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(PVP, needs more testing) Poison Trap puke animation may put Dominators into partial Domination mode


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I have not confirmed this bug due to the difficulty of testing it. I encountered the possible bug while reviewing public DEF files. If anyone is familiar with PVP mechanics and able to help test, please feel free to tag me or share results.



POSSIBLE BUG: The Poison Trap traps summoned by Poison and Traps players may cause Dominators to go into partial Domination mode when the Puke animation is triggered. Needs more testing to confirm.


BACKGROUND: Poison Traps summon a lingering gas cloud. This cloud has a pulse rate of 1/sec. Every pulse there is a 1% chance to make a player play a Puke animation. This achieved with a Conditional statement that sets the player's Stealth attribute to 1000. Stealth is the same attribute checked by Dominator powers to see if they are in Domination mode. Since the Dominator's powers check to see if Stealth > 1, the Traps player could accidentally benefit his or her opponent via the Gas cloud instead of hurting them.


EVIDENCE OF BUG: The bug would be confirmed if a player playing a Dominator could use a control power after the puke animation plays and receive the benefits of Domination (i.e. the Domination! floating text) while outside Domination mode.


SUGGESTED FIX: Assuming someone can confirm the bug, there are a few ways to handle it, including just not letting it work on PVP maps. If that's too much (it would mean no Players puking in PVP from these powers) you could flag it so Dominators are immune or it uses a different stat. 


COMORBIDITIES: If there are other versions of Poison Trap out there used by PVE enemies they may also cause this flag to get thrown unexpectedly.





I have a longer write up about the mechanics of these powers here if you need more info on how they function and why this might happen: 


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