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Color customized AE enemies do not apply colors correctly


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There are numerous enemies in AE who, when you apply custom colors to them, suddenly have chunks of their model no longer have any texture at all. I use Architect a lot, and one of my main groups is a faction that is almost entirely comprised of color customized robots. This bug rears its head constantly, and it has constantly harmed the roleplay and intended story experience when my group fights something like these...




Instead of the properly colored monsters I was intending for them to fight.


Note that all of these enemies appear correctly if no custom color is applied- This issue rears its head when and only when you try to apply any color customization to the models. These examples were used with color matching all costume parts to a specific color scheme, but the issue pops up any time any part of the model is color customized at all. Fully custom AE enemies do not experience this issue, it only shows up when color customizing "official" enemies.


The issue did not exist when I was first making custom factions, although ever since it has first showed up for me it has never gone away. It has persisted through multiple reinstalls and file verifications of the game, and seems to have only gotten worse over time. Sometimes it feels like more enemies have this affliction than not, and they always show up to people playing the content exactly the same way as they do to me, on these preview screens and in testing mode. I've also heard numerous other AE authors have dealt with this themselves.


While purely aesthetic, this bug alone damn near kills one of my favorite features of the game, and I would dearly love for it to even be addressed as an issue, if not fixed swiftly.

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