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  1. Oh, thats neat! And makes me reconsider that option. I have read only the initial announcement and the actual CoC. It does not mention a database or procedure for that. I immediately checked these to see if I missed it. And have done a quick search and turned up nada. There is still the possibility that I may have still missed it. I'm very deeply sorry if I have. May I have a link to this to verify it?
  2. The Halloween-event is the best time to play grim dark heroes like Spawn or Batman. Or werewolves. Don't have to constantly change back to your human form if there is no daytime.
  3. Only if you have more than one travel power set. Or thematically need more than two power pool sets.
  4. I did consider reporting myself, but I thought against it. Assuming the best case scenario a GM is lenient and says I'm not infringing copyright, that doesn't mean I won't be subjected to future reports for the same violation or that the very same GM will oversee that report. And there is a possibility that another GM may be less lenient. So, I came here instead. Even if I'm not actually violating any copyright law, or trademark, there is always the "better safe than sorry" clause. And if I'm subject to that, then that's that. I'm more than happy to do what I can to keep the game out of trouble. Thank you so much for the comments, everyone. I'll keep playing as-is until something happens. If nothing happens, then Stan stays.
  5. I considered that actually! Great minds, huh? Right now my costumes are mostly tributes to my personal favorite Cameos by Stan Lee. But we'll see. I'll keep that as an option. I think this is a wonderful idea! It doesn't have to be a villain, though. It could easily be a hero. Lawful Goods can also be a pain in the backside too. Though, I suppose if your ruling went against normal law then yeah, I could see that being more a villain. Maybe a Vigilante or Rogue? A Rogue Judge. Huh. Also, you should know, I'm not much of a PVPer in this game so the odds are probably in your favor. Still would be fun to try!
  6. I should clarify. I'm not going anywhere, the account is. I have a second account already that recreated all my toons on CoH. I'm perfectly happy to modify Stan the Man, within reason, but I'd much rather play my original characters from CoH than hold onto this account/character if it is at all in violation. The sky is certainly not falling and thank you for your advice and sharing your personal experiences.
  7. Hey True Believers! This is not some tedious rant against Copyright Law or the Homecoming's Team for what they have done/are doing. No, instead this is a potential farewell to the game and all my friends on Excelsior! Or, at least, as far as my Main Character is concerned. I'll still be around under an alias and fighting the good fight with the rest of the Heroes (and Villians (and everyone in-between)) but honestly I'm stumped on the Copyright Law and would like your advice on whether or not I violate it. The name itself isn't exactly under copyright. Stan the Man could refer to lots of people. Stan Lee the comic book writer, Stan Longindis the Austrailian kickboxer, Stan Rofe the Australian radio dj, Stan Stasiak the American professional wrestler, Stan Collymore the English Footballer, Don Stanhouse the American baseball player, Stan Wawrinka the Swis tennis player, etc... so no problem there I suppose. Then there are my costumes. Obviously, I'm modeled after Stan Lee and I obviously reference him quite a bit. But is he a copyrighted character? Technically he's a real world flesh and blood human being that I've modeled myself after. And I'm not sure how copyright fares against using images of real world people. I imagine it makes no difference. That's not to say Stan Lee hasn't appeared in a comic or other media as, well, an iconic character. To be honest, when I made this character in City of Heroes when it came back, I didn't think I'd actually get the name at all! And while I'm not keen on potentially dishonoring Stan Lee's legacy by portraying him in a Comic Book MMO, I feel it gives me a purpose to keep the legend alive, so to speak. A duty to hold myself to a higher standard. Which, includes, disassembling my Super Group of Parody/Homage characters. And potentially deleting this account as well in order to ensure that City of Heroes: Homecoming doesn't ever come under fire for my character's very existence. I'm not sure how many people are going to advocate I stay, or just change my character, but if there are any. Thank you. As for those who might be furious that I even made the character at all, it was never my intention to upset you. And finally, to those who think I should remove my character, I respectfully will do so if I'm instructed to by a GM or anyone on the Homecoming Staff. So, I guess this might be good-bye to all of you out there. I know I haven't really contributed a lot to these forums or to the game as much as I would have hoped. But I'm glad I got to at least see the Trick or Treat event. You can catch me on Excelsior today before my character is probably Generic-ed. See you all in the game we all love. Keep fighting the good fight. 'Nuff said.
  8. Most of the people I played with started in Galaxy City.
  9. Neato! New forums. Love it! Keep up the good work.
  10. City of Heroes is a great game and really doesn't need any real alterations, but there are a few concepts that I occasionally scratch or compromise with the Archetype System. And I don't mean that as a slight against the Archetype System. The possibilities are nearly endless! You can practically make anything with it. But I noticed that Stateman has Thunderous Blast. A thoroughly unique power for a Tanker. That and his other lightning powers. I realize that this is either because he is a signature character, or perhaps an unreleased Lightning Ancillary Power pool for Tankers. I'm sure there were probably plans to Power Proliferate Ancillary Power Pools, which in and of themselves is a really neat idea. An alternative to a headache of trying to balance these powers per archetype, however, is this idea. Why not allow characters to choose a unique signature power ourselves? We can choose any power from any powerset to be this signature power. Just one. Now even one power could easily severely unbalance everything so I have additional suggestions on when this Signature Power unlocks. 1. The Final Power: It unlocks at level 49 as the last power. Seems simple enough. At level 49 you would now have access to any power in the game. This is probably the best option honestly as my other variant would probably be a little trickier. 2. The Signature Power: It unlocks by level. You can have one Signature power and can select it at any time. But you have to be the appropriate level to pick THAT power. I know it's a pipe dream and I'm probably better off wishing for Ancillary Power Proliferation or possibly even a wallcrawling power pool than having this idea be considered let alone liked. But hey, it's an idea. I like throwing ideas out and hopefully someone likes it. If not, that's okay. Thank you for your time.
  11. You'll catch me there next time!
  12. You know, I was just thinking about this yesterday. I imagine there would've been quite a good bit of revenue coming in from advertisements like that in-game. I wonder why it never took off.
  13. So, I might be getting on in years, but I don't remember powers still being on when you log back in. I doubt it's a recent change but does anyone know when it was? Probably early Issues... possibly Beta if I'm confusing this with Champions. I seem to recall logging off when flying, for example, and falling when logging back in. Just logged back into one of my fliers and was happy to see her floating and not falling. And noticed Sprint and her Armor still on. Just another little thing I noticed. Missed. Love. And wanted to know when we got if anyone even remembers. Also, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I honestly couldn't think where this might belong. Probably in game. Probably in chat.
  14. I wonder if it's related to the neutral con mobs. I've not seen many on blueside and Brickstown is the only zone I know with them.
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