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  1. I've been in the same SG on and off depending on if I was playing CoH or a game that one of the other Guild chapters were playing or on a hiatus since about 2005. We've had lots of people coming and go over the years, but there's been IRL meetups sporadically over the years, and voice comms for all of it. We all have our handles, but a lot of us know each other's real names too, albeit people usually stick to the handles as it makes it easier for new members. Over the years our CoH chapter has evolved from a hardcore raiding guild, to developing a hardcore PvP team within the ranks, to leading public raids on our old live servers, to now being a more relaxed and nostalgic group on homecoming. It's been an interesting ride, and getting to develop some friendships that have lasted now for 15 years and change. So supergroups in the game our primarily a place for like minded people to play together, it can grow to a lot more.
  2. That said I still find it uniquely amazing on my FortNight that has three distinct builds, and my BaneCrab that runs two build. I can live with the CD's as I just have to be more cognizant of when to pop secondary mutation or mission teleport, etc.
  3. SeraphimKensai

    Ice/Rad Help

    Do you anticipate getting much out of Meltdown? I still think Shadow Meld might be more useful especially to delay any cascading defense failure due to not having any DDR. You can get it to have like a 10-12 second downtime, so it can definitely help from fighting defense debuffers. For Incarnates, Musculature, Degenerative, Either Barrier or Clarion (ageless will effect your proc rate on ground zero and rad therapy, Clarion gains usefulness with Shadow Meld), any judgement or lore you like, Assault.
  4. Rate of influence in an AE map depends on a lot of variables such as: 1). Mobs in the map, do they have enough powers to full rewards? 2). Are helpful NPCs used l, that can reduce the amount received. 3). Number of people on the map also reduces the amount that an individual character receives. 4). Is the map set to auto exemplar the team, so they can make use of the "double influence when exemplared" option (which isn't really double but it's definitely more). 5). Was a different map used previously, as rates on different maps can fluctuate based on the about. 6). Was the map used updated recently that could of effected the influence rate? As of last night AE influence and XP had not been touched. You can try a different map if you'd like, ones I like to use are: 18370 if I want to get off the meteor, or 2915 for the meteor. The first has a ton of elite bosses on a fairly underused outdoor map. The second is the tried and true Briggs.
  5. Useful targeting macros (note these are just basic grey circle macros, you can build them to use power icons with hover over text as well, but they are just the nitty gritty dirt macros) /Macro Find, target_name "Clamor" //this will allow you to target Clamor if she is in targeting range. /Macro Help, assist_name "Insert a team/league member name here" //this will make assisting through someone easy, useful for hammi raids especially. Once you have the macros made, you can right click on them, and replace the name with whoever you're trying to target. I've used target_name for years in competitive PvP test league matches back in the day so we could make coordinating spikes super simple. This works well for finding pesky AV's, or honestly whatever type of mob you're looking for. You just have to update the names to be current.
  6. SeraphimKensai

    Ice/Rad Help

    You really want to damage proc out Radiation Therapy as well. It's another nuke, and one that can be used in Posi/Synapse level range. I prefer soul on my scrappers/stalkers due to shadow Meld, which would help you as a rad armor since you'll be primarily resistance based, you can get the downtime reasonable.
  7. In my college days we played a drinking game with Thunderstruck. Anytime you hear Thunderstruck take a drink.
  8. The biggest ones I want for my target macros: $enemy_RankGM (Giant Monsters, not Game Masters) $enemy_RankMonster $enemy_RankAV $enemy_RankElite $enemy_RankBoss $enemy_RankLT $enemy_RankMinion $enemy_RankUnder That way you could macro through to target by enemy rank, it could help for filtering out Cimeroran Surgeons for instance, or a lot of other uses. But I'm all for more variables.
  9. Suggestion, make a targeting macro by name, so you can edit it on the fly for the name of the mob you're looking for in particular. So in really dense groups you can press the macro and if you're in targeting range you have the right target selected. Comes in really handy for finding an AV or a specially named mob like the special jaegers in the Steel Canyon Signature Arc.
  10. Moonbeam, because Shadow Meld is that good.
  11. I work for for a State Health Department in the U.S. and fully believe within a week the U.S. will have more confirmed cases than China has had, and we run the risk for exponentially more as time goes by. The U.S. politicians don't want to lockdown cities hard like China did, and with PPE shortages across the population things are going to get rough before they get better. As boring as things will be for families, locking down for a month will likely flatten the spread. Wuhan is supposedly coming off lockdown tomorrow, and reports are in that Covid19 lingered on surfaces on the Diamond Princess cruise ship for up to 17 days before dying off. I was talking about this Disease back in December with people and the attitude was that it's in China, it can't get us because we're Americans. That sense of American Exceptionalism might just be our undoing. That all said, I'm an essential employee, so I won't be afk farming at home, but then again I have like 50 lvl 50s or so, so maybe when I get done with work tonight if I don't get mandatory overtime we can run some content, via online social distancing. BYOB.
  12. +Max HP benefits regeneration of HP, +Absorb doesn't. So changing existing powers that Grant +HP would effectively nerf a character's potential regen rate. So hard pass. That said I'm all for adding some absorb into powers but not at the expense of losing +HP.
  13. Jousting. You jump in to attack, and then immediately jump out. This way you're able to do damage, but you mitigate most of the enemies melee attacks. As others have said building above defense softcap for your chosen content regular (45%) or incarnate (58.5%) allows you to absorb some hits. You can also pop purple Skittles or buy P2W defense buffs and base buffs to boost that defense. If you're being debuffed that obviously drops and some debuffs have a range requirement to the caster such as radiation infection, so if you jump out of range it drops off and your teammates will thank you.
  14. What's wrong with radiation armor? It's got pretty decent broad based resistances, absorb, regen/healing, a bonus to recharge, protection from sapping/regen debuffs, one of the best taunt auras in the game, and two pbaoe mini-nukes in radiation therapy and ground zero.
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