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  1. I’m with you but given the rch time I don’t think it’s a lot to ask. Plus, the apparent desire to tweak the set could mean it’s a significant enough improvement.
  2. Just go to options, select it in the targeting section and then “save to file” at the TOP of the section ( not the bottom)
  3. Tanks only and there's very little to distinguish the powers fro one another.
  4. Terrify needs -tohit like fearsome stare.
  5. Have to change these for every costume. Could we have minimal set as default OR at least include inherent in character creation so they're locked in across all costumes after entering the game.
  6. Just saw your edit. Ofc you should roll a Titan/anything scrapper as TW isn't available to stalkers. Titan/Bio was fotm, but /rad and /sr are also very good.
  7. It really does come down to play style. There's slight differences in the primary and secondaries beyond the obvious Assassin's Strike and Hide. For instance, with scrapper Electric/ you get a PbAoE stun and with scrapper /shield you get slight plus defense from mobs withe Phalanx Fighting. The numbers don't really hold up anymore on the res/def. They used to be much better on a scrapper, but now they're the same with scrapper's having slightly more HP. That said, the auto powers that are missing from stalker sets will give you plus 7% of whatever it is... res/def. On paper, stalkers will
  8. Can we get a stretch feature added to the email inbox section of the window plz. Atm you can stretch the body, but still have to scroll thru the email, which is a pain when you're trying to grab something quick in the heat of a mission.
  9. Was just thinking of a zone exemp feature. where you could choose to pick a lvl in the zone range (or not) when you enter.
  10. This. On it's own it doesn't. As a set, MA would graduate to on par with most other primaries because it would no longer be so ST focused (tried and failed with Eagle's Claw last beta). Why Storm Kick? Simply because the animation fits the arc.
  11. If you're relatively new to the game, I'd suggest /nin for the playability. If not, I'd say go with whichever power fits your character's identity better, because that will make you want to play it more in the long run.
  12. A new useable power that isn't solely based on defense. Baked in doesn't make a significant enough change. Baked in is a euphemism for weak. No issue with elude. It does what the set is focused on. My point is to add some diversity to bring it in line with other sets. Just look at regen which has a plus res/def component on top of heals and recov.
  13. Add 90 degree cone to storm kick. Drop Crane Kick animation time to 0.83--same as Storm and Thunder kick. Remove flip from Eagle Claw animation and cut animation time to ~1.8s.
  14. Although the entire set needs updating, how about dipping a toe into the water and adding one simple step first... Can we get Dodge and Lucky combined into 1 power? And/or add another power in the form of an accuracy buff. This would fit with the set's theme of having great reflexes--hitting before enemies can react. Either as an auto power or Aim style power (preferably aim ,given the newer secondaries have a plus damage component). If we can go one step further, also add an end drain res to Quickness. Ty
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