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Mastermind Power Set Ideas

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This is much more involved than the cosmetic suggestions I mentioned earlier, to be honest, but also just giving ideas as a way of killing boredom and hey if I suggest them they're in the ether. Cosmetic suggestions assume a selection of two to five "styles" of minions rather than a character creator style customizer

Warriors: Knights, Samurai, Aztec Warriors, etc... Attacks thrown weapons (daggers, axes, spears)

Guardian: Angel, Kami, etc... Attacks: Energy blasts from a talisman/charm/ofuda/whatever

Aliens: various sorts of alien options... Attacks: Beam rifle
Reptillians: Mild near-human snake people, lizardfolk, etc... T3 as a dragon or other such big hitting mythic reptile... Attacks: Spines?

Wizards: Different sorts sorcerers and mystics, Attacks: lightning or ice

Psychics: Different types of psychics (telepaths, telekinetics, pyrokinetics, etc) Attacks: Psionic

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