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fortunata hynosis proc lasts longer than intended in pvp


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note: this is also the case on live servers, but as the beta build was supposed to nerf this, im posting it here


on live servers we consistently tested the placate proc to last for 8 seconds when used in will domination, which ran counter to the advertised 5.33 second duration. on brainstorm this was supposedly nerfed to 4 seconds, however preliminary testing showed it still lasted for 8 seconds. this led to further testing and interesting results.




2 players enter an arena match, 1 player uses a power with the proc on the other. the player who got placated then spams an attack to try to auto target the placater and attack them as fast as possible. times were measured using the arena clock, from the time the power with the proc activated until the time the counter attack activated (both from the same players perspective, being an attacker or defender made no discernible difference).


note that all times are rough due to inaccuracies in the arena timer, combat ticks and networking weirdness




will dom (close range): 8 seconds

will dom (close range with assault on the target): 8 seconds

mesmerize (close range): 5 seconds

will dom (long range): 10 seconds


something to note is that the placate proc is the only proc i can think of that activates when the power activates, not when it lands, so my theory is that its either activating twice (once when the animation starts, again when the projectile lands, hence the long range will dom lasting longer), or the timer for the placate to expire doesnt actually start until the power hits the target.


pacify from the presence pool lasted the correct 4 seconds, stalkers/veats were not tested.


also interesting here is that assault didnt appear to lower the duration of the placate, but it is supposed to provide placate resistance.

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