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  1. I'm assuming someone has already said this, but still would like to add the possibility of custom minion design. Especially for Thugs, Ninjas, Mercs, and Necromancy...with alternate beasties for Demon, Robot, and Beasts.
  2. We don't have shotguns for players in the game....which seems a bit of an oversight.
  3. If there were a firearm power pool that gave some basic shooting things, just for the people that want to do characters that carry guns as a minor thing. I suppose it would need to be either two different pools (pistol and longarms) or else have differing animations based on what weapon is attached to it (hence why I suspect this is too much trouble) But still, would be cool to do something like pump shotgun shells into a person and then switch to sword for most of fight.
  4. I have also thought about this a couple of times and would like a whip set either as a ranged set for Sentinels, Blasters, Corruptors, and Defenders...or a melee set for Scrappers, Tankers, Brutes, or Stalkers.
  5. I mostly just wish we could customize our existing sets. Such as replace wolves with cougars and the dire wolf with a tiger....or vary the look of the demons or soldiers. Etc. It would also be nice if we could separate out the attacks from the pets, so you could have guns or the whip for the beasts, for instance. But the structure for that functionality just doesn't exist I suspect.
  6. I seem to remember that this was in live. Because for my SS/WP, I made sure to carry a healthy supply of Lucks so I could pop one at the end of a Rage duration.
  7. It would be nice to see costume pieces for cyborgs that are a bit more subtle than what we have. Something like this attached pic. Flesh colored pieces with a few bolts and somewhat exposed limbs. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/251294364083421187/585592327020609537/1559632515019.png
  8. Most of the melee power set animations are such that you can get a fairly decent flow of action out of them. This is especially true of most of the later designed sets after they'd done some experimenting with animations a bit. Psychic melee just feels really disconnected and, as a consequence, slow. Even when you have a chain of powers you can trigger in a good row, it doesn't feel like the moves flow one into the next. I don't know if the set was created prior and is just being implemented or not, so I don't know if this is possible, but perhaps the tail end of the attack animations could be altered a bit so it feels a bit less like your character is suddenly standing still for an extended time and the motion flows into the next strike.
  9. Unkindness does not seem to interact with Blood Frenzy stacks the way its description says it should. Stacks are not consumed. It does not gain bonus damage and does not gain auto-recharge.
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