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  1. @Jimmy Colours look good! They're fine as they are tbh, but if you were going to change anything, maybe... -Recolour the shadow shard zones to a different blue? (They are hero zones, after all) -Also do this for the hazard zones? -Make co-op zones like RWZ, Pocket D, Dark Astoria, and Cimerora purple instead? (Red+Blue = purple!)
  2. Colours are correct. Icons are not. Both should have the same dot arrangement:
  3. Settling RP conflicts in the arena is the one that bugs me the most. Especially as those who insist on it seem to have backwards-rationalised their character concepts from the strongest PVP sets.
  4. @RageusQuitus2 @reib - I think there's plans to look at Taunt. (And a bunch of other stuff - Faultline has said he's open to "meta experiments" for us to test stuff out on the beta server.). But this will happen after Issue 27 Page 1. (Which should hopefully be going live tomorrow!) If you're curious about future PVP changes, you can see some of the planned stuff here: https://trello.com/b/gDUzLMOH/pvp-stuff I've also been compiling a list of things there seems to be consensus to look at (Including taunt!) I know GM Smol, CR Banana Man, and Alou have been, too. I'm not sure of the exact timeframe for further PVP changes. At a guess...at worst it'll be Issue 27 Page 2, at best it'll be small updates between now and then. Ultimately, it comes down to the mood/interest of the dev team (they're volunteers doing this in their spare time as a passion project, remember). I imagine they're going to be pretty exhausted and want some chill time after Issue 27 Page 1 launches, though. For now, the main thing the devs are looking for in this thread is if you're able to break any of the stuff in the patch notes / if anything in the patch notes is wrong. I've tested most of the above stuff on the beta server. It all seems to be working as intended. (Glue Arrow is going to be tweaked at some point to allow the -jump to last for 30s after leaving the patch, and Absorb/Share Pain doing -50% for x seconds will likely be tweaked further after it's playtested more on live. But these two things are likely to happen post-release, and everything else in the patch notes seems to be working as intended.)
  5. The devs are insanely open to feedback. Y'all just need to be smarter about how you give it: Repeating the same argument for 10+ pages is a bad strategy. Calling the devs out is a bad strategy. Being antagonistic is a bad strategy. Debating the patch notes instead of checking what's in the patch notes actually works is a bad strategy. Whining is a bad strategy. Actually take a moment and ask yourself...what do you want? Do you want the devs to be receptive to what you say? Or do you just want to feel better by ranting your feelings online? Be smart. Think about your end goal. This is why there's been so many PVP changes. Traditionally PVPers have been largely ignored the dev team, so when the devs offered to make some changes for us, we were happy to play nice. Sure, there's been a couple changes we weren't too impressed with. (Tactical Arrow losing its movement control being #1.) But we didn't argue or fight against them. We just shrugged and went along with it. Because we realized whining would just get us ignored, whereas accepting defeat, and moving on to the next thing, might result in more positive changes. The result? The devs listened to A LOT of our feedback. And now we have a pile of PVP changes so amazing that Castle is probably crying in his sleep and wondering why. So my feedback to the PVEers who have spent these last few months arguing in Focused Feedback threads for post after post, often to the point where GMs have had to delete your posts or intervene asking you to calm down, is this: Be smart. Think about your end goal.
  6. I'm sorry. I didn't realise Troo was necroposting. My bad for not checking the OP post date.
  7. @CrudeVileTerror, as per this post: These are the only areas currently looking for feedback: Focused Feedback: The Graveyard Shift (Hero Story Arc, Level 20-29) Focused Feedback: The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Villain Story Arc, Level 30-39) Focused Feedback: PvP Updates General Feedback: Issue 27, Page 1 If you encounter any bugs during this last phase of testing, please report them in the Beta Bug Reports forum. Once the patch is live, feel free to post feedback in the Suggestions & Feedback forum and bug reports in the Bug Reports forum.
  8. Ah it's just in the patch notes. In game it's 2-10. This thread can be deleted.
  9. The new arena map "Ruined Ouroboros" is listed as for "2-16" players. It should be listed as 2-10. It only has 10 spawn points.
  10. @America's Angel & @Angelbot are my two accounts.
  11. @barrier Ah so you're saying the increased damage from procs on Homecoming wouldn't be as big of a deal if res buffs did more? If that's what you're saying then...yeah it seems like we actually agree on the same solution. (Buff res shields.) And yeah CM as an anti-mez/hold spike counter sounds good to me. Mez spikes not having a counter is one of the dumbest things in PVP IMO.
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