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Unusual Neutral Mob Activity in Brickstown

Stan The Man

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So, I noticed that some of Crey mobs are conning neutral.  That's pretty neat!  I don't think that was ever live but I remember a Dev speaking about eventually making Crey mobs con neutral much like some Praetorian Mobs do.


I startled one mob while taking a look at it.  At first they didn't seem to react to me.  There are these mobs with NPC supporters.  I've seen these with Council and I think one other villain group.  They're handing out pamphlets saying "Oh, these guys aren't that bad" and usually those mobs con as enemies so they react when you get close to them. 


These Crey mobs also had NPC supporters, a Crey PR Person.  Neat!  The Crey agents didn't seem to care about me but the Crey Boss, a Voltaic Tank went nuts!  He started shooting at me even though I didn't do anything.  Not only that, but because all Crey conned yellow, he started attacking the agents when I backed away.  Pretty sure this isn't the intended behavior.


Anyone else seen this type of behavior?

Face front, true believers!

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