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Horns and things

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Hey there! Can I just, before I get into my request, gush for a moment and tell anyone who cares to listen how PHENOMENALLY HAPPY I am to have Paragon City back??


So, building costumes... I was wondering how easy/possible it is to make certain parts available under certain conditions. Specifically, when using medieval helmets, the one horn configuration that I wanted to use (sin spikes) was not available. I couldn't think of any reason why this was so, so I was wondering if this could be changed.


ALSO... sometimes, I want to run around as a dragon-man with a lizard head who breathes fire. You know, as you do. But I'm noticing that the lizard-like head does not have options for horns and things. Is this a thing that can possibly happen in Homecoming? (he asks, entirely unaware of any of the technical or legal limitations on such things)

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