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  1. Varies, before IOs my standard for attacks was: 2 Acc, 2 Dam and either 2 End or 2 Rech depending For Defense it was 3 Def/Res and 3 End for toggles, for passives just 3 Def/Res For Heals 2 Heal 2 Rech 2 End mostly. 2 Acc 2 Heal 2 Rech for vamp-heals like Transfusion or Life-Drain. Once IOs came out things got a lot more complicated. Mids Hero Planner helps a bit.
  2. In general, at 3 max SOs of a single type, you've pretty much hit limit of usefulness in slotting more. I do remember a bit of an outcry when this happened, though I had already been slotting enhancements for diverse stat boosts anyway, so I mostly shrugged past it.
  3. I'm at work right now so can't log on. Was just looking for a general list. If one doesn't exist... oh well, can do later.
  4. Is there a list of what's available anywhere? The wiki just says " variety of temporary attacks. Most of these are useful only for character concept" And it would be nice to have a list to look at specifically for concept planning.
  5. Interestingly, I've pitched Shiki as "Salem's Lot but with the amount of effort King put into The Stand or Dark Tower instead of phoning it in."
  6. Also now realizing that the power bit is more: Megan - shapeshifting (allowing each personality to have their own form when they're up front) ... represented by just costume changes Lydia - flight (demon) Athena - agility (martial artist) Acacia - telepathy (vampire) Ophelia - transmutation (android) And the "fire" based on how I did them in Sentinels is actually "Infernal" which each of them manifests slightly differently... so I might toy around with different looks for Rad, Dark, or other attack sets to see which most easily lets me get heavily different feel
  7. Yeah, I try to note whenever I have a suggestion I expect is out of scope. Ones I think are truly impossible I tend to put in general rather than suggestions and are just sort of leh.
  8. Yeah, that is planned... eventually there'll be at least two versions of every character, with and without wings... including Lydia (because maybe I want to wear an outfit that wings get in the way of). I've done a lot of costume/keybind work in the past along these lines. Interestingly, I have a character named Random who'd been floating around for ages adjusting in story until finally solidifying a bit and finding a system that really handled them well (City of Mist). They're able to emulate the powers of movie monsters, combining up to three traits at a time. Most often they default to
  9. Yeah, edginess seems to be when the tragedy et al is chosen for the aesthetic more than story exploration. I know I go a lot for characters that are built with a recovery/redemption arc, but then I also like peppy and cheerful carefree characters occasionally.
  10. @TwoDee My favorite thing about the Nanoha franchise is just how aggressively casual it is with treating people like people. There's some angst and drama and such in the stories, but by and large the main characters just by default treat everybody like people. Cloned from another person - person Cyborg - person Intelligent magical device - person Humanoid magical construct - person Familiar - person Criminal - person The characters are just so casual about not making a big deal about the other characters' origins.
  11. This is work, definitely. But I think it would be a help. Especially for Natural and Tech origins.
  12. For me "Edgelord" is the sort of person that's "I'm making a grimdark character with dark and gritty visual aesthetic because it's cool" which gets tiresome if played unironically... but also hey, it's not going to bother me if someone else plays that sort of character. Cool, that's how they have fun, as long as they don't shove it in my face fine. That said, a character that is exploring a storyline of loss, recovery, redemption, and of those sort of things will tend to come across in the nature of edge... but there's a big difference between "I want to explore X story" and "I li
  13. By epics, I meant the ATs, Widow, Soldier, Warshade, and Kheldian just don't interest me. I've done the water-blood thing with my character Sangwine before. So could do that, though that personality is hella pacifist. So that build would be a lot more supporty.
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