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Odd interaction between super jump and prestige jumps


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I created a char for testing travel powers. I crammed as many powers as I could into him.
Found one odd interaction between Super jump and the prestige jump powers Steam Jump and Jump Pack.


Canceling behavior:
1. Turn on Super Jump
2. Turn on Prestige: Jump Pack

3. Turn on Super Jump: Double Jump

4. They stack nicely

5. Turn on Prestige: Steam jump

6. All three powers are canceled and you have to wait for recharge

7. I understand that they two prestige jumps are mutually exclusive, but they are canceling Super Jump: Double Jump. Even if you have not started Super Jump: Double Jump


Zoning behavior:

1. After causing all three jump power to cancel as described above

2. Zone and Super Jump: Double Jump is recharged, but the two prestige power are not

3. I would expect all three to still be recharging


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