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Masterminds and Fire Patches: The Fear is too much.

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I tried to find something on this, but most of my search results turned up threads about how the Thugs Arsonist is a glutton for punishment.


So, the gist is:  Mastermind pets with fire patches have a mag 50 fear component that makes gameplay very unenjoyable.


I know every Thugs/Bots MM out there knows the feeling.  You line up a spawn, you let the pets loose, and see the fire patch drop.  Suddenly every enemy touching it does a screaming sprint to the other end of the map and loses aggro.  Either that, or your pets give chase and wind up dying somewhere out of sight because they pulled too many enemies on the way to kill the runner.


My suggestion is simple.  Remove the fear from Arsonist's Fire Bomb and Assault Bot's Incendiary Swarm Missiles.  The fear really doesn't make sense.  Other ATs have DoT patches that don't cause enemies to flee, and the gameplay experience of "X many enemies just took off at high speed all over the map" isn't fun.  I don't like to deal in absolutes like that, but I can't think of any reason that scattering a spawn and/or having to take an AoE Immobilize to pin the enemies in place.


Having to mitigate that with a power pick or just waiting seems less than ideal.  Having to do it every spawn is pretty awful.


TL;DR Do the Arsonist and Assault Bot really need a mag 50, 10 second fear on their best, and most available AoEs?  I don't think so.  Could that fear be removed?

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1 hour ago, MTeague said:

They're just MMO players who had it drilled into them "Fire Bad. Don't stand in Fire." 😀


But yea, I hear you.

Maybe something like the recent change to Enflame? 

Mobs still don't LIKE standing in Enflame's fire patches, but it's no longer their A#1 priority to GTFO, either.



Yeah, even a tone-down would be acceptable.  Right now one lick of fire DoT and it's off to the middle of nowhere.

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