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Melee Core Embodiment (incarnate) does not appear to be working properly (or at all) and I thought you should know.


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I recorded the following video to demonstrate that this incarnate is not working.  The video is brief, and demonstrates how the incarnate power does not work.  Mind you, I did not need it to work, but that is not the point.  The numbers do not show an adjustment to regeneration, once activated, no matter how many creatures are around my character.  It USED to active and work just fine.  I used to get about 128 hp/second with that AND Dull Pain active at the same time.  With just the incarnate, I cannot remember precisely, but it was something like 68 - 75 hp/second.  


Note, that Dull Pain (toward the end) had fallen off before I activated Melee Core Embodiment again.  My regeneration rate is 51.97 hp/second.  With Dull Pain it increases to 65.34 hp/second.  If necessary, I can make a longer video fully detailing the problem.


Thank you for your time and attention.  


Deleted video and link as I was not aware this was a problem until just recently.  If you need to suspend my account, oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


-Czajen (Torchbearer)

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