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PvPer who digs this PvE.


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Hello all,


First off, I have been playing MMOs for twenty years.  Anarchy Online was my 2001 initiation.  After that I spent some time with the original CoH launch with some degree of fun.  Then CoV launched pvp...which was very anticipated but the imbalance was a big turn off.  Where certain ATs and builds only belonged. I mained a stalker back then.  Now I am back in CoX and having a pve blast.  I rarely take a liking to pve, where for the past years it has been pretty much all pvp from the likes of SWTOR , Daoc, WoW, Warhammer ROR server of today.  SWTOR, SWG, CoX...is where I appreciated the rp pve.  Anyways, the new gen MMO was ruined by Blizzard.  CoX is still a fresh throwback to a time where each MMO was a unique model of it's own.  Old school.  Awesome detail and brilliant playstyle diversity!  I may dabble into pvp here in the near future.  Right now I am still learning builds.  For now its a refreshing pvp break in an awesome community.  Detoxing from the tox!


Maybe one day the big money backers such as EA will totally leave the MMOs alone and let MMOs become old skool again with passionate and niche developing....where the new gens failed learn MMO history and wanted to copycat for the $$$.  I wish.  Stick to councils bros!:P  I remember shortly after the  WoW launch thinking oh oh MMOs are in trouble.  I was right.


Whoever dusted off Home Coming...hats off.  I have been only playing here for a good two months and am addicted.  So many builds I want to try.  Right now I am really enjoying the bio armor for brute and sentinel.  SS/bio brute is a bit of a one man show beast...where I found that in big groups I spent more time trying to position for optimum contribution.  So I rolled a DP/bio sent not expecting much based on reviews....but I couldn't resist the cool sauce.  Now he (Cheeseburglar) is well into his incarnates, hes becoming a bit of a beast also....and very versatile with good dps.


And yes first thing I did was roll a fire farmer haha.  He's 53 now and makes sure the content toons aren't gimped.  Again, so many builds I want to try. 🙂


Anyways it's awesome to be back and sorry about the babble.  Lot of camp fire subjects attached.



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