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Crash While Trying to Sell Boosted IOs on AH


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Now that the Barracuda SF no longer needs a Defender or a Mastermind in order to complete the SF, I stripped my one and only Defender character in preparation of deleting him.  Anyway, I put some of his enhancements up for sale on the auction house.  However, something really funky happened when I tried to put up some of his +5 boosted IO enhancements.  It didn't happen every time, but it happened three times.


I moved the +5 boosted IO enhancement from the enhancement tray to the auction house window, got the "Do you really want to do this?" prompt, answered "Yes."  Then suddenly there were multiples of the IO enhancement listed in my auction house storage for a split second, then condensed back down to one.  Suddenly *BOOM!*  My game client crashed.


Again, this didn't happen every time I put up a boosted IO enhancement on the auction house, but it did happen three times.

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