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  1. Largely true. However, it's noteworthy that under the current rules, the Lockdown, Chance of +2 Mag Hold is a virtually guaranteed proc in an AE Hold. Now the AE hold is simply not going to be up every spawn. Even with really good +Recharge. There's limits. And it's still not going to be enough for an EB / AV. But it does make for a nice opener against a regular bosspack. And certain control sets can do Hold - Sleep - Hold, and the sleep will park a boss for long enough to get that second single target Hold off. If Confuse / Decieve is on the table, I believe most single target Confuses are non-aggroing. Soloing, My Mind/Kin will AE Hold (if it's up), Fulcrum Shift, followed by Terror / Psychic Toranado to tag all foes with damage OR AE Sleep, Confuse boss, Confuse Boss, Fulcrum Shift, Terror, Psychic Toranado, Then standard single target lockdowns and Crosspunch
  2. It's been true if every MMO ever. Gnome Warriors were legendary anklebiters in EverQuest.
  3. While it's not related to naming, for headcanon purposes, I've always pictured it that when my Peacebringer talks, you hear both voices, a human voice and an alien voice, in stereo.
  4. the quick answer is of course "it depends". If your powersets include powers that already give you a good chunk of positional defense (Super Reflexes, Ninjistu), then focus on stacking positional defense. If your powersets include powers that already give you a good chunk of typed defense (Ice Armor, Energy Aura), then focus on stacking typed defense. If you start with nothing (blaster, etc), then I personally prefer focusing on Positional defenses, because there's only 3 kinds (melee, ranged, aoe), whereas there's lots more typed defenses. But there are people who will say (and are probably right) that because certain types of attacks are vastly more common, you may be better off stacking typed defense, because if can max evne a few of those types that can cover all positions of when that type is in play. Just be aware if you do start with no defense from your primary/secondary, you probably can't softcap ALL typed defenses.
  5. I suppose there's also the issue of impact on any changes to Pets, too.
  6. this is really where I feel it should be addressed. I don't think the end drain powers need to be buffed per se. I do think enemies should actually need to have the correct amount of END before they can activate a power, same as the players. now, sure, it may take several rounds of finessing to strike a balance the devs are happy with. Maybe enemies should have to pay same endurance cost as players, but boosted recovery, if that's something that allows you to maybe delay them from attacking with some end draining, but not necessarily city-of-statues on 50 mobs all at once just because you used one "Short Circuit". And maybe mobs should get a 50% endurance discount if that helps balance things. But the whole "Oh, I have one teensy sliver of END, therefore I can fire off my nuke" is .... kinda bullcrap.
  7. well... here's the thing. the "among the worst" sets? Still WRECK FACE. People rag all over /Regen and how it's horrible and everyone should just reroll Willpower. But you can make a *very* durable /Regen character who still invokes Full Terminator Protocol. "He'll find her. That's what he does. That's all he does! You can't stop him. He'll wade through you, reach down her throat, and pull her f***ing heart out." People rag all over Electric Blast or Assault Rifle and how they're the Worst Blast Set. But they still melt spawns and most groups are never really going to notice the difference in kill speed. Now if you are a Speed King, and you literaly set timers and measure speeds of map clear? Okay. You might notice. I bet quite a big chunk of the player base doesn't time it, and won't really notice. It's just received wisdom that certain sets are bad, even though they work right fine for how most people play.
  8. I think I understand your position, and I can respect it. I just don't agree with it. As long as anyone can solo pretty much all story arc content on any character, I don't think they should necessarily have the same experience on every character, or have the same set of weaknesses on every character. I think it's good that some characters face "can openers" that others don't. I think it's part of what keeps the game interesting. I really don't have a problem with certain Powersets being unable to provide mez protection to themselves but being able to buff the rest of the team, or certain AT's just never ever getting mez protection at all (until incarnates, and I can go verse and measure on what I think of them, but this isn't the topic for that.) By all means, you have every right to push for such changes and argue for them. I'm just um... *cough* gonnahopethatfailssorryman *cough*
  9. QFT It should be noted, that <ObiWan> From a certain point of view</ObiWan>, even Blasters are entirely unnecessary. Sure, they kill stuff fast. But everyone can deal decent damage. and its' rare that speed MATTERS. Even if you care about clear times, if you've ever been part of the glory that is an All Defender Task Force, you still steamroll things mighty fast. Is your AT "not needed"? Sure. Neither is anyone else's.
  10. no objection, but I can't stay I've ever really noticed / cared about the dust.
  11. I get what you're saying. But I can honestly say I disagree with you post completely. prophecy and destiny being part of the world is not the same as "its the sum total of everything". I can also honestly say, I would probably never play any game you produce. But hey. Lots of people would not play any game that *I* ever produced. So there is symmetry.
  12. I've long looked at AE as a venue for perhaps crowdsourcing new "official" story arcs. If I was the developers, one of the first things I'd have done was add a checkbox, which STARTS UNCHECKED, because really, that's how it should be, that says "If you check this, you give the devs permission to harvest this AE mission and convert + modify it to become official content, if they choose to do so." I mean, it's all a private server, so maybe they could already technically do anything they darn well pleased with any AE mission at any time. But it would keep a lot of feathers unruffled if it were done on that basis. And for all I know maybe there even IS already such a checkbox? I keep meaning to play around with Mission Creators and ... keep loading up other things instead.
  13. Agree 100% I would however, be perfectly on board with it using my characters powersets and costumes to appear as an actual NPC to be fought in someone else's mission. Where I would not be in control of that clone at that point, it would just be the AI doiing it's best to use what powers it thought were most useful at any given moment. Looks like @FoulVileTerror already posted that idea 13 hours ago. Man I gotta learn to read the whole thread before reacting and posting lol.
  14. yea. My preferred solution would be to eliminate void skiff, rocket board, etc as P2W powers, and put the animations in place as an alternate appearance / Power Customization choice for Fly. So you'd still have to take "Fly" as a power in order to fly, but if you want to suddenly sprout a Raptor Pack whenever you activate fly, you could. I am however, aware of the current limitations on combat animations for things like Rocket Board. I hope someday that can be addressed, and then also made into a Power Customization for Fly. I do have a rather extensive "It would be cool if..." list that will probably never be done.
  15. Chains (I think) should be just one alternate weapon look for a Whips set. <Obligatory 'Whips and Chains' joke goes here> I'd like a variety of such looks, to allow for an Indiana Jones bullwhip, or the Desdemona fire-whip, to something like Spawn whipping a length of chain around a foe. I wouldn't mind a Hawkman Ball-and-Chain.... .... but perhaps that should be under War Mace. I have no idea how much resources and time that would take to produce. I suspect it's not trivial just to decide what types of attacks would make for a balanced set comparable to other melee sets, and then produce the animations. I suspect we're talking a serious time investment. There is a fair bit of demand though, evidenced by the Petless-Demon-Summoners.
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