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  1. I never knew I wanted a travel power where my character is being repeatedly ragdolled for hellion golf distance in any direction I choose until I read this sentence.
  2. I mean, I sort of do this now on a limited time basis on my blaster. P2W Jump Pack plus Speed of Sound. Zoom at full speed jump for height then kind of "tap" "tap" "tap" for the jumpjets as I move along. Does have the max duration of the Jumpjets though before they forcibly detoggle and go to cooldown. But I can make it over half the distance from the top of the Westerman building to Mercyview Graveyard in First Ward before it runs out!
  3. For truly 100% brand new MM types..... it's always fun thinking what could be plausible for EVERY Origin. Elementals I suppose are every bit as fungible as the elemental control sets. "Gardener" MM's with plant based pets could be amusing. (Carrion Creepers instead of Gang War?) Snakes. Why did it have to be Snakes? Will Smith style Men In Black, if we could make them sufficiently distinguishable from Crey Agents.
  4. Illusion Control / Phantom Armor / Mirror shows that custom pets CAN, in principle, be done. They'd have to decide how much they want to let you finesse it. Could you choose a different look for your first T1 pet than your second T1 pet? etc. They'd have to decide if they want "custom henchmen" to be a thing for all existing humanoid groups (Ninjas, Mercs, Thugs), and whether to include the non-humans (Beasts, Bots, Demons, Undead). They'd have to decide if the wailing and gnashing of teeth is worth it if any can't do it. "If they can have custom ninjas why can't I have
  5. You also need to be able to pass the mental hurdle of "but if I frankenproc, that's a power with IO's from four different sets! the set bonuses! won't someone think of the poor abandoned set bonuses!". That's the hurdle I'm still stuck on. I can proc out a couple powers per character (ie, Infrigidate on a /Cold), but I start to agonize over lost set bonuses if I go too wild.
  6. The advantage for Scrapper to me? Nobody really expects me to tank. They all expect me to scrapperlock.
  7. Most fun for me? Beast/Empath. Note that I say "Most Fun". I do NOT say "most effective." but concept wise, my Beast/Empath is a Crazy Pet Lady who treats her spirit animal guardians like housepets, and is all "AAAAAAAH YOU SHOT DAISY!" when mobs shoot at the T1 wolves. They're all named like normal housepets. I took Boxing and Kick and Crosspunch to get right in there and melee alongside the pets (also helping keep them in range of pet aura IO's and Supremacy, and making it each to catch them all in healing aura, and because the Fighting pool attacks are DIRT CHEAP compare
  8. I wouldnt' object to that. But keep in Mind, Fearstome Stare does zero damage. Terrify is a primary AE nuke for Mind. Get containment, Terrify. I would not want to lose that damage output. If I have to keep the damage OR get -ToHit, I'll keep the damage.
  9. Math is super important! Without math Google Maps couldn't tell me where to go, and I couldn't order dinner online! We neeeed math!
  10. Single Target Sleep is how Mind parks EB/AV's. Don't yank that away without giving Mind something else in it's place. Although I do agree, don't be messin' with Confusion. Loooooves me some Confusion.
  11. Which is just begging for the "It's not how you say it, but it is how I say it." Although there's something to be said for the wisdom to pick your battles.
  12. Clearly, Ms Liberty is NOT two places at once. One or both of them is a Nemesis Automaton.
  13. I mean, Blaster Primaries are better at Ranged Damage than....pretty much anyone else. So in that sense, they're King of Ranged. But I agree, they're not JUST ranged. Quite a bit of their secondary trees are chock full of melee powers, and degrees of control (some soft control, some short-term hard control). And heck the primaries are worthy of discussion of debuffing or soft controls that some bring. Where you solo and say "Get Outta My Face!" with Power Thrust / Ki Push, or whether a tanker is holding aggro for your Fire Blapper as they Fire Sword Circle down a crowd of m
  14. 100% leaving AT behind, and focusing Strictly on Powersets, can we come up with something? sure. Storm Summoning: is chaotic ragdolly goodness. It offers a solid mix of debuffs, Knockbacks,, and damage output. When soloing, Hurricane almost entirely prevents death because it savages enemy to-hit so severely. is that a complete description? NO. O2 boost deserves mention as a low level protector against some status protection and against Energy Drain. No discussion of Storm is really complete without pros/cons of KB-to-KD and FF +Rchg procs. Steamy Mist d
  15. I know Focus is a flat out better power. But I just don't like the idea of projecting out waves of force from claws. I skip both Focus and Shockwave (yes, yes, I'm Doing It Wrong(tm)....) and rely on Spin and Eviscerate for AE damage. Evisc also tends to join my single target attack chain because of enhanced crit chance.
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