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  1. I love the graph showing which characters interact with which others in what way. 🙂 Also love the stumbling-into-crime on Ileana 🙂
  2. If a Cheat Death mechanic were to be added, I do not believe it should be available any more frequently than the old self-rez could trigger.
  3. I'm even fine with +Def/+Rchg being available as an option, as long as it's "You finish your Origin Tips. You may now choose any one of the following powers", and then players can choose any one of the bonuses listed paired together with any origin.
  4. I'm fine with an incentive to use the system. I don't want "I'm Super Reflexes, so clearly the only good choice is Tech for +Defense and +Recharge, everything else is crap." I like the idea of doing X many tip missions and then having a reward bonus for it on a special 11th mission, not unlike alignment powers. But if you're directly boosting combat stats, try to avoid certain origins only providing X benefit. Esp when the rationale is vague at best. Why is it Tech that provides +Def/+Rchg? Why not Mutation/Magic? My opposition vanishes if we can eliminate making some origins the "Best" origins from a min-max perspective.
  5. I guess that's where the rubber meets the road for me then. I've played around with base building enough to know I'm not good add it, or perhaps more accurately, won't spend the time to go wild with it, and really learn how. As long as those who DO build bases (and I've certainly seen you post in that subforum enough....) are willing to accept such risk of copycats, then I withdraw any objections. Also, really? people are jerks enough to kick somone and then refuse to pay them for their work? That's just.... man. How low does one go?
  6. I don't like the idea of certain bonuses requiring certain specific origins. You can make anything thematically make sense with certain origins. Let the player CHOOSE a bonus for whatever origin they will? And I'm much closer to being on board.
  7. Keep in mind, I don't see anyway you could "trademark" any portion of this. What one player creates can always be replicated by another player, or even truly 100% independant development of the same finished product. So, no "trademarking" of any kind, not even as a colloqial-use-term, never mind actual legal term. I don't think bases "remember" which actual player created them. So the only way I think you could commission / buy a template from somoene else is, agree on the work to be done, invite their character to your guild. Promote them to a rank with base editing priviliges, then let them go wild. Remove them from guild upon completion of task. But if that artist who made your base has any ability to "Snapshot" any portion of a base to then "Apply Template"? Then so would YOU, the person who commissioned that work. Because the game won't really remember that it was so-and-so's template for any portion of the the base. And then you very very very rapidly lose any abilitty to monetize once the first person starts just handing it out to their buddies for free, or worse, tries to sell copies of it to someone else passing it off as their own work. I think any such Freelance Base Builders are best off to handle things on a "one off" basis, no Take Snapshot, no Apply Template.
  8. Please keep the existing graphics as an OPTION whether or not you add additional graphic choices. It does have a hole against Fire and Psi, but both are very patchable with IO sets. It always feels wasteful stacking so much cold resist to bring fire resistance up to acceptable levels, but hey. Such is life and the OCD of slot allocations. I've never been quite sure what to make of Hibernate. On one hand a "I can't do anything to you" power .... doesn't help you defeat the enemy when soloing. But I've seen ice tanks hold aggro like a champ even when Hibernating, and as long as they can still hold threat while Ice Block'd, then that's all that really matters. And it probably does make a nice "Oh Crap!" button if a sapper sneaks through your defenses on a natural 20, etc. Now Ice MELEE, I have several things I'd like changed, but that is Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Topic.
  9. I havne't had that be a problem in most instances, but certainly in Praetoria or the Wards, on a mission that comes pre-packaged with laser-guided-persist-through-death ambushes.... yea.
  10. Some do, not all... particularly the one in the Presence pool.... and certainly wakie's dont.
  11. cards? how quaint. You should try VillainBook. The app organizes all your tips, contacts, brokers, and nefarious schemes.
  12. If there's some way the player can choose which version they get, I'm willing to talk turkey. Maybe when you pick the power, you get two "Stances". One active means your self-rez will autofire like a Cheat Death, preventing detoggles. The other means you die, and get original functionality. I could work with that. And changing stances would trip the cooldown for the power, so you couldn't flip it back and forth on a whim. a) it wouldn't change my thematic feel for my characters if I can choose original functionality b) I can still use an occasional death to break aggro and come back at them at my leisure. (since I'm reasonably good at getting distance from where they spawn before I die).
  13. MTeague


    Ninja / Poison MM. Oh.... you wanted a horrible unending nightmare for OTHER people?..... well... that's different.
  14. Sunday is part of the weekEND.... /jranger actually I agree with this proposal, but I mean, there has to be at least one dissenting opinion. we have traditions to uphold and all.
  15. I wouldn't take that as any kind of commitment or promise from the HC Devs. though it doesn't seem unreasonable that IF they choose to provide another Control set, they might start with the leftover skeleton and do their best to flesh it out and rebalance it.
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