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  1. In Synaptic it's both a blessing and a curse. Synaptic is programmed to skip over enemies who are already Confused. Since the duration of Contagious Confusion is much lower than Synaptic, having it trigger can potentially disrupt how Synaptic is supposed to function. You'll mainly notice this with small groups of enemies where there aren't a lot of potential hops available.
  2. There are couple of ways to define "most control" but you're right that Storm is a good option for that. Nominally, Dominators are the "most control" archetype when they are in (perma)dom, but in practice Controllers can nearly match them in the ability to Stun bosses if they are willing to enter close range. Two powers stand out here: Thunderclap, the Storm power, which is a guaranteed Mag 2 Stun Fissure, the Earth APP power, which rolls two 50% chances for Stun (one is Mag 1, other is Mag 2) The Earth APP also has Seismic Smash, which is a Mag 4 Hold out of the
  3. Good addition. I don't believe they're Taunted to a new target. The Haunted temporary gets applied during the player's initial cast. The pet itself doesn't have the ability to apply the Temporary Power. However if there's another Dark player around and they cast Haunt on something, or if you just have enough Recharge to apply the power again before the previous Haunts expire, the Taunt from their cast should theoretically Taunt any existing Haunts within 60ft.
  4. Had a few minutes today so decided to finally peek through Darkness Control's Haunt power. Hopefully this is a mostly accurate description, please let me know if I've misinterpreted something. Darkness Control > Haunt Haunt has two main features, which interact closely with each other. It summons two Haunt pets at the location of your target. This part is probably straightforward enough to understand. It applies a temporary power called Haunted to the target. Haunted is an Auto Power that forces the enemy hit by it to immediately cast a Scal
  5. I just had a look at Oppressive Gloom and interestingly enough not only does it roll for Accuracy, I'm pretty sure the self-damage portion does too, so at least you won't lose any HP if it misses.
  6. Grav/Storm is even better on HC than it was on live, so if you enjoyed it then you'll probably love it now.
  7. I'm always on the fence about the word "worst" because most things in this game can be made somewhat functional. It's true there are some massive gaps in performance from some sets though. So with that in mind, Ice Control/Electric Assault Dominator has to belong somewhere near the bottom. It's playable in the sense that anything basically is, but this is one character I just couldn't bring myself to spend time on. Arctic Air doesn't Dominate so you're barely even a Dominator even after going perma dom. Electric Assault's secondary effect is totally moot on this combo. Long animati
  8. You're correct, Homecoming has a solution for that. I was going to make that correction by my interner shorted out. 🙂The older powers weren't coded that way though, so Defenders enjoyed years of Blaster strength Rain of Ice and Blizzard. Even the new code doesn't account for Scourge or Defiance etc as far as I know. It would be theoretically possible to write both as Inherent Powers but as far as I know no one has done that yet.
  9. The Defender damage buff for team size is actually coded as a global Damage bonus and not into each individual power. The portion of it that affects your damage is Inherent.Inherent.Vigilance. It basically works by providing you with Scale 0.3 +Damage and then taking away some based on team size. Defender versions of Blast sets tend to be the easier version of the power to read and usually is what I prefer to look at when figuring out how a power works. Defiance and Scourge on the other hand are coded power for power (as are Domination, Containment, and Critical Hit etc). So if you
  10. The chaining powers thing as it currently exists is kind of a pain in the butt to code IMO and I can see why they didn't go whole hog with it. The Blast sets have three distinct varieties, Blaster (needs Defiance coded in each blast), Defender (vanilla), and Corruptor (needs Scourge coded in each blast) and coding all the appropriate pseudo-pets probably seemed like a big chore.
  11. I think it my have come from the idea that Electricity "powers things." The Electric sets both drain endurance and also tend to give it back in powers like Power Sink. I think it's a really nice thematic fit personally. It was also an Issue 1 Defender set, and I think there may have been a rule at the time that all of these sets have a debuff/control element: Energy: Knockback Dark: ToHit Electric: Endurance Radiation: Defense Psi: -Recharge Ice: -Recharge/Slow Weirdly, Defenders don't actually do more endurance drain than everyone els
  12. Yes it is technically possible to code a pseudo pet to Dominate. The Dark Control power Shadow Field does this like you mentioned. It does this by summoning one pet in Domination mode and one when outside of Dom mode. For a chain power, you'd probably need bunch of new pets, one for each link in the chain. Synaptic Overload for example currently consists of three pets (first jump, second jump, third jump). I privately modded this power for myself so that it Dominates, which required adding a new "Domination" version of each of these pets. What you do have to watch out for is any po
  13. It may be worth noting the chronology of the sets because I think that speaks a lot to their design as well. Fire, Ice, Mind, Illusion, Earth, Gravity Plant (originally just for Dominators) Electric Darkness Wind (never released) When you look at those last four sets I think a fairly clear picture emerges in terms of how the developers had evolved in their thinking about Control sets. A lot of the powers seem like answers to powers players had not responded positively to in previous sets. All three of the sets released after the initial batch
  14. Part of what you're running into is the general challenge of building with Dark Assault. It's not an easy set to summarize. I'm definitely not an expert on DPA tables or pylon times, but I do glance at powers to see what their relative DPA is. In the case of Dark Assault this is what we're working with: This tables can be misleading because this isn't accounting for proc damage, which Dark Assault can do a whole lot of. On the other hand, Dominators are often difficult to build for proc damage without losing too much Recharge. Anyway, in the case of D
  15. Group Invis is actually a really useful power on iTrials. Kind of a hidden gem IMO.
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