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  1. until
    Sick of aliens invading your neighborhood, TPing into your home, eating your meals, probing you in your sleep, alien monkeys crapping on your lawn? It's time we fight back!! Friday, October 1st, right after the last Hamidon raid ("around" 8:00-8:30 P.M. ET) @Anyad will run an Instance Mothership Raid. Get your best, your strongest +35 character, and all we ask is you MUST have the "Member of Vanguard" Badge. Help @Anyad take down this Rikti menace. When @Anyad starts announcing in LFG channel STAY where you are, DO NOT come to RWZ broadcasting for invite. Just send
  2. Welcome home! Be sure to check out the Champion Discord server here.
  3. Well, there is precedent for the idea in Kallisti Wharf. The left side of the zone is the hero side, nice and clean. While the right side of the zone is the villain side, with lower class housing and warehouses.
  4. As some may know, Paragon Studios briefly worked on City of Heroes 2 back in 2008 and 2009 before NCSoft nixed it. A writer for the MassivelyOP web site mused today on what a City of Heroes 2 would look like if developed in 2021. You can read it here. Personally, I'm not a fan of the action combat idea.
  5. SCoRE and now Homecoming have been putting up permanent memorial characters in game over the years. See here. Right now there are thirteen scattered throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, but one central place is a good idea.
  6. War Witch is the Pocket D trainer.
  7. @Piecemeal mentioned last year that he would work on something for Halloween and Winter this year for the Rogue Isles. Edit: Here's the link to Piecemeal's post.
  8. Caleb will always spawn if you kill one hundred Nerva Spectral Daemons during the day. If the sun is down and you don’t get a spawn message, that means that Caleb is still up and roaming around from the last time someone spawned him. Every time that I kill one hundred Nerva Spectral Daemons during the day and yet didn’t receive a message that Caleb spawned, I found him roaming.
  9. I have stripped and deleted more characters than I have total characters at the moment. The vast majority of which are melee, as I just find it much less enjoyable on Homecoming than I did on live, but I keep on trying. I suspect part of my lack of enjoyment of melee is due to my disagreement with the Issue 26, Page Four Tanker update and part of it is just preference change on my part over the past ten years. I have one Brute ATM that I never play, one Tanker ATM that I'm really itching to strip and delete, and a Stalker that I only play at Hamidon raids since they're usually lacking in me
  10. Prior to the double INF while malefactored nerf? Maybe. Now? No. It's good for PLing up alts to level 50 and for passing the time, but for actual rewards, marketeering and speed running TFs/SFs are both better sources of INF in the end. Heck, even Hamidon raids are a better source of INF now, if you're lucky and don't get a Golgi. :P
  11. Thanks. I just don’t enjoy melee on Homecoming like I did on live, so I have been trying to think of non-melee characters to solo red side with, and this seems to be a strong contender. Good to see that it wasn’t unfounded.
  12. I haven't played a Controller in a very long time... since somewhere around Issue 7. I'm strongly contemplating making an Illusion/Dark Affinity Controller. Assuming that I slot attuned IO enhancement sets as I level, how easy or difficult would it be to solo red side with?
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