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Somehow Acquired Tina Macintyre as a Contact


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I exclusively play red side.  But, I also refuse to go into PvP zones for any reason.  So I am unable to obtain the Born in Battle accolade.  But, I can obtain Portal Jockey if I temporarily switch sides!


I went to Null the Gull in Pocket D, and had my character's alignment temporarily switched from Rogue to Vigilante.  Then I went to Ouroboros, and ran Tina Macintyre's "The Hydra Dimension" story arc via Flashback (level 40 to 44), for the Multidimensional badge.  Upon completion of the story arc, I noticed that I now had Tina Macintyre as an active contact.  I've done this dozens of times, and that has never happened.  Her progress bar was empty, since I ran her "The Hydra Dimension" story arc via Flashback, of course.


Curious, I went on to go back to Ouroboros, and run the "The Instant Army" story arc of hers via Flashback.  I completed it, and opened up my contacts... and sure enough, Tina Macintyre is still listed there, but this time with a full progress bar.


I can't even pinpoint this as an Issue 27, Page 1 bug, as I just did the same thing with another character last week, and that character never got Tina Macintyre as a contact.

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