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Looking for a little help with a Grav/kin build pls


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Hey everyone. I have played Coh back before homecoming and when I found out about here I came back. I mainly played blasters and scrappers as I liked being the one hitting big #'s from nukes or playing the op build of TW/Bio back before they brought it back to where it should be. I am coming to realize though that everyone can do damage and I have played on a few team where (I think it was) a grav troller would port ahead or do something to pull the group 2 in front of where the team was right back down to the group we were going to hit was just getting going. It was simply amazing and I never forgot it. I was looking to try and make a group support build with Grav/kin to try and buff the group up to speed through content like a boss.


  • I searched through the troller forum some but wasn't sure if there is a built that emphasizes the support and less damage from me?
  • I am not sure if I need a build with more melee def and such as I am really not sure how  how wormhole works? Is it a click targeted power like rain of fire but you have to click a second time to show where it lands?
  • Are there any good binds I can make to help out here like powexeclocation etc?
  • I see a lot of people recommending storm as a secondary with it but a lot seems to emphasize the damage it brings? Is that the main reason? I have found that no matter how much dmg I do with a fully io'd build a nuke or 3 from some others and my damage is helpful but not the main source when I play my scrappers and such. I can wipe the LT's and bosses super fast but I know my troller won't be a damage dealer at heart, I would rather buff with FS my team and continue to fuel them with more and more mobs with wormhole.

Any tips here I would appreciate and possible a link to a build or 2? I can farm for myself so I am not concerned with the cost of the build. Thanks for any and all help!

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