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  1. Ahhh... I thought you meant that they were out of zone and suddenly appear by the door. Atlas... by chance have you done the same missions? Atlas and Mercy incorporate some phasing tech that sometimes require your teammates to be (or have done) the same path.
  2. Outside of missions, there's little use for Recall Friend between the base code TP exploit, Base Transporter, the Mission Transporter, Team Transporter, and Assemble the Team. Recall Friend is mostly now good for in-missions.
  3. Soloing with many support sets is really hard. I should know, I've soloed with Force Field and Sonic Resonance many, many times from levels 1 to 46. Support sets aren't meant for soloing though... they're meant for teams. Support sets shouldn't be judged on solo performance. On the contrary, Faraday Cage as it stands now will be extremely useful on Rikti mothership raids. Force Field is currently carried by Dispersion Bubble. So a set can be carried by one power. Now whether or not it should, no.
  4. Yep. @Zepp has provided a couple of unofficial updated databases on the Mids' Reborn Discord, but as for official updates... It seems to be dead, Jim. I know that there are at least four different CoH: Homecoming character planners in development, but who knows how long before any of them see the light of day.
  5. Just a reminder that raiding of the Rikti mothership will commence in about twelve hours, y'all! I hope to see y'all there.
  6. It means that an official Homecoming Wiki will not just be some abstract concept at some point in the future.
  7. I like it, IMO. It's just as fitting a buff and heal set as Empathy.
  8. My main is a Beam Rifle/Sonic Resonance Corruptor, so I know about Sonic Resonance. In addition to providing AoE mez protection, it also provides valuable +resistance (which is relatively rare), and -resistance debuffs (which is very valuable). Don't get me wrong, Sonic Resonance is not in a great place, but it's in a better place than Force Field which contributes nothing else of value at high levels than AoE mez protection. Traps, I have never played so that I won't discuss.
  9. Turning Faraday Cage into a toggle would remove value from the one worthwhile benefit Force Field provides at high levels: AoE mez protection. If you do that, then I would like to see a complete overhaul of Force Field simultaneously.
  10. On paper, Shock Therapy (cool name, BTW), sounds like it will be a great support set for Rikti mothership raids, between the AoE mez protection, energy and psionic damage protection, AoE resurrection, and heal. The only suggestions (again, on paper), I can make would be to add -regen to Discharge and add additional +damage to Amp Up. That will allow it to be a better offensive support set and to better compete with the other newer support sets. I look forward to trying it out over the weekend.
  11. From what I understand, nope. was the last official version. Mids' Reborn is in maintenance mode.
  12. There's been other posts that indicate that the stacking of Interface is now broken. This gives more evidence.
  13. Stealth blitzing, but dismissing and resummoning them takes too long. By the time the pets are resummoned and re-equipped, the mob is already dead and the rest of the team has moved on.
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