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Fix How Domination Mode Affects Electric Control


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Electric Control is well known for its shortcomings on Dominators because its use of pseudopets precluded most powers from being able to Dominate. This was fixed in a later control set, Dark Control, but the fix was never rolled back to Electric Control. The fix is simple if a bit tedious because it requires additional powersets and psuedopets get added to the game. However, I created a test case for it and it seems to work. I'm planning to post the code to a git soon for any servers that want to fix the set.


The fix I tested added these features:

  • Static Field follows rules for Domination > Shadow Field and Dominates on the first pulse only (Mag 3 Sleep with 50% longer duration than the pulsing sleep)
  • Synaptic Overload Dominates on every leap of the chain (Mag 3 Confuse with 50% longer duration than the standard confuse)


I made a quick video to demo how it would look in game. Really cool if I say so myself. I know we're not permitted to post videos of Homecoming; this video is from I24 private server I modded to test case the changes.




(Note that chain powers should also probably sap endurance on every jump of the chain, not just the first target. I didn't fix this myself but that fix is incredibly straightforward with copy and pasting the drain to the correct pet powers).

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