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Request for water/bio builds


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I recently hit 50 and need to update my enhancements.  I've done a ton of research which has brought me from being confused by the simple things to being confused by the complex things.  I have Mids Reborn and a budget of about 100M, and would like a good grouping build that won't be terrible running solo content.  I'd like to actually play the game this weekend rather than searching forums and wondering if year old posts are still valid.



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Well the Sentinel hasn't gone through a review pass, yet.  So any of the older posts about how Water or Bio works are still valid.  You could pick and choose whatever makes the most sense from any number of posts.  

Your most effective expenditures are going to be into the following quality of life procs:


1) Steadfast 3% defense to all

2) Gladiator PvP 3% defense to all 

3) Shield Wall PvP 5% resistance to all 

4) Reactive Defense 3% and scaling resistance to all 

5) Numina Regen/Recovery

6) Miracle Recovery

7) Performance Shifter (not unique but still a good investment)

8) Panacea Health and End restore proc

9) Luck of the Gambler Recharge% as you can afford them -- not unique either but big bang for the slot and costs.  


That list will likely eat up a good bit of your budget.  It is well worth the investment though.  

When it comes to fleshing out the rest of the build you could just as easily run with level 50 generic IOs until you get more funds to run something else.  There isn't that big of a difference, at least in damage, between some generic options and lower tier sets.  This is because the kinds of sets that the Sentinel has access to aren't that good to begin with.  This is why the higher damage efforts come with much much higher investment.  The Sentinel is playable with that but it absolutely requires heavy investment in order to even start to tread water in the extremes of "the meta".  

In other words, temper your expectations.  Also, there is no one way to play your character.  

Since you have hit level 50 you have a build.  It may not be finished, but you have had to have selected powers and distributed slots already.  What does this build look like?  Maybe some folks can offer pointers on where to put certain sets into slots you already have vs making you respec the character.  


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