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  1. Ugh. Dual Pistols not having a snipe attack is one of the main reasons why I love it. I have Dual Pistols on about a half dozen characters. If they gained a snipe attack, I'd probably reroll them all to something else.
  2. I would just like for Electric Armor's Grounded power to be fixed. As it is now, it's entirely superfluous and only good for a "free" Aegis: +5% Psionic resistance IO enhancement slot. I still have to slot for 10+ points of knockback protection and take Combat Jumping for immobilization protection after taking Grounded. Grounded needs an additional four points of Immobilization protection, +1000% knockback resistance, and to keep knockback protection and immobilization protection while off of the ground.
  3. Gladiator's Armor IO enhancement set is great on Electric Armor characters. Knockback protection and toxic resistance? Yes, please.
  4. Martial Arts gives you 7.5% defense to everything on a Brute, and 10% defense to everything on a Tanker. It's very, very helpful.
  5. Champions Online was the same way. During open beta and pre-launch, players were ridiculously overpowered compared to mobs, and the game was fun. Then on launch day, they patched the game to meet Jack Emmert’s standards of “three minions to one player” rule and players left in droves, including myself.
  6. When did being in the middle become "sub par?" And in AoE, Dual Pistols is not in the middle. It's just behind Fire Blast. Then again, I am biased because Dual Pistols is my favorite ranged attack set, and no, I don't use more than one damage proc per power.
  7. Dual Pistols is #2 in AoE damage out of all ranged sets (behind Fire Blast), and I want to think something like #4 total. It's fine. A lot of people just see lethal damage and no snipe, and write it off.
  8. They have, however, on YouTube, which started this whole thing.
  9. Apparition

    Dark Dark

    Resistance armors (Dark Armor, Electric Armor, Fiery Aura, and Radiation Armor), are mostly wasted on Scrappers and Stalkers due to their lower resistance caps. You'd be much better off using either a healing or defense based armor on those two ATs.
  10. Yeah. That is why I always take Ageless Radial Destiny on resistance based characters.
  11. Yeah. I actually want to like Sentinels, but I look at their damage and AoE cap and I just can’t bring myself to make one. The only way you can get respectable damage out of one is via damage procs (which are inevitably going to be nerfed at some point), and/or Psionic Mastery. Meanwhile, my Blasters do a ton of damage, have tanked TFs/SFs (including the ITF), and can solo missions at +3x8. I just don’t see the point. To each his or her own though.
  12. I'll be honest. The Sentinel was a badly designed AT (even admitted by the designer on these forums), that should never have been added to the game. Their only effective purpose is to teach newbies how to play Blasters while feeling safe, and then they can eventually graduate to Blasters. Like as said above, "training wheels."
  13. I know @Captain Powerhouse mentioned something in 2019... I want to say around summer or autumn 2019?... anyway, that he planned to rebalance damage type resistances among all of the mobs. Of course, that would be a huge project, so I don't know if it's still planned or sidelined.
  14. I like Fusionette in Kallisti Wharf. I would rather see BABs replace Miss Liberty in Atlas.
  15. Alpha depends on your build. For Hybrid, the only real choice Masterminds have is Support Core. The others are bugged on MMs.
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