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  1. I'd be down for having a P2W vendor and a Null The Gull in my base and I'd never have to go to Pocket D again.
  2. I'm a little bit old school... how about we take away the fitness pool inherent and have everyone waste three power picks to get stamina again? Or perhaps, you get to choose which power pool you have as an inherent power pool? That way you can have the whole leaping pool or medicine pool, etc. as an inherent, but then you don't get fitness pool for free.
  3. Personally I'd be alright with that, but that decision as you know would drastically alter a lot of PvP builds across the board so if something like that were ever going to happen I feel it should be due to a consensus of the PvP community.
  4. I'm not opposed to looking at giving some kind of use while someone hasn't been defeated, as I view if someone on my team has died 1 of 2 things has happened. If I have opportunity to use it, either I have failed or they have, and I play to win. That means I don't take resurrect as I can take something that mitigates extra damage coming in, or adds to my damage going out. Besides, I can always take a P2W rez power, which anyone can get for cheap, why waste a power slot on it. I don't think changing it into another AoE Heal is necessarily a good idea, but perhaps adding a big absorb shield onto its effects, so when a player is resurrected by the shield they are protected by it, but that absorption shield could be also applied to a target that is also alive.
  5. I have a poison/rad that can tank numerous AVs. It works extremely well and you don't need many powers from the primary to still be super effective essentially you only need envenomed, weaken, poison trap, and venomous gas. Maybe paralytic poison if you're going to proc it out. The other powers are skippable.
  6. GB we usually agree quite a bit on here, but I gotta ask why? Already a lot of power creep in all of us min/maxers' builds. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind 1 slotted hasten or use 1 generic purple damage io and 5 damage procs on a few choice powers, but still I'm trying to see the real need. My best guess is that this could add more options for build diversity. It'd be interesting to see this in play in a sandbox like an actual "private" server.
  7. That will do it as a lot of lowbie mobs don't have kb protection like clockwork and such.
  8. Do you have a chance to knockdown slotted in the power? As Knockback is just knockdown with more magnitude. And no you can't disable Domination visuals.
  9. Oh sorry yeah I was drinking. Sum it up: we have more important things to focus on, and the potential exists if we did this it could open us up to unintended automation issues like firing off multiple powers at the same time.
  10. By downloading mids, replicating your build in that and then posting the mids build here.
  11. As someone with arguably the best suggestions of all time according to myself, I would also State that there is a lot of other things out there that merit changing the command structure to automate the game for you. Because let's be honest here, if such a change were made it would be pretty easy to expand that to say firing out buildup/fiery embrace/burn/fences/ball lightning and the like all at the same time.
  12. I'm 💯% in favor of returning unresistable Nictus energy damage, bringing back Voids, and actual Cysts. That.said, I'm also 💯% in favor of toggle suppression when shape shifted, human form mez protection, and a higher damage scale.
  13. I leveled up a new alt to 50 yesterday via farming. Between both accounts I got 6 purples. I was using an outdoor city map. For the first couple of hours I had a goose egg going. Then one map I got 3, 1 on my farmer and 2 on my toon I was leveling. The next clear I got 1 more. And then nothing for awhile. On my final run I got 2 more on the toon I was leveling. So 2 on my farmer and 4 on my new toon in total of it's time lvl 1-50. 2 apocs, 1 hecta, 1 Ragnarok, 1 unbreakable constraint, and a fortunata hypnosis to.round out the bunch. Not too bad.
  14. If they could do that it would be cool, but I think it's a low priority issue at most. Understanding that I myself make use of macros to swap my builds on the fly for my Archanos and Kheldian characters. That said, I take into account blowing my CDs when I swap.
  15. ^This. It was designed that way so people couldn't triple stack hasten, buildup/aim, and drop 3 nukes in 10 seconds.
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