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AMD RX580 series crash


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Hey all, just a heads up regarding a possible AMD driver issue and COH Homecoming.


I'm running Windows 10, fully updated, Ryzen 5 3600 w/ RX580 Red Dragon. Stock clocks, no Ryzen master/bios mods.


I have been playing COH just fine with all graphics settings maxed. I had to step back a bit due to work and didnt play much, next time I tried to launch the game it gave me fits, just outright crashing with no crash reporter except the ATI Wattman crash submission tool as the crash was bad, locked up the system.


I updated to the most recent beta drivers and same brutal system halting crash with ATI Wattman warning that default profile was restored.


I was thinking of what changed on the system since the last time I played, and all I thought was the video driver.


I rolled back to 20.11.2 and everything is fine again. If having issues, try that version of the driver.


In the meantime, the two times I triggered the ATI Wattman crash report, I did complete each report as best as I could, hopefully ATI takes notice before everyone is crashing.



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