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  1. Damage definitely can be a hard role to fill, and Ice Blast lends itself very strongly to Corruptors due to the rain mechanics. Rain also happen to not take procs well these days, so that's a factor.
  2. You really can't look at Defender vs Corruptor (or Controller, MM etc) just in terms of how the modifiers affect individual powersets. You have to look at the character overall. Defenders get better modifiers on almost everything except Damage. That means Defense buffs on Combat Jumping, Manuevers, Weave, etc, Resistance buffs from Tough and epic armor, and mezz durations from whatever epic pool you pick (maybe not that big a deal to some people). Soft capped with capped resist is much easier to accomplish for a Defender--leaving many more slots for procs--than any of the squishy ATs. That's where their strength lies.
  3. I don't think I can produce a ranked list. Basically I'd categorize things like this: Sets that perform well in their designated role: Gravity (surprisingly--big change from prior to i24) Fire (possibly overperforming on the control front) Illusion Plant Dark Sets that could use minor tweaks Electric - Performs suitably on Dominators, but the control powers themselves are low damage. Probably should never be a major high damage set, but a bit more soloability would be nice. Earth - Same as above (To be honest, the above two sets would probably be 'fixed' if the only change that happened is their pets unlocked earlier. In terms of actual control, they are solid.... its mainly a question of how much or little control means at high levels.) Sets that are not performing well Ice - I hate to say this, because despite being overall weak, it was one of my favorite sets for a long time. However it's taken so many blows from so many sources that I just can't recommend it anymore. It seems like almost every time a new tweak happens to the game, Ice Control ends up on the bad side of it, most recently with Arctic Air (a toggle) no longer being a premier slot for Contagious Confusion, and Ice Slick not being able to take Force Feedback. Requires massive IOing to make its core skills workable, and once they are,they are still iffy. Also has an incomprehensibly weak pet that loves to run into melee range. On top of all this, it has incredibly low damage. Mind - Ultra long cooldowns on Mass Confusion, no pet, and difficulty setting up Containment. Especially egregious because this set was designed as the 'blast' set. Slightly better on Dominators (but only slightly).
  4. I'm not able to open the build in Mids, so my comments are based just on what I can see. - It looks like you took Mu Mastery, but left off one of the best powers: Power Sink. Power Sink on an Electric Dominator is a way to floor enemy endurance instantly. You can then keep it them there with Conductive Aura and your other Electric powers. With Power Sink you also likely won't need to worry about endurance/recovery ever. - I don't personally find Jolting Chain worth keeping. The animation time is too slow for the damage dealt. It deals damage equivalent to Electric Fences but takes almost twice as long to animate. I've been semi-publicly pushing the developers to change Jolting Chain's animation to the Electric Fences one. If that happened, it would make the power far more attractive. I just can't justify it for its current effect. You have tons of knockdown in /Earth Assault anyway. - I doubt you need the full Fortunata Hypnosis slotting in Static Field. Just one accuracy is usually sufficient in this power. For whatever reason, it comes preloaded with extremely long duration and fast recharge. Altho you can technically have more than one Static Field patch up at a time, in practice this is rarely critical. - I'd taken Hasten much earlier. Sometime prior to level 20 if you can. - Spring Attack is not a power I find very useful. It's not really needed for Electric Control either, since it's a set that can sneak up on enemies easily with a ranged Confusion. - I'd drop Assault from the Leadership pool. It's not benefitting you much.
  5. I think the new system is neither particularly better or worse than the old. The old one rewarded putting procs in fast recharging powers. The new one makes the chance to proc in long recharging powers so likely that it unbalances it in a different way. I'd like the old rain system/toggle back and the current proc rate for long recharging powers cut in approximately half. The issue with the new system is the chance to proc per time spent animating is far lower for long recharge powers than for fast recharging ones, which throws the system out of wack in a different way, where Hold powers in tertiary sets become top damage performers and other unintended side effects show up.
  6. I hear you. Good advice. I don't atcually have a build in Mids at the moment because I can't decide what route to take on procs. Here's a screenshot of the current Franken-build. A couple of these IOs are only here because I lucked out and they dropped randomly (like the ragnorak chance for knockdown.) I definitely feel I could do something better with Chain Fences and any of the powers that still have standard enhancers.
  7. Endurance Modification isn't strictly required, but its a huge bonus, because it gets me around having to slot End Mod in any of the powers. Since no IO set natively contains End Mod, this is huge. All of these powers in Elec/ and /Mu have endurance drain or bonus, so it's a nice priority: - Tesla Cage - Chain Fences - Conductive Aura - Static Field - Paralyzing Blast - Synaptic Overload - Gremlins (in all of their punches) - Power Sink - Ball Lightning - Summon Guardian (in their lightning attacks) In truth some of this may be overkill, altho there's something ridiculously satisfying about that portion of the ITF where you fight 8 Elite Bosses and I can floor the endurance of all of them in 3-5 seconds.
  8. Asking RE: a Elec/Psi permadom. I can't seem to decide between these two options: Agility Core: +45% endurance modification, +33% Recharge, +20% defense Musculature: +33% damage, immob, defense debuff, endurance mod, run speed How much does +33% damage contribute in the long run, and does that outweigh the benefits of having Psychic Shockwave, Drain Psyche, Power Sink and Summon Guardian (I went //Mu Mastery) up more often? Just want to make sure that missing that extra damage is worth it.
  9. Looks like this is an old post. However, since no one answered the original question, here's my take. Electric Control is a very effective, but very low damage set. Dominators get an Assault set as their secondary that fills this hole nicely. For this reason, in general I prefer Electric Control on Dominators. However it can still make for an effective Controller, particularly paired with a set like Storm that adds damage. Domination mode also provides mezz protection, so a Dominator in that mode can run around with Conductive Aura on and does not need to worry about getting detoggled. If you manage to go perma-dom this advantage gets even stronger. Note that a few Controller sets and one of the epic pools also provides mezz protection, somewhat evening this advantage out. One thing to note about the Dominator version of Synaptic Overload is that unlike Plant's Seeds of Confusion, the Domination proc applies only to the first enemy hit, not every enemy in the chain. This is due to a quirk in how this power works. Dominator powers that summon psuedo pets, as this one does, do not usually Dominate. In this case the underlying power is so strong that it's not that much of a downside, it just means a Controller or Dominator using this power is about on equal footing. Where possible, Dominators should try to make the first target of the power a Boss, in order to take advantage of the Domination effect on the first enemy in the chain. Many Electric Controllers probably want to keep Jolting Chain because their damage options are so limited. Few Dominators are likely to keep this power for long because the damage is disappointing. If the power had a faster cast animation (any developers listening? 🙂 ) it would make it a much better power. As it is, I consider the Dom ability to skip this power a point in their favor. Theoretically, Electric Controllers are better able to protect their Gremlin pets. In practice, Electric Control is so effective at shutting down mobs that I've not had an issue with their AT. In the energy draining game, a few Controller secondaries provide some assistance. Kinetics in particular can make an enemy instantly miserable. On either AT, taking a tertiary power set that includes Power Sink can make your drain abilities legendary. However, for most Controllers, this means forgoing mezz protection from Indom Will (unless you get it from Clarion).
  10. I would love to see new post-50 content that addresses how the game plays at that range. Unfortunately I do think the developers made a mistake with the Incarnate powers. Destiny and Judgment in particular. I think there were better ways to balance these end-game abilities so they wouldn't take over high level play. Right now, we really have only a few options: More enemy groups and missions with abilities that ignore defense or resistance altogether More enemy groups with absurd hit points or resistance values I'm not sure how realistic it would be to add even more new content to the game or whether its even something the dev team here is interested in. If I were on that team, though, some things I would consider are: Lots of enemies with -Defense of some kind (Cimerorans provide a good model of this), which rewards sets that are 'true' defense sets, because they have resistance to this debuf type, where IOs and Destinies do not provide this Provide enemies with strong toggle-based powers that reward teams who manage mezz them For some enemy groups, provide them with a form of mezz protection much weaker than standard protections, rewarding a team that brings an unusual mezz type (example: a group of enemies that is unusually susceptible to Fear) For some enemies, instead of giving them strong innate resists, give them toggle armors that contain the resists, rewarding players who work to detoggle the armor (either through mezz or endurance drain) Create some enemies with toggle powers that provide +Max HP, causing a huge drop in HP if they are detoggled Incorporate some powers into the game that exist in the AE but not are currently in the core game because they were considered too difficult for players to deal with Arctic Air Synaptic Overload Hot Feet Power Sink With work, it is doable. The question of course is what the rewards for these post-level-50 missions might be. That's something for another post. 🙂
  11. A sneaky move that is important to learn is the 'around the corner' psuedo-pet drop. Powers that summon psuedo pets don't require line of sight to the location where you drop the pet. As long as your camera can see the drop location, you can place the pet even if your actual character wouldn't be able to see it. Shadow Field is an excellent candidate for this opening move on enemies that are too tough for you to launch an alpha head-on. The enemies won't be able to shoot back because they dont have LoS to you. This works better on some powers than others. Powers that also include a Slow effect (Ice's Ice Slick) or a mezz (Electric's Static Field) are extra good at this.
  12. Come to think of it, Illusion/Storm is also a strong contender for an excellent solo set. I hadn't thought of Illusion at first because as a Control set it's so 'out there' and different from the others, but its definitely a contender for a solo troller.
  13. I had completely forgotten about Traps, and you are correct.
  14. Gravity is probably easiest early on because it deals significant damage with Lift/Propel. A nice thing about Grav/Storm is Storm adds plenty of knockdown (if you slot kb to kd IOs) which fills in where Gravity is lacking in control powers. For Plant, just running in with Seeds of Confusion at early levels may be enough. For Fire, the breakthrough may take longer. For all three sets, expect significant solo performance improvements at levels 32 (the pet) 35 and 38 when Tornado and Lit Storm unlock. Its helps to have a kb to kd IO ready to slot in them.
  15. Storm is primarily a debuff and direct damage set (pretty much the only direct damage set among the Buff set group, if you exclude Trick Arrow). It has 3 key powers. Two of them only arrive at high levels and radically transform the set. Lvl 16: Freezing Rain, a -Resist and knockdown patch that has the unusual characteristic that the resist debuff lasts 30 seconds after enemies leave the patch. This is widely regarded as one of the best powers in the game. Lvl 35: Tornado, an unbuffable pet that does autohit knockback and damage per tick. The knockback can be converted to knockdown with an IO or with some powers available to Controllers Lvl 38: Lightning Storm, an unmoving, unbuffable psuedo pet that shoots lightning attacks. These attacks have a minor AoE blast area that rewards bunching foes up together (hence synergy with Gravity/Wormhole) With enough Recharge you can have multiple Tornadoes, Lightning Storms, and FRains going at once. This has lots of synergy with Control sets, which typically are also thirsty for Recharge. Storm also allows you to slot Force Feedback procs, which are virtually guaranteed in to fire in Tornado and Lightning Storm, providing +100% Recharge for 5 seconds.
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