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Old launcher check sum issue


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The new launcher is not showing this behavior.


Tequila Getting this error today, when it required me to update.


Download error: hc-bin32/cityofheroes-pre.exe
Size mismatch (9084928 vs 9085952)
Checksum Mismatch (cd1520a36919e7b1fea4878fb31e1513 vs c6b95f60a4d7a92293f8c1ec0b6699c2)Download error: hc-bin64/cityofheroes-pre.exe
Size mismatch (10761216 vs 10761728)
Checksum Mismatch (65fe6712a7b988ff836183e44c5a6516 vs 0bfd9f607aa38e185911e68632a4e8ac)


Revalidating did not fix anything.


Beta URL:


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