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  1. A defender Inherent I could get behind would be: Safeguard. 90 second uptime, 200 second recharge, similar to Domination. As you're buffing/debuffing/healing a bar fills at 90% you can activate Safeguard, and increase the magnitude of your buffs/debuffs/heals by 50%.
  2. Well we're talking about Null The Gull, let us put Null the Gull in our bases.
  3. The original devs said no to that as people would just fully convert over an entire tray to tier 3 inspirations, by buying the tier 1 inspirations at a vendor.
  4. My live TA/Psi Defender was like that, I had to taser darts to ignite it. Maybe change your origin power to taser darts at the P2W vendor?
  5. Maybe rebuild the Talos Arena. Perhaps make it like a super arena for people to sit in the bleachers and watch people duel it out or even PvP teams battle like it's a football match.
  6. Well as a moderately experienced player having leveled up over 300 lvl 50 characters over the years (surprisingly I just got my first lvl 50 mm as I never got into the AT before but that's just an aside), I can offer my opinion primarily as someone who mained an Empath for years, and like all opinions, everyone has one. In my experience the only players to have issue with kinetics or dark miasma's style of healing have been new players who don't understand the mechanics of how the various powers work, they seem more akin to seeing green numbers over their heads via empathy. This is corrected with experience. Eventually people learn what their character can and can't handle, they learn when is an appropriate time to come in for a buff or when to play on the wings or another floor sometimes. People playing their characters are ultimately responsible for their own actions. I don't try to go out on a limb and jeopardize the rest of the team for the sake of the individual. With that in mind it's important for people to learn how support sets function even if they choose not to play them. Kinetics was built from the ground up by design to be the ultimate support for melee characters. Dark Miasma on the other hand was designed as a ranged support (the reason it also has a to hit debuff component as most ranged characters typically didn't have any defense, this is before IO's and even epic powersets). Ranged characters especially Blasters with high damage caps benefit tremendously from melee centric buffs like fulcrum shift as they typically also have PBAoE attacks to quickly decimate any opposition. That all said, and I know it's a lot, is that my opinion is that kinetics doesn't need to be changed (unless of course they want to let speed boost/increased density work on the caster too).
  7. The idea behind a kickball team is to achieve a reasonable balance of teams. The control AT's have a niche role in that to freeze someone for a coordinated spike in the first place. I'll agree that solo they aren't the most viable option and never will have the highest kill count. Melee as it is now seems to be mostly disruption aside of stalkers, which disrupting the other team is an important aspect of team based PvP. I'm not opposed toggle drops. Negative range is interesting, as that's one of the effects of taunt. Movement has always, been one of the most important aspects of PvP and likely will, but people often forget that communication is critical in team based PvP (that's why teams on voice comms will outshine a group just thrown together not on comms about 90% of the time). I don't ever see those 2 parts of PvP changing, and nobody wants travel suppression back (aside of the old traps mm).
  8. Oh the fun times of loading 400 wolves or freaks into a burning dumpster.
  9. If the length of their duration was standardized to other Skittles it would be interesting. The biggest issue though with it is in PvP. One of the greatest coaches of all-time Herb Brooks once said "the legs feed the wolf". In PvP movement is life, if you're standing still you're dead. So an inspiration that boosts movement speed would cause a significant ripple in PvP in this game. That said, the community would adapt as we've done time and again. On a related note: I thought the other night about inspirations and thought and interesting theoretical incarnate power to choose to specialize in an inspiration allowing you to boost the value of inspirations or the durations of the type your specialize in would be interesting.
  10. Honestly Trick Arrow in general could use some love as it's one if not the least played powerset in the game. The overall concept is cool, but the debuff values of the arrows do little to compete against other powersets that an individual could take. I don't have the most Trick Arrow experience though only, as I've only played the set up to 50 on 2 toons (ta/psi defender on live, and a demon/ta mm here). *That demon pets will ignite oil slick as well.
  11. About a month ago, I started a thread to take a look at redesigning Stone Armor that ended up having some decent ideas and conversation tossed about. It's Linked Here, if anyone is interested in checking out the discussion. All in all, I haven't encountered anyone that would be opposed to addressing some of Stone Armor's issues.
  12. The idea of dailies could be an interesting concept to get more activity in otherwise empty zones. That said, I would be strongly against the idea of permanent buffs for grinding them out as it will further skew the balance of the game. I'm not opposed to badges for collectors, or even temporary buffs that a player can receive for completing some kind of daily task (on the condition of course that these are disabled in PvP, so it doesn't really skew the balance there). Temporary buffs, allow the activity to be repeated down the road to re-earn whatever boon that.may be awarded.
  13. I have a lvl 50 elec/cold. It works quite well in PvE sapping targets, and heavily debuffing them via Benumb/Infrigidate/Snowstorm. It doesn't however do much damage at all. It's a fun team based build, but I wouldn't try to solo much with it, as it would take forever to actually kill something.
  14. Check the previous patch notes. About 2 months ago it was changed to suppress invisibility when you attack. It requires more end/second to use, and investment of a power in either stealth or grant invisibility to get access to.
  15. There is a grindy thing for you to work on, get 1000 lvl 50 characters, and you get the option to unlock another 1000 character slots on a secondary account.
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