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  1. It means a Defender that is heavy on attacks. It was primarily used before there were Corruptors.
  2. Just a reminder that this will be in eight hours, y'all!
  3. My first character on Homecoming is a Thugs/Sonic MM. He's long been level 50+3 and all tricked out. It's a fun combination. Like @Tigress pointed out, the lack of a heal is the one (very) noticeable hole. However, if you plan on only playing level 45+ content, you can plug that hole with the Rebirth Radial Destiny.
  4. I would also advise you to join the Excelsior and Excelsior Badges global channels. People call out various task forces/strike forces/trials/raids there. /chan_join Excelsior /chan_join Excelsior Badges
  5. If you play on Excelsior, i recommend: /chan_join Excelsior /chan_join Excelsior Badges Welcome to the Rogue Isles! Yes, unfortunately, most people prefer the bland zones and story lines of blue side compared to the better writing and better zones of red side. I second VileTerror's suggestion of using Null the Gull in Pocket D to switch to the Rogue alignment. That will let villain side remain your home, but allow you to enter blue side and team up with those goody two shoes should you have trouble finding a team red side.
  6. Is CoH on your SSD drive, or on your external hard drive?
  7. Nope. There's Babbage, Council Goliath War Walker, and a bunch of door missions. About it. Boomtown is so boring and depressing that even one of its GMs frequently leaves for Skyway City. I feel bad for him really. Babbage isn't trying to hurt us... he's just so overly excited about actually seeing people after being trapped in Boomtown for fifteen years.
  8. I played a blue side Radiation Melee/Radiation Armor Brute from late June through early August, (I level up one character at a time almost completely solo from level 1 to 50). I swear (okie, this is probably an exaggeration, but it felt like), almost every third mission I had from level 15 onwards sent me to freaking Boomtown. I became intimately familiar with the zone's nooks and crannies. I think that's what helped drive me back to red side...
  9. @Solarverse , my apologies. I wasn't referring to anything in particular. Not you, nor this suggestion, (although I mostly disagree with it). It was a general statement.
  10. I blame modern video games for spoiling people, especially freemium games.
  11. KR, Faultline, Talos Island, FF, Port Oakes, Sharkhead Isle, and St. Martial.
  12. Just a reminder that the regularly scheduled weekly Rikti mothership raid trials will be held in Pocket D this evening at 8:30 P.M. ET/5:30 P.M. PT. You must be level 35+ and have the Member of Vanguard badge to participate. Hope to see y'all there!
  13. Apparition

    Bug Hunter...

    Prior to sunset, it was just one character. I remember The Ocho asked me which of my characters I wanted the badge on.
  14. There sort of is... there's a badge for killing 100(?) Hamidon buds, which requires defeating Hamidon.
  15. Apparition

    Bug Hunter...

    I had the badge prior to sunset on my Force Field/Dark Blast Defender. I reported a bug that allowed you to infinitely duplicate INF, pretty easily as well. Start with 10,000 INF, double it to 20,000. Then double that to 40,000. Then double that to 80,000, etc. One of my SG mates has Bug Hunter now, although I'm not exactly sure for what.
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