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Mechanics of Water Spout


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Water Spout is not exclusive to Dominators, but since I play Dominators more than other classes I figured I'd post this here. After years of using the power without really understanding its mechanics, I recently did a deep dive and have some results to share. I figured this might help someone else when picking an APP.


Main Stats

Run speed of the Water Spout: Moves 30% faster than a base NPC

Perception radius: +50% larger than normal


These stats are identical to the Storm Summoning power Tornado.




The Water Spout's powers are clearly derived from Tornado. However, there are modifications.



Empty "Water Spout Attack" Power

The Water Spout has a power simply called "Attack" that has a one foot range. This attack doesn't seem to actually do anything on its own. It is probably meant to guide the AI to get very close to a target. It recharges in two seconds and has an animation time of 1.17, but a cast time of 0.




Water Spout has an aura power that consists of the following sub effects. The aura appears to be autohit in PVE.


Radius: 7 feet

Max targets: 5

Pulse rate: Twice per second


The aura has the following subelements:



Linked 4% Chance for Knock Up + Stun 

This portion of the power has a 4% chance to perform a a knock up effect followed briefly after by a Stun.


The knock up is Mag 6 and not affected by level differences. The knock up is applied for 0.3 seconds (meaning you'll often see the enemy being pushed upward again after the initial launch). 


After a 2.5 second delay there is a Mag 2 Stun that lasts 15 seconds. This Stun cannot stack with itself, but can stack with Stuns from other powers. Domination does not increase the Magnitude of the Stun.




This is mostly straight forward. The power deals Scale 0.1 damage twice per second. The damage is autohit, like the rest of the aura. Mids reports this as 246.1 damage at level 50.




This is a straightforward -15% defense (enhanceable) for 8 seconds.




Self Destruct Power

The Water Spout self destructs after 30 seconds using a attribute called "Silent Kill." No big surprises here, it's just how they implemented the timer.

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