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  1. I have a lvl 50 beam/traps corruptor. It's fun but the issue is that traps doesn't often get enough time to set up everything while teaming because teams steamrolling mobs. Works great on arch villains and monsters though.
  2. In relation to what? All powers can be used effectively based on what kind of build/goal you're looking for but not having any knowledge of what powers you have, or what you are trying to do make it impossible to rationally answer your question aside of offering personal opinions which may made based on what type of corruptor we are using as opposed to what you are playing.
  3. Not hard to level when you're on a "vacation" you had to take otherwise the vacation time was going to expire and didn't go anywhere. The character is lvl 50 and about 85% IO'd, it's a pretty fun combo running in like a tank in freedom phalanx tfs.
  4. Why nerf drain psyche? Both Blasters and Dominators HP pools are low enough and defense/resistance typically low enough that in my opinion drain psyche didn't really merit the nerf. I might be slightly biased as back during live I used to love playing my fire/psi Domi and now I'm enjoying my fire/mental blaster.
  5. I rolled a grav/sonic controller today just to test out this impact. It's 32 now, and might end up being lvl 50 tomorrow depending on how much time I play after football.
  6. I haven't seen much regarding new AT designs, so excuse me if someone else has already mentioned something like this... I've seen ppl talk about an armored support toon, so I was thinking of an armored controller. The Commander, has a Tanker primary paired with a Controller primary as a secondary set. For an inherent power "Command", which gives the Commander a bonus to control magnitude based on how many mobs are inside it's taunt aura radius, and a bonus to damage based on how many mobs are being controlled by the Commander. It wouldn't have too much for damage, but could be a great teammate. Thoughts?
  7. Having in my experience a lvl 50 dark/rad controller and a lvl 50 grab/fire domi, I can say that both control sets are very strong at what they uniquely do. Dark control has a lot of soft controls with to hit debuff paired with some pretty solid pet support. Grav control plays similar to a traps/devices build in that it's often beneficial to wormhole a whole group of mobs into a corner where they can now get wrecked by everything you throw at them including the kitchen sink. I would suggest you roll up one of each, as I feel most people would like each set.
  8. I have a lvl 50 dark/rad troller that solos AV's and a few GM's so far.
  9. Yes, although it's not the most commonly used primary for a stalker. You lose quills and confront for AS and placate. It's got a little bit of range with impale/throw spines. Spine burst still has a slow animation.
  10. I have a plant/earth permadom Domi that was strong before the changes to /earth.
  11. /dark is really strong and fun, you basically get a team drain psyche, the strongest Rez in the game that can be used to debuff mobs as well, an extra pet, a group stealth, and all the powers floor your targets tohit chances.
  12. Radiation armor on a sentinel is really strong. I have a fully IO'd rad/rad sentinel and it holds up great. Using Dark Blast, yours will live even longer (and same as your team) as you debuff the mobs tohit.
  13. Electric is pretty strong in the fact that you have a lot of soft control options, and when slotted with end mod can quickly sap everything. Pairing that with envomoned for extra toxic damagesounds like a really good idea plus you can get some decent proc slotting for some extra damage. I haven't seen the combo in action but the concept of it sounds like a great idea.
  14. Simple change, allowing our powerset recoloring to carry over to the visual debuff of contaminated on mobs we are attacking. For instance, I have my attacks recolored to appear black with red highlights. It looks weird when contamination procs and they get a greenish colored debuff on them.
  15. The language is vague. One could interpret that the change implied envenomed blades procs were mutually exclusive with other damage buffs/enhancements. So optimistically it could of made it better. However I'm not sure one way or the other as I don't have a martial assault Domi.
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