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  1. What's crazy every once in awhile you'll find someone with say 110 lvl 50s IO'd to the gill able to fill any role that have know all the content like the back of their hand and know more about build theory of various powersets than people maining most of their particular characters. That said that pool as of late is a little shallow lately, as I haven't logged in a few weeks. But yes I agree, there are a lot of people who seem to rush to lvl 50 without knowing how to really play. If people really wanted to curb the AE, all they would need to do is make the double
  2. My personal opinions for an overhaul to the Mind Control Set for Controllers/Dominators would be the following: Power Level Effect Levitate 1 Ranged, Moderate DMG(Smash), Foe Knockup, -Fly Dominate 1 Ranged, Moderate DMG(Psionic), Foe Hold Mass Hypnosis 2 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Sleep/Immobilize - Fly Nightmare 6 Ranged Chain,
  3. 'm wondering what would the point of minus 2 or more be. A lot of us have pretty solid builds and if I can solo a +4 tf on a support toon while drinking for speed tf? Would a -4 TF give the same merits as a even con TF? For the record, I'm a big advocate of having the number of merits we get scale with difficulty level.
  4. I'm like @Yomo Kimyata in that I haven't had in game sounds on since probably 2005. There's Spotify or Netflix for a reason (and yes this game as much as I like it is so easy that I can watch Netflix without fear of defeat).
  5. Empathy is far superior in PvP. Outside of PvP, just about any other support set wins out especially after players IO out their toons. Going to your point of any group members falling" that's on them. It's everyone's own responsibility to understand what they can and can't handle, and in those situations where they can't handle it learning to prioritize important targets and also learning how their teammates are able to assist. If you go Kin, maybe look at Sonic as well to effectively maximize your team's DPS, as a dead target prevents them from attacking your team.
  6. I vaguely remember that, but then again my wife will tell you that I forget 9 things for every 1 that I remember.
  7. I really like either Poison, Trick Arrow, Dark Miasma, or Radiation as a primary. As stated before Cold does decent as well. Secondary you'd want Sonic especially if your teaming 80% quite a bit (on its own sonic does kinda mediocre damage, but it's helped by your Debuffs, solo you can pair with a more damaging secondary to great effect). Even Rad blast with some -res can do pretty good. Poison does it's job best when you have multiple targets in melee as you alternate your target for your envenom and weaken Debuffs while they are in venomous gas. Trick Arrow is a jack
  8. Perhaps it was firing off on the extracted essence
  9. I once tried out running 3 thugs/time MM's at once. It was glorious chaos having ~48 thugs out at once that were all fully softcapped to everything with great Regen, and 3 sets of leadership toggles too plus the enforcers leadership. You get the idea it was pandemonium for anything that got in front of me.
  10. When I worked out the numbers between tanker, brute, scrapper taunts, auras, and such because of the limited durations on this, it would be almost impossible to pull agro from a tank, or brute. Even difficult to do when people use Provoke. That said you would pull agro on a single mob, and not a group, so it really minimizes any toe stepping as much as possible.
  11. That at lvl 18. 1 round in a farm and your around lvl 20, so you can have Phantom Army in about 4 minutes from making the toon. Otherwise you can run DFB->hollows or KR and be lvl 18 in about 90 minutes with a double xp booster.
  12. Pretty much all of my toons use at least 5, and a 6th tray is for overflow, and I usually don't even give everything a power tray slot as a home. Regarding the OP's request I'm usually pretty good at tracking countdowns in my head. I'm not opposed to new macro commands so much as it doesn't remove our current ones.
  13. Basically the rule of thumb is any agro producing aura toggle is a must, while taunt is pretty useful as well, and easier to justify on tanks over brutes.
  14. To my memory I don't remember a crash keeping it perma. There was one if I let Unstoppable drop. Those were the days of 6 slotted Hasten and all that before ED.
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