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Respec Adjustments - Enhancements and Trays

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Respecing takes a bunch of time.  And I think there are two things that could be done to significantly reduce the amount of time spent doing a respec, so we can get back to fighting bad guys....or, let's face it, making costume changes.


I hit this every time a patch comes out with power changes, grumble about it to myself some, and then go about my business respecing a bunch of my characters.  But as I'm getting more and more characters up to level where I want to go through all of them and respec, it's getting to a point where I'm skipping over characters because I don't want to spend a bunch of time re-slotting enhancements, and re-organizing all of my power trays.  I've tried searching this forum, and see some similar suggestions, but nothing quite like this.  So here goes.


I don't mind the actual respec process.  Choosing powers and assigning slots is no big deal to me.  Even if I only want to change out one power, or just move a couple of slots around, picking everything out doesn't seem like an issue to me.  I do have two issues following that though.


Change Request 1: Enhancement Slotting

Re-slotting enhancements takes a bunch of time.  It doesn't seem like it should be a huge lift to have the respec process take a look at the start of the enhancement slotting stage to just blow through all of the selected powers and slot assignments, compare them to what you previously had, and auto re-slot enhancements back into those powers.  If a power hasn't been re-selected in the new build, put it's enhancements in the re-slot tray.  If a power has it's number of slots changed, put it's enhancements in the re-slot tray.


This could also be added as a button that could be pushed rather than an automated process.  Just something to stop having to identify and drag 90-100 enhancements around the UI.


Change Request 2: Power Tray Management

Then there's the power trays.  This is especially a pain on my badger because of how many temporary powers he's got, but it happens on others too.  The default behavior to dump all of the powers starting with macros and then going through temp powers and just dump them all sequentially into the power trays is a pain in the butt.  My main has about 12 macros, 12 Day Job Powers, 12 Accolade Powers, 56 Temporary Powers, and 17 assorted Prestige Powers, and a dozen or so macros.  That's 109 macros/powers, without even touching my actual primary and secondary powers, power pools, and incarnates.  And to clean up those trays, I grab a screenshot and then spend a bunch of time removing powers, searching through the power window for what I want, and dragging it to where I want.


So, in a similar way to the enhancement stuff, it doesn't seem like a big effort to just go through every slot in every tray and just apply a simple rule.  Is that power/macro still available after respec?  Leave it there.  Is it no longer available?  Remove it.  Is it empty?  Leave it empty.  That seems pretty straight forward, and would save a ton of time in the respec process.


I've seen suggestions while searching for saving off power tray configurations and re-loading them.  That could work, but for a respec just leaving as much in place as possible seems like a pretty straight forward approach.



That's it.  I just want to spend less time dragging around enhancements and powers after a respec, and more time playing my respec'd character to see how awesome they are now!


Also, typing "respec" and not "respect" is something my fingers have a very hard time doing.

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The ability for respecs to remember tray layouts would be a Godsend.  Autoreslotting IOs would no be something I would want, but as an optional button, sure.


(Do you know about /cleartray?  That at least gets you a blank canvas free of temps.)

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