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Follow-Up Mission After Street Hunt not generated.


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I was doing a mission for Lou Pasterelli (Brickstown Contact, 30-34, one of the old original ones).  Mission against Freakshow raiding a Crey lab, leading immediately into a Street Hunt to question Freaks about the location of their base.


Because the street hunt didn't specify a zone, I just did Freakshow missions from another contact and got the last defeat inside the mission.


My objective switched to "Recover Crey Tech from Freaks", but it didn't tell me which zone to go, or to Board Transit. I manually checked every zone to see if the mission marker would be on the map somewhere, no luck.


In the attached image you can see that the right side of the mission entry, where it should give that sort of detail, is empty. The mission teleport power also could not send me anywhere.


I suspect finishing the hunt inside an unrelated mission somehow caused a problem with mission generation. Logging out and back in didn't fix it.


It's no big loss, I can ditch and redo or autocomplete the mission, and it's not a story or badge mission, but still, it's a bug.


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