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Scrapper/Brute/Stalker/Sentinel Overload not providing Psy Defense in PVP

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Just tested the PVP elusivity changes on the tweaked defense armour T9s. Elude and Kujin-Retsu seem to be working fine.


Overload is not.


I dual-boxed with my friend's beam/poison/psy corruptor versus my Dm/EA scrapper with overload active.


I shot my scrapper that had overload up with two attacks:

  • Penetrating Ray - Energy Damage
  • Dominate - Psy Damage

This is what happened...




As you can see, Penetrating Ray has the right hit chance, but Dominate is way way higher than it should be.


I was confused at first - Overload provides Psy elusivity. Why was the hit chance higher? 


So I fed the scrapper some purple inspirations and...




Sure enough, that fixed Dominate's tohit chance.


Seems like someone at Paragon forgot to make Overload also grant psy defense in PVP.


So while Overload has Psy elusivity, it does not have psy defense.


Solution: Add Psy Defense to Overload to that it is balanced relative to Elude and Kujin-Retsu.

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