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  1. I'm pretty happy with Martial Kombat as a blaster secondary. Ki Push is hilarious and buys you a few free hits, and I just having a hero who can kick things in the face as well as blast from range.
  2. they don't always in your build, but I do like the sets that produce "% end discount to all powers" as a set bonus. My Fire/Fire sentinel got a lot more manageable after those.
  3. They could do "keycards" or something needed to get the elevator oto the next floor or open doors. Because doors totally stand up to pounding on from Super Strong titans and block even phase shifting mutants and.... oh never mind.
  4. Sure. They could have pulled a Maelstrom and been born on primal earth but pledged loyalty to Cole (or mouthed the words just long enough to be accepted...). Seems somewhat unlikely they'd treat you like any other Powers Division conscriptee, but who says they are? They could be having you followed/tracked without you knowing it.
  5. Aww, and here I was hoping for suggestions like Hellions Lore pets that steal a purse from their target, any target, even Hamidon. 🙂 Seriously though, I agree 100% on Knives of Artemis. Would love to have them on call. They also do pretty decent damage output when they layer 17 stacks of caltrops lol. PPD I would rather see as an MM Henchmen Option vs Lore Pet, but I wouldn't turn down either one.
  6. Not only that, but who the heck makes elevators that only go up and down ONE FLOOR, with 1-2 in the northwest, 2-3 in the southeast, 3-4 in the east, and there's not a SINGLE fricken' stairwell in a single building interior in all of Paragon City. The whole place should should be massively condemned for major safety violations.
  7. Well then. I stand corrected. 🙂
  8. Heh. My main hero (Mind/Kin controller) was specfically created as an old man. Older Face 1, white hair, etc. I just had this idea it would be funny as hell to have Gramps taking on 5th Column winning. 🙂
  9. Teleport is fine once you have decent end recovery. Right out of the box? Not so much.
  10. Mechanically, I see no obstacle. It's just a "how much do you care about lore" thing. Kheldians, maybe, I mean, it's a parallel universe pretty close to our own, maybe they have Khelds, too. Wouldn't even have to be any formal first-contact with Khelds as a people offering any kind of alliance to Cole or DeVore. It could be just a few Kheld scouts seeing what's up on this strange blue-green rock orbiting this yellow star. They would not have to commit to Praetorian-Dimension Khelds being nice. There could be hints they may be scouting for a possible invasion of their own, or Nictus looking too see how they can use the Hamidon for their own ends. VEAT's though.... Soldier's and Widow's... are kinda.... all about Arachnos. Which has the slight problem of one Stephan Richter being murdalized by one Marcus Cole. I see *no way* you could do a VEAT as an actual praetorian native. It would be far more plausible to do something where the VEAT wanted out from under Recluse's thumb.... maybe a Widow saw a more senior Fortunata being turned into a Tarantula Queen and freaked and said "Oh hell no, you ain't doing that to me" and took the nearest portal out of dodge. Maybe a Wolf Spider did the same thing to break free of the telepathic net. But it's far easier to see that works as a character who is native to primal earth, and then fleeing to praetoria.
  11. I have to admit, this is part of why I don't server transfer, and if I ever did, I'd view all such transfers are probably One Way. But I'm less gregarious in the game than some. I don't have a huge friends list even on Excelsior, never mind branching out to other servers. How do you know the name is held by someone under level 10? Maybe the name IS held by a lvl 50. Doesn't necessarily mean they're still active true.... or maybe they are active but they're on vacation this month. There's really no way to know. As far as the naming policy itself.... What is this name release policy I've heard about? Is it in effect yet? The name release policy is not in effect yet. Here's how it'll work once it is enabled: pulled from: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/9526-frequently-asked-questions/ "Not in effect" doesn't say to me "hasn't been written yet". What I get from reading this, although I could be mistaken, is that the naming policy is in the code, but is not active. That is, they have an On/Off switch that is currently set to Off. I don't really *know* that to be true, but it's how I read the admittedly very very little information that has been posted about it.
  12. Every blueside character I make has a redside nemesis. Typically a different but related AT. Scrapper/Stalker, Tank/Brute, Defender/Corruptor, etc. Backstories / origins are different for each, but just under half of my characters backstories involve one of my other characters (and usually NOT their red/blue opposite). I have a headcanon where my Mind/Kin has been orchastrating the forces of Light from behind the scenes for a few thousand years. My redside Sentinel is kind of my own personal Doctor Doom, just he's also a being of living steel and fire who used to be a materials engineer rather than a Baron. But he's the one who organizes and directs most of my other redside characters. My spines/regen stalker is the Unkillable Man, and the wild card of the bunch, and much of the final outcome of my clash-of-characters would depend on his choice between darkness and light. I also like involving "Evil Crey Corp" in my characters backgrounds. They're just a love-to-hate-them faction.
  13. Though I will admit, I was hoping Mender Valen would look like a human-Minbari hybrid and have an assistant named Zathras.
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