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  1. From its inception until now, City of Heroes has not been a hard game. Other MMORPGs, contextually within that same timeframe are also easy. The implication here being that CoH is operating fine at the difficulty level it has, for what it is, in the wider world it lives in. I'm sure that old MMORPGs from back in the day were hard. I'm sure that MMORPG's from millions of years ago in distant, pre-human, civilisations, were also hard (And, in the infiniteness of time and space: easier, the same, and somehow a mixture of all three possible relations.) But no matter how difficult the people of the X'Oti Empire found City of Zarkon, City of Heroes is, and always will be, easy. And defenses are fine.
  2. City of Heroes has never been hard. The pace is too slow. Compare it to something like Street Fighter or a FPS.
  3. Defenses are fine as they are. I don't die because this game is a MMORPG and MMORPGs are not hard.
  4. It takes a special kind of obtusity to quote individual sentences out of context and then ask for context to be given.
  5. As they should be. If an idea is good it will withstand scrutiny. That is literally how you separate good ideas from bad ideas. The objective of the suggestion forum isn't to make people suggesting stuff feel good about themselves. The objective of the suggestion forum is to improve the game. A game that has been around a long time, and is very dear to a lot of people. With all that said, I hope nothing I wrote has upset you. I'm only critiquing your ideas, not you.
  6. I don't see anyone in the thread saying the T9s shouldn't be changed. Just that your idea for how isn't very good/is incomplete. This guy gets it.
  7. Eh, not really broad-strokes. Those were all AT-specific changes. The suggestions in this thread are sweeping changes across four different archetypes, with no consideration for how each individual powerset operates. Had the original post suggested how the changes would play out at both the archetype and powerset basis, then I'd be more receptive. (Would the new tanker T9s help with aggro? Would the new scrapper T9s help with crits? Would the Tanker SR T9 give some sort of resistance or absorbtion? That sort of thing). I distrust "ideas guys" so much when it comes to tweaking game design. Number crunchers are the only people who ever give good suggestions for balance tweaks, mainly because they have a greater understanding of how all the different parts of the game flow together. Like, my pet idea for fixing T9s is to just make them all Hibernate clones. But I have no idea how half the armour sets work so I'd never start a thread suggesting it. Especially when the dev team reading suggestions are volunteers/inexperienced. (AFAIK)
  8. Yeah escorts say their rescue text as soon as the map loads, now. So this wouldn't work.
  9. Put AE in bases. We already have contacts (mission computer) and mission-entry points (raid teleporter) in the base. All you'd need to add is a room type that flags "/architect" as "active" when in the room. (Similar function to entering an AE building.) Would really open up the game to player-made stories. Could make custom zones, travel the cosmos in a spaceship going on adventures, etc.
  10. If only there was some sort of gull who could null this problem.
  11. You've a perfectly good rad tank at home.
  12. Yeah, only change powers that need it, please.
  13. You're literally posting in a thread about tweaking it.
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