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  1. Brutal Justice's Law: As an online discussion grows longer (regardless of topic or scope), the probability of Brutal Justice posting a 40% defense hard cap as the solution to the problem raised in the thread becomes more likely. Sentinels don't do enough damage? Lower everyone's defenses to 40%! Masterminds' pets die too quickly? Lower everyone's defenses to 40%! There's a day job missing in Kings Row? Lower everyone's defenses to 40%! Too many catgirls in Pocket D? Lower everyone's defenses to 40%!
  2. It’s because teams move far too quickly these days for Traps to be useful, and if you are playing a support character odds are that you are going to team at least some of the time. Also, FWIW, Dark Miasma is another support set that doesn’t require allies for any power.
  3. Yeah, I am east coast.. the better coast.
  4. New update on Discord: OVH support doesn't seem that great.
  5. From the Homecoming Discord:
  6. I just hope we get a free day in compensation for all this down time.
  7. Yep. Watch the videos here and here. I may have been the dude with the huge sexy red bubble.
  8. Yes. It was frequently done on the Champion server back in the day. No, no additional badge.
  9. Heh. Back in Issue 3 or 4, I joined a Hollows team on a Radiation Emission/Dark Blast Defender, and was eventually kicked from the team because I wasn't a "healer." Even now, whenever I play a Dark Miasma or Time Manipulation character and someone thanks me for my "nice heals," I cringe inside.
  10. Just a reminder that this is tonight! There will be a 100 million INF kill shot prize on the Rikti drop ship for both raids! I hope to see y'all there.
  11. Not a bug. Burnout only refreshes primary and secondary powers, not power pool powers.
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