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  1. Yep it appears I was wrong. The travel speed doesn't stack as noted above. I corrected my post. Thanks for looking into it. 🙂
  2. Repulsion Field is actually somewhat good on Blasters because they actually have the endurance to pay for it, unlike most actual Force Field characters. Repulsion Bomb is pretty bad on any archetype though.
  3. IMO Infiltration taking LoTG makes it so much better than a lot of other travel powers that I almost want to ask the reverse question. 🙂 I believe you can stack Infilitration with Ninja Run, it doesn't replace. So with both toggles you run twice as fast, before IOs. Plus you're potentially invisible, and can get +7.5% global recharge. It's mildly annoying that you can't run Infilitration and Stealth at the same time but that's the limit of my complaining. EDIT: Apparently only the highest value stacks, as noted below. However you can still slot LOTG
  4. You are a Blaster and probably shouldn't be too worried about endurance costs. I'd slot End Mod over End Redux, but only bother with a few powers. If you are slotting sets you'll naturally pick up some End Redux anyway. There are also End Mod sets that deal damage created specifically for Homecoming. They are cheap and fairly effective. Oh BTW in your Sustain, you do want to slot End Mod for sure, not End Redux (if End Redux is even an option).
  5. Thanks for sharing the build. I didn't see a build link so had to go by the photo. What stands out right away is you skipped Hot Feet. Is this a character you've already rolled and already play this way? Or is this a theoretical build? IMO if you're going to skip Hot Feet you'd do better to go with a different set than Fire. Fire trades away some of its control ability for the damage in Hot Feet. The damage is significant and while there are times you won't want to risk it, you'll slow yourself down a lot by skipping it. The endurance bar refill in Consume makes running Hot Feet ve
  6. Altho I'm not a big lover of Mind Control, the glass half full part of me has me curious whether a Mind/Dark build could potentially deal enough damage to be an AV soloist similar to the Dark/Dark builds you've posted. Mind/Dark should be able to proc out Dominate for significant damage, and if it gets into a dangerous spot, can hit Hypnosis to halt the fight. At least on paper, Mind's single target damage chain is great. The Mind build would need enough accuracy for Dominate to land consistently, and enough Defense for the lost -ToHit to not matter. On a build devoted to it, both seem achieva
  7. That's a pretty nice build. The main thing that sticks out to me is that if you slotted Dominate with 6 procs instead of set bonuses, you'd have a power that recharges in about 3 seconds that deals more damage than the hammer powers, because of Dominate's very fast animation. You'd still need enough Accuracy to make it hit, but between everything else you have access to you could probably skip most of the attacks in Earth Assault and be fine. I'm a huge fan of Water Spout so keep it if you're in love with it. However, I do wonder if you'd be happier with Mu Mastery. Th
  8. Just to be thorough, remember Dark Control's Haunts don't actually Taunt enemies. What that power does is give the enemy a temporary power that taunts the Haunts to the target. This forces them to focus-fire that target. You are absolutely correct that Haunt is a really good power.
  9. I use it mainly on an Elec/Psi Dominator. That character really benefits from being able to spam immobilizes (for the endurance crash effect) but still pull everything together tightly. Plus Fold Space comboed with Drain Psyche is a match made in capped Regen heaven.
  10. I disagree that Mass Confusion is any more an "I win" button more than other controls. Mass Confusion is a Scale 20 mezz on a 240 recharge, which translates to an uptime ratio of 12. Stalagmites, to grab one random example, is a Scale 8 mezz on a 90 recharge, which translates to a nearly identical uptime ratio of 11.25. The only real difference is that Stalagmites will be up about every 20 seconds on an end game build, versus 60 for Mass Confusion. Mass Confusion would have an edge if other Dominators couldn't recast their 90 or 60 sec power when needed. What tends to happen to Mi
  11. Any Dominator should be able to do at least some AoE control. Here's what each set other than Mind is bringing on an every-fight basis when pushed to its performance limits: Earth: Stalagmites and Earthquake Ice: Arctic Air and Ice Slick Fire: Flashfire and Bonfire (and to a lesser extent Hot Feet) Gravity: Wormhole Plant: Seeds of Confusion and Carrion Creepers Electric: Static Field and Synaptic Overload (and arguably Conductive Aura) Dark Fearsome Stare and Heart of Darkness To every fight Mind Control brings: Terrify
  12. That's a really impressive use of Dark Assault. I'll be honest, I've always considered Dark Assault kind of a middling set, and may need to re-evaluate it. I didn't think it could kick out enough ranged damage to get past an AVs regen. The value of its ranged self heal really proves itself in an AV fight. I admit I did not expect it to deal as much damage as it does.
  13. Yeah. Dark Control is S tier for me partly for that reason, and also partly because it provides huge debuffs that get you around the mezz binary that rules most Dominator builds. Unlike Controllers, Dominators are starved for debuff, armor or healing. The -ToHit in Dark Control goes much further for them. My Dark Control builds are usually unstoppable from around level 22 on. This is before we get into the kegger that is Dark Control comboed with a source of Power Boost, at which point the Dominator becomes one of the best ToHit debuffers in the game. Dark Control is S tier for Dom
  14. Total Domination is the same power as: Vines Paralyzing Blast Gravity Distortion Field If you have to mention Total Domination then you've illustrated the hole I am referring to. Mind Control having to use its AoE Hold to keep up with other sets is the hole.
  15. The reason I respectably disagree with you is most sets have sleep powers. However, most players skip the sleep powers because they are able to maintain control without taking that power. Mind Control's Sleep recharges faster than most others, which does make its sleep more attractive. However its key power, Mass Confusion, recharges much slower. At 240 Recharge Plant and Electric Control have x4 as much access. Terrify is the power that is up every fight. It's not bad, certainly better than nothing. Mind Control also lacks a knock patch power to match Ice Slick/Quake/
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