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  1. I had completely forgotten about this option and wouldn't think this would be necessary on a brand new character with no prior wdw.txt file, but it worked! I used the /window_resetall command on the brand new character, and it reset the windows to the defaults. I then made another new character (still with no wdw.txt file saved), and the window positions were correct from the get-go. Strange, but it worked. Thank you!
  2. I have no idea how difficult this would be, but I'd like to be able to combine dual inspirations for another dual inspiration, like single inspirations. I keep getting the blue/green dual inspirations which I usually have little use for. It'd be nice to be able to combine them to equal level yellow/red or purple/orange inspirations.
  3. Is there a way to completely reset the game's UI like it was a brand new, fresh install with a fresh new account? For some reason, starting a few months ago, when making new characters, the compass, shop window, costume change window, and others are all tilted to the extreme right of the monitor. I tried closing down CoH, deleting the wdw.txt file (well, renaming the file actually, just in case), and starting a new character from scratch, but the various windows are still on the right side of the screen compared to where they were and should be.
  4. Personally, I think it was a big mistake to remove the level gates from the hazard zones back in Issue 16, especially the RWZ. So I can't support this.
  5. The problem with using League for instructions is that people can (and do), routinely miss instructions due to all of the league chit-chatter. That's why I use the Request channel instead, and ask before hand to please make sure that they have the Request channel in one of their chat tabs, (which all players do by default, but just in case).
  6. Yep. If a person has been gone for more than a year, they're not coming back. And I'm unaware of any deployment lasting more than nine months. There were tens of thousands of accounts made between last April through last July who are just simply never coming back.
  7. Not to mention you can get Charged Armor from Mu Mastery on defense-based Defenders and Corruptors for either capped S/L resistance, or near it.
  8. Many of my friends couldn’t stand the cartoony look of Champions Online. The few that did left after the launch day nerf patch.
  9. As a fellow league leader... Just use the Request channel. Adding custom chat channels and inviting leagues to it would backfire. A. It is yet another channel that would have to be added to the person’s chat tabs. B. People would not use it. C. Request channel fulfills the same purpose and is already on people’s chat tabs.
  10. Out of curiosity, did you take the Hail of Bullets bug into consideration?
  11. No thank you. That exploit needed to go a year ago. I was never a big teamer on live, and I team even less on Homecoming with the base teleport exploit being one of the major reasons why. When everyone is in the mission up to several minutes ahead of you because they all use the base teleport exploit and you don’t, and you can possibly lose out on temporary powers or badges as a result, or even have the mission finished before you get there, it’s just no fun.
  12. FWIW, I waited around the full hour and did the event again. This time, no one else showed up during and I managed to obtain the badge. Lesson learned. If you're soloing one of the Praetorian zone events and someone else comes in, just move on.
  13. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'll put it here anyway. In Nova Praetoria, there's the "Protest" event. I came upon it on my level 50 Corruptor. It had not started yet, and had the option to either take out the protestors or the Seers. I was the only one there. I started taking out the protestors. It went on to the second phase, where you take out more protestors. I did that. Then the third phase started where you have to take out some Destroyers. About half way through this phase, a level 40-something Controller joined in. We completed that. Then the final phase started, where you take out 20 Protestor leaders. The Controller did some sort of nuke that killed 18 of the Protestor leaders. I got the last two. Then the reward table: As you can see, no badge, no temporary power, and no reward merit. It appears that by the Controller joining in the last minute or so of the event and then nuking the Protestor leaders, I got essentially griefed, although I'm sure unintentionally.
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