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  1. This is more a user friendly idea for people who probably wouldn't know about these sort of things without reading the forum or searching a dusty wiki out there. I'm not even sure how many people are still aware that flight pose emotes exists in this game. I saw a handful of people using them about a year ago and now everyone I've seen flying has been using the default or one of the newer flight powers. So, I have to wonder, is it possible to use those emotes as options for alternate animations in icon? I can't believe no one else has thought of this but I did a quick search of flight emotes, flypose1, flypose2, flypose3, etc. And came up nada. Anyway, what do you think?
  2. Yup! I'm wrong! Whoops! 😄 Force of WIll is mutant... Utility Belt is natural... and yes, it will have superspeed+superjump. Some reason I associated utility belt as tech. That's going to be gadgetry... which will be flying based. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. No, I believe that was the natural themed pool power. Willpower is usually associated with natural origin.
  4. I understand why Jaunt was used thematically but if you were going to combine two travel powers, why not super speed and super jump? That would probably provide a better vertical movement than teleport. Though, I get the idea that if you move so fast, it's like teleporting. But we already have fly+teleport with magic. Two travel powers I suppose may be taken for functionality, why not do that here again? Then again, I suppose you could use that for the mutant pool power.
  5. I can't say. I confused Smite with Shadow Maul. I'm surprised I even remember there were different animations. 🙂
  6. Hey, kids! I was browsing through Paragon Wiki and noticed that there was no mention that some powers, I only remember a handful of scrapper sets... (Claws and Martial Arts) use to have a handful of rooting powers. Not powers that rooted PVE mobs, but rooted the player in a long animation. Most of these attacks were DoT attacks as well. Think of Flurry, Smite, or Sands of Mu... very similar these attacks were to the ones removed. I seem to recall only two. Claws use to have this lunging scraping attack with both claws sort of doing a vertical flurry of attacks. And Martial Arts had a much different Storm Kick? that rooted you on one leg while you did an assortment of kicks to the enemy. Now, there was certainly a reason these powers were removed. DoT missing is pretty devastating, especially when you're rooted in the animation cycle. They may have even been counterproductive to what the Scrapper archetype or these powersets were designed to be. Something fast and dealing damage quickly. But, unlike other animations that are recycled in the game. (Again, Flurry, Smite, and Sands of Mu come to mind.) I've yet to see these animations reused in other powers or sets. So, some questions. Does anyone remember when these powers were upgraded/replaced? This was not during Issue 18. This was around Issue 2 or 3. It may even be the old beta powers, but I could've sworn these powers were released this way and were changed way before CoV which I think was released only a year and half later. Do you think those old animations are still in the database somewhere? And if they were, would anyone be interested to see them again? Maybe up the animation time or lower the chance to miss. In either case, I have two reasons why I bring them up. With the addition of Master Brawler in the Super Reflexes, could we maybe see these older powers return? Or, maybe we could reuse the old Storm Kick Animation with the Flurry to give the option of kicking or punching with it? I'm sure this won't be everyone's cup of tea, so I'm not committed to seeing these again. I suppose I just want to prove I'm not crazy for remembering how certain powers use to be.
  7. Oh, thats neat! And makes me reconsider that option. I have read only the initial announcement and the actual CoC. It does not mention a database or procedure for that. I immediately checked these to see if I missed it. And have done a quick search and turned up nada. There is still the possibility that I may have still missed it. I'm very deeply sorry if I have. May I have a link to this to verify it?
  8. The Halloween-event is the best time to play grim dark heroes like Spawn or Batman. Or werewolves. Don't have to constantly change back to your human form if there is no daytime.
  9. Only if you have more than one travel power set. Or thematically need more than two power pool sets.
  10. I did consider reporting myself, but I thought against it. Assuming the best case scenario a GM is lenient and says I'm not infringing copyright, that doesn't mean I won't be subjected to future reports for the same violation or that the very same GM will oversee that report. And there is a possibility that another GM may be less lenient. So, I came here instead. Even if I'm not actually violating any copyright law, or trademark, there is always the "better safe than sorry" clause. And if I'm subject to that, then that's that. I'm more than happy to do what I can to keep the game out of trouble. Thank you so much for the comments, everyone. I'll keep playing as-is until something happens. If nothing happens, then Stan stays.
  11. I considered that actually! Great minds, huh? Right now my costumes are mostly tributes to my personal favorite Cameos by Stan Lee. But we'll see. I'll keep that as an option. I think this is a wonderful idea! It doesn't have to be a villain, though. It could easily be a hero. Lawful Goods can also be a pain in the backside too. Though, I suppose if your ruling went against normal law then yeah, I could see that being more a villain. Maybe a Vigilante or Rogue? A Rogue Judge. Huh. Also, you should know, I'm not much of a PVPer in this game so the odds are probably in your favor. Still would be fun to try!
  12. I should clarify. I'm not going anywhere, the account is. I have a second account already that recreated all my toons on CoH. I'm perfectly happy to modify Stan the Man, within reason, but I'd much rather play my original characters from CoH than hold onto this account/character if it is at all in violation. The sky is certainly not falling and thank you for your advice and sharing your personal experiences.
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