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  1. Looks good IMO. I still wish Synapse's Shock had more damage. But I promised I'd let it drop after making my case, and it seems like you've made a decision, so I'll honor your choice. That heal proc in Power Transfer. I need to think about how I can abuse that. It's too bad Gremlins don't take End Mod sets, altho they should since they take normal End Mod enhancers. I'm betting it's really useful in Jolting Chain. I'll need to try it.
  2. Amp Up isn't an amazing T9 but that's fine because of the rest of the set is very good. Mainly you'd want to use Amp Up on your team's Defender or Controller, depending on what sets they took. It's basically extended Power Boost and a Recharge buff. The best effects boosted by POwer Boost tend to be mezz, ToHit, and Endurance Mod. Heal/Absorb also benefits, but not quite as much. So, team mates you'd likely want to use it on: Any Control set (especially Dark Control or Electric Control) Buff/debuff Empathy / Pain Dark Miasma Time Manip Nature Electric Affinity (tho you can't self cast) Blasts Dark Blast Electric Blast
  3. I can definitely see an argument fr why Faraday should maybe not be castable while mezzed. It basically means this set is immune to mezz. I'm kind of ambivalent though. If the castable while mezzed component is kept, the Recharge could be longer and the set still be fine. I do think a 10 second Recharge is very very generous though. That means its not even worth slotting it with Recharge. I think 45-60 seconds is appropriate for this power. That would make it 35 second or so with simple slotting, 20-25 on high end builds. Right now Electric Affinity can slip out of a mezz every 5 seconds on a non IO build and 2 seconds with enough global recharge. Back before this set could get its own chains bounced back to it, that was more necessary to make it stand out. Right now it does seem a bit too generous IMO.
  4. I think Farady Cage is in a good place personally. I would have kept the original 32 second reharge, but its not terrible after the revision. It's very powerful--no other set gets complete mezz protection. But, to get the protection, you have to expend a click. Right now this set is one of the tankiest buff/debuff sets there is. The other sets with personal anti mezz are Traps, Sonic, and Force Field. All have a Sleep, Confuse, and Terrorize hole. None of those has heal or recovery. Also none of them has a "bust out" power that makes it possible to break out of a mezz after you've been hit. I do hope after Electric Affinity comes out we can talk about Force Field and Sonic and look at what we can do to make them better. Electric is about where it needs to be, those could use some development.
  5. If City of Heroes were still a single instance game where there is one canonical rule set I'd probably lean against restricting incarnate powers. However, we're in a situation where there are multiple servers and if I want a different flavor of the game I can move to a different server or start my own. It seems to me that the Homecoming team is more interested in addressing legacy issues than some of the other servers. So I wouldn't totally count out some kind of change to how these powers fit into the game. Keep in mind by the time crashless Blast set nukes came around the game was free to play and the assumption was most teams did not consist of 8 incarnates. Incarnates were behind the paywall. My personal feelings are probably different from the playerbase at large. For me, though, f I logged in tomorrow and Judgment and Lore pets were gone it would probably improve my feelings about the game. I'm not emotionally attached to either power. In fact I resent them, because they feel like temporary powers, I rarely put much thought into which one to pick, and they are more powerful than the powerset and archetype choices I labored over. I also wouldn't complain if Judgement and Lore only competed with each other and you had to pick between a Judgment blast or Lore pet but couldn't slot both at one time. Destiny is a bit trickier because it patches holes in some characters and players have built their whole characters around it. But, if they eliminated the top effect and just kept the lingering effect (+5 Defense from Barrier for example) I'd be fine with it. FWIW that's how far I feel Destiny missed the mark. +5 Defense for 2 min would have been very powerful, we didn't need the huge defense and resistance buff at the start of the power. The Alpha slot I think is fine. Interface is also fine. Hybrid is problematic because of the one that does double damage. That one really should be a flat damage proc. Doubling damage is rarely a good idea. At most, this power should provide a low chance to crit (5% or so). A fix I personally, but maybe not the whole playerbase, would support is making all the incarnate powers slottable into "universal slots" instead of 1 per incarnate power type. Maybe you get 1 slot at the start of the incarnate tree and the 2nd one unlocks at Hybrid. You'd have to pick 2 incarnate powers slotted at a time, but not more than that. E.g. I could slot Alpha and Destiny, but then wouldn't get Lore, Judgement, Interface, and Hybrid. Interface is the weakest one so maybe that one is outside this rule. Maybe Alpha too.
  6. I'm sympathetic to the OP. I remember the game before and after Lore, Destiny, and Judgement, and frankly I miss it. I do think the Alpha slot is well designed and adds a lot of strategic depth to the game. I don't know what the solution is here. Possibly a new variety of Task Force where that gives better rewards but these powers are restricted? I have no idea how involved that is. It makes me slightly sad that new players never got to see the game in the pre-incarnate stages. I do agree with the OP that those powers detract from the game. I used to be a team player but I've lost interest in teams because its just too easy. I'm not super gunho about just removing them, altho if I was running my own "hard core" rules server I probably would. I suppose its up to the philosophy of the developers.
  7. I think the way to think about Sapping is to compare it to an effect like knockdown or knockback. There are lots and lots of power with Chance for Knockdown, and very few with Chance for -Endurance. When Knockdown hits and it overcomes Resistance and Defense, the effect takes the enemy out of the fight, The effect usually does not last very long. For that reason, Chance to Knockdown tends to be pretty high in blast powers that have it, usually upwards of 50%. The place Sapping is right now is like if Energy Blast and War Mace only caused Knockback /down when paired with Energy Manipulation and Energy Armor. What makes Sapping different is that once you do get an enemy's bar drained, keeping it there often keeps them out of the fight if you keep hitting them with saps. That's why I keep suggesting a small chance for a big drain. Sapping right now exists in a very awkward spot. Electric Assault and Electric Melee are the worst of the lot. -7% to-10% Endurance drain in these powers is, frankly, worthless. What would make them worthwhile is if there was a chance in some attacks to completely drain a couple of the enemies. Because the effect can end up lasting a long time, you don't want to make it too many enemies. On a power like Ball Lightning I've suggested in the neighborhood of 10-15% chance. In a stack of 16, that's 1.6 - 2.4 enemies in a stack of 16. I'd probably only put this effect in a couple of the AoEs per set, and maybe one hard hitting single target power. The benefit of doing this is that when Electric sets are paired with a set that doesn't have additional Sapping capability, at least the sap works. Just like Knockdown work even without a perfect pairing, Sapping should too.
  8. Jimmy, thanks for taking a look and for continuing to work on the power. If Defib is not meant to be a powerful sapping move, can I convince your team to set its drain to something like this: Restore area of effect to 20ft Endurance drain amounts: 100% chance for -15% endurance 33% chance for -60% endurance (critters only) This works out to "A 25% chance for -75% endurance, 75% chance for -15% endurance." With End Mod slotting, that would randomly drain 1 out of 3 mobs in a stack.; on average, 4-6 mobs in a stack of 16. That would hit a threshold of "maybe useful, definitely not a nuke." The reason I am asking for this is that even when reduced 100x in drain strength. when this power is combined with Electric Blast or Electric Control, it IS nuke-like. With any other set, its not really useful at all. To normalize it, reduce the guaranteed portion and give it a chance to really floor a couple of enemies. It would still be useful to the end drain sets, just not exclusively to them. If 33% chance feels too high and you want it even weaker, you could use a 25% chance (1 in 4 mobs).
  9. Yes, they were instantly drained. I didn't use a power analyzer so I didn't see any more of the effect. The Sleep no longer seemed to reapply itself multiple times though.
  10. It looks like there may still be some problems with Defibrellate. 🙂 This is what it drain with no Static stacks: Even if these numbers are fixed, I think this power will still face the same issue as the other endurance drain powers, because its still draining all enemies across the area of effect evenly. The reduction to a 15ft radius helps somewhat with lowering the target count. But what it needs is a chance to effect some creatures very strongly (I recommend a 40% chance for 65% endurance drain at top Static) but not all of the stack. It's okay to also keep the AoE -endurance but that shouldn't be too high. Maybe in the range of -20% to -30% (35% is Controller/Dominator Power Sink). [Note I tweaked the numbers above. I originally suggested 40% chance for -85% endurance, forgetting I was also recommending keep -20% or so endurance. These stack, so a creature that rolled unluckily would be drained of (65 +20) = 85 endurance, before IOs and purple patch. If you raise one you should lower the other.] If that it isn't done, I think this power will fall into the same situation where most of the end drain powers currently are.
  11. I think Storm/Cold would be beyond anything the game could handle.
  12. I wrote a couple of very long posts about this in the Electric Affinity set. I think the solution for Endurance Drain is a change in philosophy. We need to start thinking of Endurance Drain in terms of big drains, but to a smaller number of targets. Let's use Short Circuit as an example. It currently drains 35% endurance from all targets within 20 feet. So, one of two things happens. You either have enough endurance drain from other powers to follow up with enough to sap the spawn completely, or else you don't and the drain goes mostly wasted. In practice, this is why Electric Melee, Manipulation, and Assault have to be paired with a set that does endurance drain to have any value. What Electric powers need is a way to produce very large drains to a small number of targets. If you evenly drain 16 mobs to half endurance, it's meaningless. But if you completely drain 5 enemies in a gang of 16, it has tangible benefit. Endurance drain of this nature would need to only affect enemies and not be used in PVP. This is fair, because creatures for the most part do not rely on endurance to maintain toggles. Here's a profile for how a power like Ball Lighting might work under this philosophy: PROPOSAL: REVISED BALL LIGHTNING (Blaster) 100% chance for -7% Endurance (same as now) 10% chance for -85% Endurance (new) (only to critters) Endurance scales with the Purple patch. Also, the 100% chance for -7% stacks with the -85%, so if you roll the 10% chance, a same level mob is drained -92% (before slotting) and a +4 is drained by about -46%. Slotting for End Mod could bring this number upward. You wouldn't want to remove the existing 100% chance for drain from any power since players have already built around that. You'd just want to add a chance for a big drain to some of the powers. One point of contention is that I also think when these powers roll over from Blaster to Defender or Corruptor, the chance should adjust. For example: PROPOSAL: REVISED BALL LIGHTNING (Defender) 100% chance for -7% Endurance (same as now) 15% chance for -115% Endurance (new) (only to critters) You could also adjust pets this way. PROPOSAL: VOLTAIC SENTINEL blasts 100% chance for -10% endurance 25% chance for -85% Endurance (new) Chance numbers were adjusted upward because the player has no control over what the Sentinel attacks. I discussed in the Electric Affinity thread how there are other alternatives to rolling a percent chance. You could make the area very small, only hit Minions and Lieutenants, etc. Basically whatever you want to do to keep the number of targets low.
  13. Thanks for posting. 🙂 I don't want to completely disregard your idea, but I personally think the sustain power in Energy is perfect where it is. It's both an instant heal and a heal over time. It's very strong, maybe the strongest of the sustains. Energy is a very click-y set, between the sustain, Boost Range, and Power Boost, but I like it right where it is. I haven't spent much time with Elec, Ninja, or Dark and they may need something. I will say IMO Elec Manipulation is a broken set in need of other major changes, along with Electric Assault on Dominators, but for me that has to do with the pointlessness of its endurance drains. There are ways to fix this, which I've been sharing in the Electric Affinity topic. Maybe the sustain power could be part of that fix.
  14. Are you going to IO this character? Glacier is your only hard control. With an IO build you can get it so it recharges in about 60 seconds, so available every other spawn. I'd personally not skip it.
  15. If you're set on Thermal, maybe try a Gravity/Thermal Controller. You won't be able to heal the pet, but it won't matter because your fire shields will make him nigh unkillable. You will be able to cast Forge on him. You'll also do more damage than most Controllers thanks to Propel. If you insist on Defender, I'd think about Beam Rifle as the secondary.
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