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  1. It is all stuff that the Homecoming developers started working on back in June.
  2. Uhh... what MSR nerf? And on what server are you playing on that MSRs are barely run?
  3. Yeah, Torchbearer has been draining into Excelsior for a year now, slowly but steadily.
  4. On the other hand, for those of us who never used the base macro because we knew that it was an exploit, travel went from a half hour to ten minutes. Solid upgrade.
  5. Thank you for these wonderful changes. Now that the base macro has been largely removed from the game, I look forward to joining PUG teams again.
  6. Happy Issue 27 day, y'all! What is the first thing that you plan to do in game?
  7. Interesting. I've actually tried Mastermind gold side a couple of times, and both times it lead to a lot of death as the ambushes completely ignored my pets and zeroed in on my character. Yep, thank you. I plan on disabling XP at levels 7, 14, and 19, to do all of the gold side content, switching back and forth from Loyalist to Resisistance. With that, I see no point in using any of the XP bonuses from the P2W vendor. I plan on doing all gold side content from levels one through 20 (switching between Loyalist and Resistance), First Ward, Night Ward, and then leaving gold side after finishing Night Ward around level 34 and heading red side. This will be on Excelsior, but thank you.
  8. In twenty years, the generation being born now will want an "OK, Millennial," badge.
  9. I ran a Mortimer Kal Strike Force this evening on Excelsior. We all entered the third mission, Steal the Fists of Vulcan from Odysseus's Warehouse, at the Sharkhead Isle ferry. After completing and exiting the third mission, myself and a friend of mine were both deposited on the southwestern area of the Sharkhead Isle map, and then a few seconds later yanked back to the ferry. It was very odd and disorienting. I've run a metric ton of Mortimer Kal Strike Forces as it is my favorite Strike Force in the game, and that has never happened before.
  10. If you were going to make your "perfect" character for soloing Praetoria with (from Nova Praetoria through Night Ward), which archetype and power sets would you use?
  11. This is one of the main reasons why I don't bother teaming to run missions. It's just not worth it. I will solo missions, and team only for Task Forces/Strike Forces/Trials/raids/Incarnate trials.
  12. Yeah. Unfortunately, with hundreds of thousands of accounts and a thousand character slots per server, running over a year and a half, on the most populated server, that will happen.
  13. Unfortunately, the days of people using forums are at an end. I say this as someone who has been using forums since the days of Usenet and Fidonet in the '90s. The vast majority of people under age 35 or so will not touch forums with a ten foot pole. Someone described it to me as akin to someone under 40 trying to use a rotary telephone. They just don't understand it. Discord on the other hand, they get and use. A lot.
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