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  1. The only change to Propel that needs to be made is a reduction in case time and a slight increase to DPA.
  2. Forgive me if this has been suggested, but is there anyway we could double or triple the limit on characters for our character bio's? 1023 characters is pretty limiting to write out a full fleshed out character bio, and know there's some amazing character concepts out there. I understand that 0-1023 is obviously power of 8, so I would wonder if it is possible to expand that range to something like 0-2047, or 0-4095. I don't think anyone would object to something like this as its a universal improvement that doesn't affect gameplay, but could help people connect to their characters, and for others to understand the characters they are playing with more. Thanks.
  3. I'd argue that Peacebringers and Warshades have the least Powerset combinations possible. That said I do agree with proliferation of additional powersets as appropriate.
  4. Retired pvper here, tanks are useful in team based pvp for running distraction by taunting damage off their target and ruining an incoming spike on the called target. In Solo duels, they aren't ideal, and an FFA format aren't really going to get any kills unless they get lucky on a kill steal.
  5. Control the market? No. Play the market? Yes. Since the AH came into being on live I've probably made myself around 15-20 billion doing essentially day trading. On HC, I've scaled back as the prices for IOs are significantly lower than they were on live, to probably only have made around 3-5 billion influence.
  6. You can do.it with a selectbuild macro as well. It makes for really adaptable missions. The only drawback is doing so it pops all your Cool Downs, so your ATT, Mission Teleporter etc all get popped as well. A reasonable exchange from being able to swap from a melee or ranged or support build all at the click of a button.
  7. I think this idea fits thematically,sand the numbers look reasonable to offset some of the shortcomings of the set. Question though, would procs have the ability to proc during an echo or only on the initial application?
  8. I'm flat out opposed to splitting each of the branching paths into their own AT's as my VEATS run multiple builds with each build covering a branching path. I also use macros to selectbuild so even during the middle of a mission I can swap between being a night widow, a fortunate, or a blood widow, and the same respective swaps on my crab/bablne/huntsman. Splitting up the various paths into their own AT would eliminate that and reduce the flexibility of the VEAT AT's.
  9. If they do that, it should be done as well for shape shifting kheldians as well.
  10. Not sure what gust is, assuming you meant Gale. Despite that, Gale is an amazing power, you stick 2 slots in it: Sudden Acceleration KB to KD and a Force Feedback proc and you now have an extremely large cone that recharges at a reasonable rate giving you and your team massive amounts of damage mitigation, while also pricing quite often giving you a massive recharge rate bonus. Both IO's are rather cheap, and turn a mediocre power into an outright overpowered one.
  11. Microsoft Excel works great for this.
  12. Honestly I'm all for cysts and voids coming back.
  13. Envenomed Daggers. You can buy them in Pocket D even during a TF. At the same NPC you can buy offensive, defensive, survival buffs, dampeners, or summonable pets. In your base you can build base empowerment buffs for cheap (including grant invis allowing everyone to stealth missions that allow it). Also you can also use the AH to buy an ultimate inspiration the help out on a particular tough fight like an AV battle. There's numerous methods to help a group power through tough situations. Sure it can cost some influence, but it can make the difference. That said, your group once it builds out with IO sets, likely will have significantly less issues like that.
  14. I have a water/storm corruptor that is an absolute beast. It's a fun combo. That said, if I had to make it over and was unable to go storm, I'd probably roll it as a water/dark. P.S. if you're not married to the idea that f a support/debuff secondary, a water/bio sentinel can pwn the game. I have one that has solo'd about 15 AV's with mine.
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