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  1. Hey all, I'm trying to look at the net effect that endurance reduction slotters and powers like Conserve Power have on endurance costs so I can plan a new build for my Dark/Time troller. I cant seem to find the formula anywhere. Any help? Altho I am mostly sure its the same for Controllers as anyone else, I couldnt remember if there are some limits specific to the Controller class to be aware of.
  2. Here are a few I've got notes on in case I ever get my own server running and decide to build some powers. Astral Control. A set without any specific, defined element. Theme is wispy, cosmic, and ethereal. I see this set having a teleport attached to a few of its powers, where you can port around easily, and when you do, you create AoE control effects around you. I see one power being a mezz that applies where you arrive and another when you leave, so you get various effects porting around. Reuses assets from Ghost Widow's powers and some assorted vague particle effects. Instead of having hard mezzes of a specific type (e.g. "100% chance to Stun) this set tends to have mezzes of mixed types, e.g. "33% chance for Confusion, 33% chance for Stun, 33% chance for Hold," underpinning its exotic nature. Ideally the Teleports should still work eve if you are mezzed. Organic Control. A body horror themed set. Graphics borrowed from bio armor. When I sketched this out, it included a Confusion power and a way to mark an enemy with Taunt, so that Confused enemies specifically target him or her. Magnetic Control. Because obviously. :) Special mechanic could be creating areas of positive and negative force, so that they attract. Also I really want a set that can use an enemy as a projectile. Resources can be borrowed from Gravity Control. AoE Hold pulls all enemies to the centerpoint. Logic Control. The rather curious ability to modify logic itself. Logic Control powers have a penalty to mezz magnitude against minions but a bonus against bosses that effectively reverses the normal relationship. Instead of a power like Flashfire or Stalagmites, the Logic Control character's AoE mezz has no fixed type. Instead, the mezz type is decided based on a separate toggle (see Dual Pistols). Unlike Dual Pistols, the toggles that decide the mezz type have a fixed duration and a medium-ish recharge, so you will have to cycle through various mezz types, sometimes being left with imperfect choices. At least one of these sets must have a power that is a knock UP patch. Similar to Earthquake or Ice Slick, but a Mag 12 knock up. I want this so badly you don't even know.
  3. I think this is an excellent question. Eliminating the outliers like /Kinetics Controllers, I think the answer is most solo Controllers or Dominators fighting large stacks of mobs above their level would have a lot of trouble clearing the mob before Mass Confusion wears off. 37 seconds becomes 68 seconds of Confusion when slotted with Confuse IOs, but then against +3 enemies (assuming a level shift) the purple patch reduces that down to 44 seconds. A 44 second clear against x8+4 enemies, based on most of my Dominator experience, would be very high performance. Blasters and Brutes can often pull that off, but Dominators not usually. Since it just takes one boss breaking its mezz and punching you twice to die, the security of that long duration is very welcome. One of the reasons Seeds of Confusion is so useful is once you see the purple confuse dots you know that enemy won't bother you again for a long time. IMO the duration is a "signature" aspect of Mind Control too, the relative calm you feel as you clear the spawn. In fact, I like to combine Mind Control on Dominators who have a form of Power Boost to make the safety even more explicit. Just wish the power didn't take 240 seconds to recharge. 🙂 About 200 of those seconds feel superflous.
  4. BTW one thing I'd be totally down for would be reducing the cooldown on Mass Hypnosis from 45 seconds to 8, the same Recharge as an AoE immobilize. The powers already cost the same Endurance (15-ish). Mass Hyp's 2 second animation time is a hinderance to being able to truly spam it without exchanging DPS.
  5. I hear you. However I think with Seeds having 37 second duration/60 second recharge that 37 seconds is the right number, unless Seeds is also reduced--a battle I don't want to fight, even if I believe Seeds is overpowered. Right now I'm still leaning more toward 145 seconds. At 90 seconds, even if the mezz duration was reduced to 18 seconds to match the Flashfire genre of powers, the power would be many times better than those powers because it is a non-notify Confuse, and it would make Mind Control eclipse the 90 second stun control sets a bit too much, minus its Containment problems, which I also hope we can fix. At 120 seconds the difference in top end builds isn't too huge versus 90 (5 seconds or so). That's why 145 sounds about right to me. It does mean Mass Confusion wouldn't quite be an "every spawn" power, but I'm not convinced it needs to be to make Mind Control relevant. I'd rather it be a 1 1/2 spawn power with a long mezz duration in the spirit of how it was designed. I actually like its current effect, providing you a very safe way to fight. I just think the lag between casts is too long. I think it should remain a different sort of power than the more frantic 90 second recharge powers.
  6. If I got to vote on it I'd personally prefer to keep the 37 second duration on Mass Confusion. The "open with and kill at your luxury" aspect of the power is part of Mind Control's identity in my opinion. The 90 second recharge powers have a different feel. I'd rather have a 145 or 120 second recharge 37 second duration and keep that flavor.
  7. 90 seconds is probably too fast a recharge for a ranged non-notify power with 37.5 second duration. Seeds of Confusion, a contender for best control in the game, has a 60 second recharge, 37.5 duration, but notifies and is a cone. Flashfire, Wormhole, Stalagmites, and Heart of Darkness are the "every spawn" Stuns, each with 90 second recharge, but just 18.6 second duration. That's how I came up with a 145 second Recharge for Mass Confusion. I could live with 120. The difference between 120 and 145 is minimal after slotting and especially after IOs, roughly just 5-10 seconds depending on build. IMO 90 is too short for the duration combined with the effect though. 90 seconds puts it at around 50 second recharge with 2 recharge IOs and around 35-30 seconds on a high end build. The power is reliable (unlike Synaptic) and virtually risk free (unlike Seeds) and has a 37 second base duration (unlike any 90 second stun) so in order to not make it totally overtake those powers I think it needs 120 second recharge at minimum.
  8. Mass Confusion would be useful with around half its current duration. The 240 second Recharge may have been justified in 2006, but with Seeds and Synaptic at 60 seconds, its a hard sell. It's a better power than either Seeds or Synaptic if its recharge matched theirs, and because of the duration of the mezz probably shouldn't recharge as fast as Flashfire/Stalagmite/Wormhole (90 seconds) so I'd go with around 145 seconds, which is the Recharge of a Blaster nuke.
  9. This is what I get for trying to Stealth edit before anyone reads my post. 😄 That will teach me to post before thinking through my suggestion/ In my revision I changed Levitate or Mesmerize to Total Domination, but same concept. Basically, TK would let you operate without alerting mobs. You can push them around and arrange them (or push them out of the way so you can move past them). Total Domination would then have 12 seconds or so of Repel protection. Your revision is also interesting, altho the functionality I really want is the Repel without notification, like Wormhole has. BTW I'm curious to find out whether Repel in a non-notify power will awaken enemies who are Asleep.
  10. I'd like to see Telekinesis changed to a non-notify power like Wormhole was during the Gravity revisions. Then it would go from a mostly useless curiosity to a tool you could use to arrange groups before attacking. It would still have a target cap of 5, so you wouldn't be able to push whole groups into corners and get them with your auto hit Hold. Since an "Attract" version of Repel may not be in the cards due to engine limitations with reversing vectors, I wonder if the developers could add Repel protection to Total Domination. Then you could position stuff, and when it reaches where you want. launch Total Domination to Hold it in that spot. If the Repel protection lasted about 12 seconds, you'd have a very good synergy between those two powers.
  11. The essence is Mind Control was designed for a very different game and has just never caught up. Mind Control came out at a time when there were no target caps, AoEs Holds recharged quickly, there were no AoE Confused to compare Mass Confusion to, and Containment didn't exist. I also don't really feel Mind Control on Dominators is amazing. It's not bad. But I think Dark Control is a very similar set and runs circles around Mind Control. In total fairness, Gravity Control used to be way worse than Mind Control. However it was buffed. So Mind Control is only the weakest set because Gravity got better. At least there's that. Mind Control could use some reduction in recharge times of key powers. I also think any power that does not do damage should be non-notify, like the Sleep and Confuses currently are. This would be consistent with Mind Control lacking positional tags on its powers and set a unique role for Mind Control, which otherwise lacks a secondary effect. You could then use Telekinesis to re-position mobs before attacking and Total Domination could be used without alerting them either. (I think any conceptual resistance to using TK to resposition mobs secretly should be quelled by Wormhole being a non-notify power, which is amazing, but also IMO somewhat encroaches on Mind's space).
  12. I couldn't open the build but I agree with the comments about Recharge. You really shouldn't pass up easy to grab sources of recharge even if you feel you have "enough." Buffer Recharge protects you from -Recharge effects. Same reason you shouldn't skip Hasten. -Recharge becomes harsher the less +Recharge you have. What I mean is if you have 0 global Recharge and get hit by -75% Recharge total it takes powers four times longer to Recharge... eternity really. Luckily such an extreme example is rare. But enemies like Arachnos can get you down to -50% pretty easily, which makes powers take twice as long to recharge. Note the amount of -recharge to hit twice as long is 50 points, but if you add just 25 points more its now quadrupled. That's because Recharge has a curve like this: If you have +100% global Recharge and get hit with -75% Recharge, powers take a little less than two times longer to recharge than they would at +100%. That extra Recharge cuts the debuff amount in half. Long story short, while large amounts of extra +Recharge are subject to diminishing returns and don't make your powers recharge faster, they provide a buffer against -Recharge where you can shrug it off before it starts to have any effect. The more global Recharge you have, the more protected you are. This is a Controller discussion, so you may get away with it most of the time. On Dominators itsa way bigger deal though. I play perma Doms who are great until they get hit with -Recharge, and then its a house of cards when Domination mode slips.
  13. I recommend making a macro to quickly target your Sentinel so you can heal/buff. I do consider this set strongest on a Mastermind and then a Controller tho, because they have pets that are more reliable than Sentinel.
  14. I'm a few days late responding to this part of the thread, but the reason ToHit benefits so much from Power Boost is ToHit is Schedule B, the same enhancement Schedule as Defense. Power Boost-like powers don't usually follow the enhancement schedules, they boost all effects equally. This is why +Defense and +/- ToHit are so powerful when combined with Power Boost effects. They receive a bigger buff than you can get from enhancements. The reason endurance drain powers usually combine well with Power Boost-like powers is most people don't slot attacks for end drain. (FWIW the Alpha incarnate slot does follow schedules, because it is an enhancement. Destiny Clarion does not follow schedules, because it is based on Power Boost).
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