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  1. Primary honestly doesn't matter, as a a Hami tank/brute is not in melee due to Hami's attack (it's a targeted AoE) and being in melee increases the likelihood of wiping a bunch of the raid as they clear mitos or actually damage Hami.
  2. Honestly I was thinking about Energy Melee, and figured Energy Punch, Bone Smasher, Energy Transfer, and Total Focus are so strong, to balance them out each attack should take at least 15 seconds, so the rest of the team has enough time to get comfy while the Energy Melee players go own everything.
  3. I just ran a Synapse with Snarky, and Snarky didn't quit. Snarky came prepared and was efficient.
  4. I understand memory can be a crazy thing, but as someone that used to religiously PvP, I can tell you that if you were able to combine inspirations to produce one of a higher tier, then literally every single PvPer in the world would of rolled with a solid tray of tier 3 inspirations. That can not be the case however, except for when we saved our drops and used them later or bought them from the AH. Look for any PvPer' screenshots from battles showing their inspiration tray. If we could combine to higher we would of done it. That all said I'm not opposed to being able to do so though.
  5. I paired thermal with earth control for a volcano based character. The two sets together work really well. That said if theme is more important to you than function, you could go thermal/fire defender named Match Stick.
  6. Not sure. I literally renamed a character yesterday, and it worked without issue. I was honestly surprised that I got the name I tried.
  7. Alright let's just get rid of IO's in general. Back to SO's and HO's for everyone. Obviously this post is facetious as is this whole forum thread.
  8. I play with scrapper lock on every single AT. I want to be efficient and not waste anyone's time, so I'm going to the objective and winning, all else be damned.
  9. The bind system unfortunately doesn't let us target with a keyword search like that. You can't even easily target via NPC rank (underling, minion, lt, boss, etc.) You can target by mob name, so if you make several macros and change the mob names depending on what your fighting, you might save yourself some tab time. Realistically this is one of those times that mouse targeting will be the most efficient method.
  10. Honestly I'm in the camp that Hotfeet could reasonably have it's end usage reduced on the base level as if I recall correctly (I'm at work so no access to the game), hot feet uses 1.08 end/second which is significantly higher than average for a dot PBAoE toggle.
  11. Hypothetically if servers were to magically merge, it would be cool to have Everlasting absorb Indomitable. I'm not saying to do it, just that if it magically was done, I'd get to play with my guild and have access to a more vibrant PvP community.
  12. SeraphimKensai

    Rad/FA Build

    I built one of these with a custom build. Not only does it rock at fire farms, but last night I thought ok it out on the town for a couple TF's (Yin/Numina) and it absolutely crushed both of those TF's. I was hesitant about performance expectations regarding how it would perform given that I had built it for fire farming, but I found with the defense buff from the p2w vendor and my build I was over softcapped to the s/l/f/c defenses. So I realized without the buff my defenses were reasonably high in their own right. Despite not having a travel power aside of a vendor purchased jetpack, I think the character might find enjoyment outside of the AE as well. Rad/FA can definitely be a strong character.
  13. Long range teleport probably needs a reworking anyways, maybe a 1 min cool down team transport eque power.
  14. I'd be happy with a proc TP IO to boost the magnitude of someone's TP power for tp foe/wormhole. It would be nice to snag a boss/eb or such with a wormhole or player running 2 proc IO's giving teleport protection.
  15. Legendary IO: Midas' Touch. +10% influence gain. Slots into Rest. Legendary IO: Debt's Revenge. +10% damage while you have debt. Slots into Rest. Legendary IO: Hoarder's Treasure. -10% requirement for badges requiring a quantity, so for example 500,000 debt needed turns to 450,000 debt, etc. Slots into Rest.
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