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  1. I've said for years Kheldians should have some Mez protection in their armors.
  2. My permadom BatteriesNotIncluded approves of these proposed changes.
  3. Bopper, you're right EM holds up pretty well so far. I've taken mine on 5 TF's so far and it gets the job done. It feels damage wise right where it should be, the animations look like enemies are getting a wallop. Some of the attacks seem just slightly slower then they should be but that's probably because I didn't take Hasten.
  4. Well perhaps a proc chance for energy storage like I said on non spenders, so energy punch, bone smasher, and whirling hands.
  5. I have a lvl 50+ em scrapper on Everlasting, and I agree, Buildup should at the very least cause "stored energy" maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea on creating a 10% proc to store energy from any non spender ability in the set.
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah I didn't want to mess with Babbage because there's a Babbage every 15 minutes with people doing Synapse. Then thought robots in general wouldn't really work out due to the mutagen compound idea. I also didn't want to mess with the Croatoa monsters because of how the the Halloween event spawns them. Mind you robots can always be upgraded with some rogue nano tech or something. I thought it would be cool to have a giant monster on gold side for Players to fight, and also in the Shadow Shard as well but not exactly sure what to do Gold side as in the lore Hami is going to be too powerful. In the Shadow Shard perhaps we fight Rularuu The Ravager as he's almost broken out of the Shadow Shard, and it's going to take the combined efforts of players to defeat him and reinforce his prison. And to Outrider's point, the whole point of this suggestion is to make it so these encounters are epic. Yes I have soloed Lusca and Adamastor and such and it sadly trivializes the content so by making them stronger and raising the reward it gives players an incentive to use more variety. I don't see anyone soloing these as at least in my mind we're going to need a league, as the idea is a power level on the scale of about 75-80% of Hami's power thus the 75% reward of what killing Hami nets you. And yeah, Sally is too cute to turn her into a planet destroying monster like Jormungandr. Any other ideas that would be reasonable to give the player base a little less trivial content?
  7. Irs cool but I fear everyone using fear immunity and rooted for farming rather than some of your other options.
  8. I understand you were talking about electrical blast, but I have an elec/bio stalker that can solo AVs from Posi2 and up.
  9. Honestly a temporary power taunt wouldn't be so bad..we have them for everything else.
  10. Getting tired of Hami or MSR? Want to face a threat that feels epic? Bummed out about how weak some of our giant monsters are? Well have no fear thanks to a brand new mutagen compound to kill the Giant Monster threat that Crey Industries created and tested on numerous Giant Monsters around the Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Only issue is Crey's mutagen didn't work as intended, it's only caused these threats to grow and evolve into epic omega level threats capable of destroying both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Lusca now has evolved armored skin where in the water it now regenerates an absorb shield on its body parts. It has also evolved a PBAOE inky fog surrounding itself and causing a significant ToHitDebuff to everyone inside the fog. Lusca now can fling cones of highly toxic spines. These spines are so toxic that they cause an irresistible DoT that failure to heal will result in death. Defeating Lusca now requires a large group and will reward those for slaying it 60 merits. The Kraken in Perez Park has been eating well, and has grown in size to roughly 100 feet. It's sheer mass has caused it to cause earthquakes with it's very steps. Due to its size increase the Kraken now has heightened resistances to all damage. It has a targeted AOE Toxic Spit which reduces Regen/Recovery and has a lingering -speed/-fly (basically if you get spit on you can't fly for about a couple of minutes). Once your on the ground the Kraken has massive foot stomps that can trample would be challengers, each foot stomp causes localized earthquakes to spawn under random players. Also since the Kraken is covered in a vicious slime, it leaves oozes out around it's feet, so anything in a massive PBAOE range to the Kraken is stuck in the slime unable to fly and their movement severely slowed. Defeating the Kraken now rewards 60 merits. Deathsurge has been amped up in voltage. Deathsurge now is 50 feet tall has heightened resistances, has a massive PBAOE lightning field, fires large AoE ball lightning that chain to nearby players, uses a super short circuit, casts thunderous blast and uses an irresistible lightning rod. Deathsurge also spawns 3 gremlins per player nearby at 75%/50%/25%. Defeating Deathsurge now rewards 60 merits. Adamastor has grown up, and is now 100 feet tall. Adamastor now has a massive absorb shield that regenerates during the night cycle. It radiates a massive aura called the Soulwall that causes massive regeneration debuff, along with random mag 30 proc confuses that last 10 seconds, then cause a large pbaoe explosion for untyped shadow damage. This means players effected have to be cautious and pull away from the group or risk wiping the raid. The drawback to that is at the edge of Adamastor's massive aura is the Soulwall, and if you leave it while Adamastor is alive you die. Another effect of Adamastor's Soulwall is that it causes a dimension shift while inside. Dying inside of the Soulwall heals Adamastor for 10% of it's HP. Defeating Adamastor rewards 60 merits. Caleb has also grown in size. Caleb now has had it's positional defense raised significantly to the point you'll want insight inspirations in addition to it's resistances and life drain/dark regeneration healing. Caleb can now launch a massive targeted AOE that severely effects your perception and Tohit. Also Caleb can now cast black holes on players that have it's attention, doing so causes it to gain resistance to taunt and placate effects. Caleb can also scream causing a massively wide come reducing targets resistances by 50%. Defeating Caleb rewards 60 merits. I think doing something like this will help keep the community engaged. Thanks.
  11. Traps could use some love, mainly reducing the time it takes to set everything up as it gets left behind by teams.
  12. Well how about this: My earlier suggestion about increasing base endmod value on stamina by 25% across the board, then changing the VEAT inherent to... Increase the effectiveness of their leadership buffs corresponding to the number of players on their team? Example: Solo leadership buffs 1.1x 2 people on team 1.20x 3 people on team 1.30x 4 people on team 1.40x 5 people on team 1.50x 6 people on team 1.60x 7 people on team 1.70x 8 people on team 1.80x
  13. I agree having a No Redraw option would be huge. So would having the ability for VEAT weapon customization. The ability to take off a crab backpack would be cool, case in point I have a Soldier that switches between crab/bane on the fly. I think it would be cool if the crab legs could be retracted into the backpack would be beyond amazing. As far an the initial discussion on end cost, yes it can get endurance heavy especially if using double leadership toggles, that said that is a choice and can be self mitigated to a degree. Perhaps a more practical solution since other AT's have end issues too, why not just take stamina and give it a 25% increase to it's base endmod value?
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