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Seems Eochai doesn't spawn?


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I was patrolling for 2 days (today and yesterday) on Torch, i know the locations Eochai should spawn thanks to Vidiotmaps, and know about the combat on The Grim Vale that seems never happens.


I got about 8 to 10 hours easily on Croatoa, moving around, getting close to trees and such, but no luck. I asked on Help channels and nobody knows, asked on Discord too, seems noone can confirm if he spawns or not, atleast on Torch shard, so admins send me here.


I know this kind of Monsters needs time... but... is getting pretty annoying, I don't know if all my hours invested on Croatoa will have a reward, and the fact the badge given by this Monster is needed for an Accolade doesn't help at all


Thanks for your time and your good work the server

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