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  1. I came across a shantytown under the main strip in St Martial with an explore badge from a tour guide tip. Since there's a badge there I figure probably several people did know about it, but it was new to me.
  2. Walk along the sidewalks content in my absolute invincibility and shove heroes into oncoming traffic while saying stuff like "Isn't <name of guy I just shoved in front of a truck> the best?"
  3. I don't think I've ever seen a police chief meeting be a placeholder that I *have to* clear to get a different story arc / badge mission to activate. And *most* of the police chief missions aren't really that hard. Tedious perhaps, but so is going through a five story buidling to find the kidnappee to rescue. It's just part of being a hero. Somedays you rescue people, somedays you put the smack down on a criminal operation that's gotten out of hand. (annnnnnnd somedays you do a Mayhem Mission and blow up most of a downtown area....) Now, when the police chief wants me
  4. I suspect the original T9 was more about making sure you hack a clicky super boost to your resistances so you could keep going even in the face of being de-toggled / drained by sappers / carnies, etc. And it was probably handy in the *very* early issues. After so many changes to other powers, and how certain effects work, and the baselining of the Fitness pool, and the introduction of IO's and set bonuses.... not so much.
  5. Vermillion Visage. and there's always the option of other colors. Cobalt Casque, etc.
  6. I don't see any need for a change. It's not hard to scoop up some of the lesser used one and convert them 10-20 times. And it's not that hard to squirrel away enough money to buy a few superpacks yourself. Mostly I'm with @Bopper. These things come and go in cycles. If people notice a price spike as certain ATO's get rare, you'll see a lot more go on the market as people try to cash in. Maybe they'll be converted-used-to-be-Kheldian ATO's. Maybe they'll be ATO's from a freshly bought pack. I've seen dry spells and floods a couple times since Jun 2019. Not really thinking deve
  7. I see no point to a currency that doesnt' do anything, and I see no benefit for allowing a Guild to stock up a currency instead of individual players. If you truly *care* whether or not your SG members play in /sg mode, *ask them* to do so. If you don't trust them to, maybe they're not actually your friends, and maybe that's because you're trying to dictate their playtime for them.
  8. I have never used Envenomed Daggers and never will. None of the Amplifiers, either. I do not like flinging money at a P2W vendor for a combat advantage. That offends my sensibilities. Every player is free to do what they will of course, but that's my stance on it, my own personal self-imposed-restriction for my characters. That said, I will periodically go get myself a Shivan Shard from Bloody Bay. I recognize some consider them not much different / consider me slightly hypocritical on this point. My stance is Shivan Shards were available long before there were eve
  9. Seriously. It's like when a PC suddenly dies on you. Yes, I could spend a week and a half looking around and researching for what's a good box to replace it with, and what kind of components I'm really going to want to put it together to meet my specific needs.... Or I could drive like a madman to Micro Center and fling money at them like a seriously Jonesing addict, because I NEEDS MAH NEW COMPUTER!! NAO!!! Not that I've ever done this, you understand. <nervous laugh> No, of course not. This is purely hypothetical, of course!
  10. Gonna say up front, I am not a serious author of any kind. I'm a programmer by trade, and gamer by hobby. But I've done some novelization-style "Journal Entries" for my characters in various single-player sandbox games and.... it's pretty addictive once you get past the first few. I start creating 17 chapter backstories for how my character even came to be where the game is set, and flesh out motivations / things they care about / non-existent NPC's of family members and friends they think about along their journeys, etc. But that style of doing "one journal entry" at the en
  11. Well, I do think Cole and Recluse would have been doing the "My Dear Good Friend" (spoken in Londo Mollari voice, if you've ever seen B5), fully intending to dispose of the other one once they were no longer necessary / too likely to become a rival for supremacy, and both of them probably knew that from first contact. Or at least, would have suspected the other of that. Arguable. Maybe you can find something that temporarily de-powers Cole, just like Darrin Wade de-powered States in order to kill him. That doesn't necessarily mean that exact same trick would have worked
  12. I suspect there's also a sizeable chunk of people in the power structure who think Cole is in fact a brutal and overbearing Tyrant, fully deserving that name.... but who, from the history of Praetorian Earth, understand that He Stopped Hamidon, when no one else could. Ie, maybe the guys a jerk and tyrant.... but without him, we'd all be DEAD, consumed by Tellurian Plague, etc. Maybe he's not the ruler we'd like to have, but if it's Cole or be consumed by the Devouring Earth, then "OK Mister Cole, What can we do for you on this fine morning?". Because that was always one thing that
  13. Largely agreed. I have to assume Vanessa DeVore would have been capable of helping him.... if she could get him to trust her enough to really let her inside his head..... which he was probably too paranoid to EVER agree to. So I think DeVore and Vetrano made the pragmatic decision to use him as he is. Scott and Cole aren't the only ones to write people off as "acceptable losses" or "regrettable but necessary", and there's some symmetry in the idea that his own lieutenants might have seen him that way.
  14. Sappers are very much one-trick-ponies. Drain you dry and detoggle you. Regen will do pretty well against them because of the amount of passive regen you have going on, particularly if you're IO'd out. They basically won't be able to kill you alone. That said, even as a one-trick-pony? It's a pretty GOOD trick while they have a squad of their buddies handy. Backed up by a bunch of Tactical Operatives who Taze you, and Gunslingers who hold you with Ice Bullets, they'll do the Dominator thing and just chain CC you holding you helpless as they wear you down. But yea. E
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