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  1. I need to do a better breakdown video of the stages... no voice, street hunts or low numbers in mission so it's easier to see the changes and add text to the video.
  2. It is set up to do this. In each of the 4 keybind files for Stage Six (major injury) there are 3 possible triggers for going to one of the two lesser injury states and 4 triggers for switching to one of the two healed states. In stages 9 and 10, 2 of the 4 stages have possible triggers to stage 6 (major injury) and all 4 have possible triggers to the alternate lesser injury state, and each of them have triggers to the 2 healed states (think it's all 4 possible powers like with stage 6: Reconstruction, Dull Pain, Instant Healing, Blood Thirst) In stages 7 and 8 (the healed sta
  3. Here's the explanation video: https://youtu.be/Z1OtD9f8vbk
  4. Okay, so there's a couple videos showing the results of this but I sort of brought back the keybinding costume-change suites I used on my Strength/Will Brute Tender Bar back in live. Okay here we go, at the time of the video where I discuss things, the format is as such: Stage 1 - 13 keybind files, each file attaches keybind loading to all the power trigger buttons and attaches a costume change (hat knocked off, a bit more bloody) to a differing power at each file, though I believe Power Slot 4 is selected twice. When the costume changes it also moves to stage 2.
  5. Last time I faced Reichsman was on Live and I was a Dark/Elec Defender and basically it was a long slugfest in which he couldn't do much but struggle because I'd debuffed him into the ground. That was well before incarnates were released.
  6. I know this is a very tall order, but more long story arcs like the Mot story would be interesting to see. We do have the Praetorian stuff, I know, but would be interesting to see a few other things eventually.
  7. It's about 30 minutes of mid-level (26) game play with me talking about my approaching to playing a /regen character. I do tend to ramble a bit, also, I tend to give into scrapper-lock occasionally and get a little lax on my own advice, but eh... Bullet points in no particular order: Hit and Run / Attrition You can go down in an instant so always be ready to break off. It takes a lot of room. You benefit by making the fight take a long time. (this also makes fun drawn-out action sequences) Soft controls and move-speed debuffs can help you string the enemy o
  8. It's a pacing tool... which, admittedly is all of control (including tanking) mainly you're going to use AoE sleep on adds that you don't want to deal with right now. Especially if tank has gone over aggro cap. It can also be used to cut short the durations of some enemy toggles. Now... PBAoE sleeps are a little bit....ehhh because of this. And PBAoE sleeps on a TANKER are terrible
  9. Was getting some compliments on this character so decided to post some bits of the RPG character she's inspired by here: (three images sorry) Oh, hey. I don't suppose I exactly match your idea of a vampire, do I? Well, sure in some ways. I do have that presence and appearance of aristocratic beauty going for me. Pale, skin, golden hair, full lips, the fancy nails that look like I spend a fortune at the manicurist. You have no idea how hard I worked to break that image before and then this happens and I'm more fragile princess than I've ever been before. I suppose you might als
  10. Character is based on a character in a fanfic where she became an oni at one point and is a big fan of the Secret World game which her sisters used to play.... and secretly she's an actual Templar doing justice work on her "LARP" events.
  11. Me: " 'Bill, why are you all black and smoking! Why are your eyes glowing like that! No, Bill you're on our side, fight it!' " Friend: "Are you sure you're not the monster in this situation?" Me: "Oh no, I'm totally the monster here, but the Council deserve it! 'Enough of this, let me show you my true power as a nightwolf.' Yeah, you get possessed now, go say hi to your friends."
  12. I pretty regularly post hopes for MM minion customization. And heck, I don't need full character level customization. I'd be fine with "choose style A B or C". It would be very nice to do a girl-gang or valkyrie squad.
  13. That would be cool. The shotgun or pistol as a power pool is another one that would be cool for the people that want to be mainly sword but also a little bit gun... we can already main gun and a little be sword via pistol or rifle / ninja. But would be nice to do the reverse.
  14. I'm not particularly interested in the gladiator thing. It's a PvP limited thing and while I know some people enjoy that, I personally don't. This is a fairly personal fantasy for the main part of the game which I know would require massively reworking the structure of the game.
  15. Yeah, the confusion is pretty nitpicky. You gain XP really fast in this game from multiple directions.
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