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  1. Envenomed Daggers. You can buy them in Pocket D even during a TF. At the same NPC you can buy offensive, defensive, survival buffs, dampeners, or summonable pets. In your base you can build base empowerment buffs for cheap (including grant invis allowing everyone to stealth missions that allow it). Also you can also use the AH to buy an ultimate inspiration the help out on a particular tough fight like an AV battle. There's numerous methods to help a group power through tough situations. Sure it can cost some influence, but it can make the difference. That said, your group once it builds out with IO sets, likely will have significantly less issues like that.
  2. I have a water/storm corruptor that is an absolute beast. It's a fun combo. That said, if I had to make it over and was unable to go storm, I'd probably roll it as a water/dark. P.S. if you're not married to the idea that f a support/debuff secondary, a water/bio sentinel can pwn the game. I have one that has solo'd about 15 AV's with mine.
  3. Considering my first Invulnerability/Battle Axe Tanker back in the day had to teleport around because of Unyielding was kinda crazy, but I did play it in the time of Perma Unstoppable. Then I was there when Invincibility got nerfed to what it is now as well. That all said Invuln is still an amazing armor set, not much beats it, and you can use IO's to reasonably plug the psi hole. Honestly the only change that I see as needed would be a reworking of Unstoppable, but then again almost all the tier 9s could use a reworking.
  4. Earth/Earth I can imagine is a beast. I can add though as QuiJon stated, Plant Earth is great as well. I have a fully IO'd Incarnate Plant/Earth/Ice Permadom. It shreds things. It's more fun than my Mind/Martial Permadom, and comparable to the fun I have on my Elec/Psi Permadom.
  5. Mine would be a PBAoE attack called "Get Off My Lawn" which forces everyone NPC/Player to zone transition to a random zone outside of the zone I'm in.
  6. I farm slightly out of nostalgia, slightly out of the desire to level another alt although I'm running out of combos I really want, and slightly out of giving myself something that do while I watch Netflix or Hulu as I can pretty much zone out the game and grind out a lvl 50 or damn close to while watching a movie. My 1 day record is 6 lvl 50s in 1 day. That all said I don't play too much lately, as well be been extremely busy with work as I work in a public health.
  7. Other CoH servers have already done such a thing so it's not impossible.
  8. Sounds reasonable and possibly easy to accomplish since they already completed something similar.
  9. Yes, but then that precludes one from taking scorpion shield.
  10. The scaling of the debuffs will significantly change going to a controller. You'll have a more difficult time achieving softcapped defenses, still require Clarion for Mez protection. Venomous Gas and Hot Feet together will basically require you to go Ageless, and then you have the mez hole. It's an interesting power combo, and honestly can probably be built to be decent, but would have some shortcomings like those that I've mentioned (then again not many characters don't have some shortcomings).
  11. A floating D&D esque Shadow Beholder or something out of a Lovecraftian Nightmare with Tentacles would be amazing. I'd love to see Haunt changed to summon a Shadow Clone of the target inheriting weakened versions of the target's powers. Heart of Darkness I feel should be like a ToHitDebuff Nuke, where it doesn't necessarily do much for damage, but it essentially blinds the targets in range for a substantial amount of time.
  12. My incarnate poison/rad defender completely wrecks mobs, is basically a tank that debuffs everything, is only weak to Mez, so it requires Clarion. I honestly use only Envenom/Weakness, a proc'd out Poison Trap and Venomous Gas from poison. Otherwise I've used the experimentation pool to add some attacks let me corrosive vial and get to adrenal booster. Rad Blast wise the attacks are fairly thematic, neutron bomb is the weak link because the animation time is so slow, but between irradiate, neutron bomb you can seriously cripple some more defense and proc out to utilize up to 3 -resistance procs (as long as the -res is from a different source it stacks so annihilation and Achilles will stack, but 2 Achilles won't) and then clean up with atomic blast. Mine is built to be softcapped to several defensive types, but with all the debuffs you'll be taking minimal amount of damage anyways. Like most sets it really takes a life of it's own when incarnate/IO'd.
  13. Venomous Gas could stand to have it's end usage cut down. Alkaloid, Antidote, and Elixir are easily the most likely powers to skip, as Poison is a straight up debuff set and is great at that. If I was given the magic wand of changing powersets, I would likely: 1. Slightly expand the debuff splash of envenom and weaken. 2. Change Neurotic Breath to act as a wide arc ~120° catalyst which has a "caustic reaction" when it hits a target that has envenom/weakness on it. The reaction would likely be a long duration -regen/-max hp that ticks like DoT and self stacks. Getting "Caustic Reaction" on as many enemies as possible would be the bread and butter of Poison play. 3. Elixir would be changed to essentially make the target it rezzes as "Patient Zero" in that they would have a temporary Noxious Gas pbaoe debuff aura. 4. Antidote would change into a pbaoe click, that neutralizes existing debuffs on the player and team/leaguemates. 5. Alkaloid would turn into a pbaoe click based HoT that also slightly buffs resistance to toxic.
  14. You have Styigan Circle? If so get Unchain Essence. If not Respec and get Styigan Circle, and then Unchain Essence.
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