs. It's unstoppable.
  8. I'm with you there, but we're talking about TW which doesn't perform as outrageously as people seem to think. And as someone who does drop a billion (averages 700 mill) on each toon, I can honestly say that every type is still performing well when fully kitted out. Yes, even PBs - mine is an all human beats. The discrepancy that is between players' skills and those who don't use ATO and IOs. And just to cover the bases, the argument for the haves and have nots is redundant. I went from 0 to a billion in less than 2 weeks.
  9. That and the EMP penalty are the only thing that need addressing. Anyone asking for more just wants their favorite set buffing past everything else.
  10. More end drain and no rooting powers respectively would be better than simple damage boosts.
  11. Have to disagree. This is what broke regen and energy melee. And it came from listening to part time PVP players.
  12. Rebalancing the NPCs and reverting back nerfs like the ones made to Regen and Energy Melee would be a better idea.
  13. I rolled a TW/Bio to see what the fuss was about. It "overperforms" at lower levels but at end game it's overshadowed by faster sets. I think it's actually perfectly balanced with cast and damage as is and I don't know anyone who has a problem with this. Why not just leave it alone? This is precisely what makes it fun. Granted many have issue with this, but its a unique system that offers a playability challenge in itself. Anything that diverges away from a systemic pattern is welcome. Why not just leave it alone? If you're talking non-exemped content, okay. Otherwise, no issue here. The two most requested additions have always been end game content and additional powersets/archetypes. All other "tweaks" are just noise. While I appreciate the attention detail and care with which the changes are being made, I think the current proposed changes are underwhelming and in some cases totally uncalled for. Yes, each powerset should have a strength that outsthines others, but should they all be created equal. Absolutely not. And finding ways of overcoming this is part of the fun. My arch/ninj blaster is bad on paper and it challenges me to be a better player. That's exactly how I (and most others) want it to be. A far superior way of tackling this issue would be to introduce a rock, scissors, paper system. Obviously not with 3 attributes, but with a circular ranking that leverages each "element" over another- fire beats ice, but is vulnerable to water and so on. I'm not desperate to rush over to Thunderspy or We have cake, but introducing a type like the Synergist, that was created by a singular user with care and attention, is a much more welcome change to play.
  14. Hi, your build is well thought out. You're obv stuck between chasing damage and defense and that's fine. You don't need to be uber in either direction. Personally, this is a build I'd like to try before I say which direction I'd take it, but on paper it's attractive. Get your Perf shift end in stamina, slow poke!
  15. Not bad, but... You've kept in a lot of Dam/rch enhs in powers you have proc in. For example Apoc in Proton Stream. I'd go thru your build and swap out any dam/rch for whatever you've skipped, in this case dam/end. You'll be at 59.62% rch and your proc will fire more often. The plus rch you get from these enhs is usually less than a second, so easily worth switching out.
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