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  1. While I'm flattered, Artifact Smuggling was built just to be a SG storyline starter thing, which is why it doesn't even have an ending or explanation... How'd you even find it...?
  2. The Croatoa War is a really fun and interesting event. It has all the enemy groups of Croatoa in one place fighting it out, which is an interesting enough concept on its own. It ends with two giant monsters fighting each other, genuinely unique in this game. It's a spectacle on its own to watch, and of course there's the obvious fact that it's two badges/merits in one encounter. I like the Croatoa war. I also *hate* everything else about it. The Croatoa War cannot go on while any of its spawns are alive on the map. This isn't broadcast to anyone. Most players either don
  3. I had a longer version of my own answers which I will skim over here- I love Mortimer Kal because it doesn't overstay its welcome, is full of fun setpieces and fights, and ends in a dramatic hero vs villain confrontation that is exceedingly rare among the villain task forces. That the hero you confront is Positron is just icing on the cake. Admiral Sutter is admittedly mostly carried by its first mission, but it is a hell of a first mission. It's a giant sprawling naval battle where you're jumping or flying from ship to ship to fend off waves of Praetorians and Sky Raiders before boardin
  4. I have made a poll to see which is the most fun task force and it is free of errors and if it is not I am going to scream! This was a bad idea the poll system on these forums is a nightmare! Anyway. Please select your favorite, if it applies! I'm not necessarily looking for what you think is the most rewarding, although if rewards are fun for you, that's fine! Use it in your decision! I'm mainly looking for what you objectively, subjectively think is the most fun task force for each alignment, one you would enjoy playing at just about any time!
  5. I have been terrible at keeping the forum thread updated! The next Exchange is happening Sunday, July 4th, at 6 PM EST/5 PM Central/3 PM PST! It'll be taking place in Kallisti Wharf's Christie Square! Feel free to PM me or post in this thread with questions if you can stand how much it's been necroed.
  6. The technical reason they don't exist is because they were never programmed. Versions of all these characters in the genders they are not would have to be built from the ground up as new enemies and then added to the faction. I don't know if the game handles spawning rules differently than AE does, but it could even start throwing off Arachnos' balance if every male character now had a female character that could spawn to or whatever. Creating these models for the new player character's avatar is one thing, but transitioning them to functioning enemies is another entirely. And n
  7. I don't think it's necessarily a bug, but rather just a quirk of how the game counts objectives as completed. Collecting the ally isn't really objective- Removing the enemies around him is. So if there's no enemies to remove, congratulations! Objective's already done. You're amazing. The only real thing you can do about it is just relent and give them enemies for the player to fight. You can play with animations to make it look like the escort/ally is fighting rather than captured- Animations like the various gun shooting ones are good for this.
  8. There are numerous enemies in AE who, when you apply custom colors to them, suddenly have chunks of their model no longer have any texture at all. I use Architect a lot, and one of my main groups is a faction that is almost entirely comprised of color customized robots. This bug rears its head constantly, and it has constantly harmed the roleplay and intended story experience when my group fights something like these... Instead of the properly colored monsters I was intending for them to fight. Note that all of these enemies appear correctly if no custom col
  9. It's not an exploit when game enemies do it, my guy. That's just called mechanics. All of these are working as intended, and most of these are designed to make enemies something unique to fight or give them some slight edge against player characters, who are generally far more powerful than they are and have the insurmountable advantage of being piloted by a human. If you put in these changes you would actually actively be making the game worse and even easier than it already is.
  10. Confirmed that Perfect Zinger's proc is hitting as well. Disregard this part, i'm dumb and forgot how procs work on pets
  11. I don't know if this is because of the new issue or what, but it seems that, at the very least, Device's Gun Drone is benefitting from sets slotted into it. Mine is six-slotted with Perfect Zinger, and every one of these odd bonuses correlates with something that set grants. I don't usually monitor pet damage so I don't know if it would have the chance to proc Perfect Zinger's mental damage, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point. If relevant, this character is a beam rifle/devices blaster.
  12. Arc ID: 34821 Arc Name: Operation: Cold Comfort Author: @PresidentDSG Number of Missions: 3 Description: While on a lucrative contract with Malta, you find yourself dragged into a secret war...
  13. Oh hey it's this thread again. It has been over a year, the Hero Corps logo is still not available to player characters. Given all the other logos that do exist, this just flat out doesn't make sense- Arachnos, Freedom Corps, the friggin Council, and even Void Sanction (Hero Corp's dark edgy underbelly) has a logo, and Void Sanction's whole thing is about being completely undetected and untracable so it doesn't even make sense they have a logo in the first place does it even show up anywhere other than character creator. In any case, the logo. It would be really nice- I
  14. Hi, so I've got questions of my own as for the objectives- I'd hate to put a lot of work into this only for it to be invalid because I didn't happen to tick all the boxes correctly. 1) As asked earlier- Do the destroyable objects all have to be in one mission, or can they be scattered throughout the arc? I'd like to ask further if the objects have to be required objectives or if they can be optional? 2) As asked earlier- Do you mean just adding in an ally objective, an ally and a rescue objective, or what? 3) What counts as "mission text" for the pizza line? Can it be in
  15. The Hero Corps Information Exchange is Sunday, September 6th at 6 PM EST/5 PM Central/3 PM PST, in Kallisti Wharf near the Hero Corps field analyst and the Wentworths! You can get to Kallisti through a blueside monorail or a redside smuggler's submarine! If you're at least level 40, you can use the LFG system to queue up for a Market crash to immediately be teleported very close to the event. This is a roleplay event centered around doing Architect Entertainment missions in-character! If you have any of your own you've been wanting a live audience to play through, now's a great ti
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