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On the subject of multiple personalities...

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Hello and thanks for stopping by. Today's discussion involves the game's ability to utilize multiple builds for your characters. Not everyone even knows that you can have up to three builds per character, and even then the one's that are oftentimes turned away by the drawbacks of using such a feature.


The first one is obviously the biggest in that a player is not allowed to use the same enhancements that they had in the 1st or previous build. This means that someone would have to buy all new enhancements, which if using set IO's is a rather steep cost. That said I understand that the way the game's engine is, it doesn't allow for dynamic reuse of an enhancement in multiple builds. Honestly it's probably reasonable to have someone have to fill out their second or third build with enhancements should they want to utilize that feature.


That said, that's not the only drawback that using multiple builds causes, as every time that you swap builds it blows all of your cooldowns regardless if they were on cool down or not. This was designed so that players couldn't give themselves say triple stacked "hasten" among other long lasting self buffs. Which is a reasonable aspiration, however it makes the functionality of swapping builds quite ludicrous as all your cooldowns are blown including: Team Transport, ATT, long recharging powers in your sets like a tier 9 armor, or a controller's AoE hold, a dominator's domination.


What I propose to change would be an attempt to examine the feasibility of whether or not a means could be found to remove the global cooldown pop when swapping builds, with the caveat that doing so carries over the existing cooldown of a power, so that way players aren't able to run around with triple hasten, but also not blowing all their long recharging powers, especially if they are swapping to a build with teleport target to help their team.


As usual thanks.

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