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  1. I wand them tested for Superadine abuse.
  2. Now that videos are allowed, I can finally share this! A handy lil playthrough for anyone looking to tear up the slopez... Best I've ever managed is 30s. And that was doing everything flawlessly. I've not seen anyone break 30s, yet. Although, legend has it of a race man from Indomitable who has broken into the 20s...
  3. Top 10 Ranked 5/16/2021 1. Madvillain 2. Alouu 3. magecow 4. Kencian 5. Blackhearted 6. Ridicc. 7. WhoRu 8. Moldevite 9. Lhynn 10. Erebus Algiz Alouu and Kencian shooting up the list! (and magecow as a new entry!) And...uh...a certain American superheroine no longer on the list... Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZetLGnWhKXeE9o_5KG3ZI-rpdhde5YigzQlorIsOR4k/edit?usp=sharing -- The rankings change was due to a Beginner's Fightclub event we ran on Everlasting this past weekend
  4. I think the record Pylon time is Veracor's mastermind at 9s (a whopping 4388 DPS)
  5. I'm not talking about Pylon tests. It's mathematically impossible for a solo blaster to hit 900+DPS without red insps. That works out at ~590 DPS
  6. When people talk about doing 900DPS on a blaster they mean with red inspirations putting them at the damage cap.
  7. 500DPS can solo a GM. A good blaster will be in the 750-900 DPS range.
  8. Hey Pylon testers, You're allowed to post videos now...
  9. Y'all should send out an email blast about this to every account. This is legit huge news that could bring back a lot of lapsed players.
  10. Most of the people who chain inspirations from their emails tends to be speedrunners. And the last event they ran had ~10-20 people taking part. So, I don't think it contributes in any significant way to any problems in the game right now. And a "fix" to it (making inspirations unclaimable if you're in/have been in combat) would negatively impact regular players who email themselves rez insps for when they die, or purple insps for when they're fighting bosses. It's important to remember when talking about game balance, the focus will always be playing 1-50 on SOs. Level 50 fully I
  11. Top 10 Ranked as of 5/10/2021: 1. Madvillain 2. Blackhearted 3. Ridicc. 4. WhoRu 5. Alouu 6. Moldevite 7. Lhynn 8. Kencian 9. Erebus Algiz 10. America’s Angel Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZetLGnWhKXeE9o_5KG3ZI-rpdhde5YigzQlorIsOR4k/edit?usp=sharing Want to see your name up there? Join the Fightclub discord today - https://discord.gg/knq839NUM4 What's Fightclub? It's melee vs melee PVP where moving/retreating is not allowed. It's perfect for min/maxers who are great at optimizing DPS attack chains.
  12. Ah yeah that's right. I used to PL to level 14 for invis. Now it's just to level 6.
  13. This is a really good idea, actually. You could even remake the existing taskforces (Positron, Synapse, Manticore, etc), populate them with "Reflections" of the original enemy groups, and make them absurdly hard level 50 TFs. You could even be a bit cheeky with it, story wise. You are travelling through Rularuu's memories of when he first arrived, and the old taskforces seemed to be more difficult...
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