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  1. Sorry for the radio silence! The leaderboard didn't move at all last week, so there wasn't much to report. This week, however, the unthinkable happened... Top 10 Ranked 7/27/2021: 1 Madvillain (+1) 2 America’s Angel 3 T Mart 4 Alouu 5 Ridicc 6 Kencian 7 magecow 8 Blackhearted 9 mjb 10 Mushroom Ranks are calculated by Elo Score. Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZetLGnWhKXeE9o_5KG3ZI-rpdhde5YigzQlorIsOR4k/edit?usp=sharing Reason for movement: We ran another off-meta night last
  2. I've yet to encounter any evidence that procs are a balance problem in PvE or PvP. Feel free to link me to any numbers you have on this. I'm always happy to look at data. I agree with you that nerfing procs is a bad idea. I also agree that adding more procs to increase the diversity of builds is a good idea. (I've actually advocated for exactly this on the testing discord plenty of times.) With that said, none of these extra procs would stop damage being king in CoH. That's just how the game is, and always will be. And tbh, damage being king is not so much a "problem" with CoH as m
  3. No probs. Happy to answer any proc-related questions y'all might have. I've done a lot of testing with them. And yeah I completely agree. I said back on Page 2 of this thread that the first step should be identifying if there was a problem at all. I think that's a better approach than presupposing there is a problem...and then to go looking for proof. It's important to identify, specifically, what the situation is, before we start trying to come up with changes. Otherwise we just end up with solutions in search of problems. (c.f. the majority of posts in this thread.) I
  4. Spent this afternoon running a few more tests with this: Had some interesting findings. Will share once the videos are uploaded.
  5. I was asking the Player-1. While I appreciate you are probably trying to be helpful, I don't think you are in a position to provide the information I asked for.
  6. Already exists: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Set_Enhancements_with_Special_Effects More up to date version, here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vd4ZZd1jfhOzdZZkGxC9O0NN5G0T1EdWPu_XRrV6s0U/edit Does your asking this mean the dev team doesn't have any hard data that proves procs are overperforming?
  7. AH: /macro_image Teleportation_Wentworths "Wentworths" "ah" AE: /macro_image Architect_Accolade_Power "AE" "architect" Arena: /macro_image "GenericPower_AutoOverlay" "Arena" "arenalist"
  8. I remember the Matrix Online GMs. They were incredible. (One of them, Ben Chamberlain, now writes webcomic called Supermassive Black Hole.) I remember hearing stories about him RPing as characters from the game with other players. He'd show up as Trinity or Morpheus, and run player events/RP with famous RP players/guilds, and generally just be visible in a way that made the playerbase feel that the game lore mattered, and that they were interacting with it. The closest CoH on live ever came to something like this, PVP-wise, was the RPVP events that used to take place on Virtue. Th
  9. It is a slow process. I say this as someone who has been there for the entire process. From when Faultline started making PvP changes last year, until now. It takes a long time to make powerset balance tweaks. Because you have to go through the following process: Get consensus to test Get dev time to implement requested change Players test it Players report feedback Changes get added to next major release (which has its own beta cycle) That takes time. And in some cases (like the Fortunata Proc) require a code-change to implement. This means the change will ta
  10. It was your comment that made me mention it! I remember Faultline said a year or so ago that free PvP-locked IOs was something he'd be interested in looking at. But I'm sure there's a long list of things that also applies to. I think a lot of casual players like the idea of having a second build for PvP. (Even if they only PvP once in a blue moon.) So removing the influence requirement would be great for them. It would obviously help hardcore PvPer types too, who don't really want to spend time farming/playing the market. I think as long as the vendor explains to player
  11. It's important to point out that the PvP population is decreasing though. Most MMORPGs that aren't pvp-focused, tend to have a ~5% of the population that are active PvPers. When I checked last year. Homecoming was around ~4-5% I just checked now... And now it's down to 2.4%. I think something does need to be done. Nothing as drastic as OP suggested. But the three obvious ideas: -Noob-friendly events on the busiest servers (not Indomitable) hosted by the official Homecoming PvP GMs and CRs. (Advertised on the fo
  12. I think the last sentence in your post here is the key to our disconnect, here. Especially "would otherwise be spent on". The devs are volunteers who work as much/as little as they like, on whatever they want. Therefore, time not spent on PvP isn't automatically time spent on PvE. It's not an equivalent cost. (It would be if they were an organisation with a set number of hours to fill per week. But that's not what they are - they're a bunch of individuals doing whatever they want. So individual motivation is what determines things, not collective pragmatism.) Case in point: last ye
  13. It's not quite that straight forward. Plenty of Scrapper powers (including those I listed in my post, such as Invincibility, Against All Odds, and Entropic Aura) are all taunt auras. So it could just as easily be the case that Evasion is missing a taunt aura component. Here's Entropic Aura on Scrappers: Here's Evasion on Scrappers: Here's Invincibility on Scrappers: As you can see, it's a little all over the place about which powers get what. Invincibility gets the Child Effects, Entropic Aura gets the Child Effects AND the taunt proc, and Evasion ge
  14. Actually that's not what is happening here. Evasion on scrappers is missing these child effects that are present in equivalent powers in other sets (Invincibility in Invuln, Against All Odds in Shield, Entropic Shield in EA, etc) This is one thing which can cause a power to work as a taunt aura. And it's also missing these proc auras, which also act as taunt auras when placed into powers: Tank Version: Brute version: As long as a power has one of the above things I just screencapped, it should taunt.
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