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  1. Because Zer0 has a sniping tree and melee trees. "Striking from nowhere / Killing with accuracy / This is who I am."
  2. if the target was walking back and forth they might have moved outside of range during the interrupt period.
  3. If you solo at all, don't underestimate Spore Burst. A well timed sleep can save you big levelling up. That said, if you plan to group most of the time, it's probably not worth it to you.
  4. I have zero problems with AE existing, though I have not and will not ever use a designated Farm mission on any character, ever. I will use AE to surf for missions with actual story content. Some of those are disappointing, some are truly amazing. But my characters, mostly I level doing normal story arc content. Not AE at all. Not even TF's. Just talking to contacts and doing a variety of street sweeping or door missions. Please do NOT take this option away from me or trivialize it into a speed-levelling experience. If you touch story arcs at all, please make them more like Praetoria, where the arcs are exceptionally well written and it has a greater feel of your choices impacting the world.
  5. Just because they can't see you doesn't mean it's completely impossible that they decided just as that moment to start walking to the coffee maker. Or maybe they DO know you're there and are just trolling you by pretending to not notice you and just by chance move out of your way at the last second.
  6. Keep in mind the amount of coding, and artwork, needed for any new powersets, much less characters based around entirely new mechanics. Keep in mind resources vs man-hours. I mean, OK,, on one hand, sure, Dream Big. Nothing wrong with having an "in an ideal world" list out there. But I would temper expectations around reality, at LEAST until they can manage to get formal "you're legit" papers from NCSoft.
  7. I like the idea. Especially if could toggle for the kind of enhancement you're protecting. Maybe I don't give a rat's behind about Training Enhancements, Dual Origins, Single Origins, or even Basic IO's. But I do want to protect my Hami-O's, my set IO's, my ATO's, etc. I do suspect it would be "non-trivial" to make the change though.
  8. Agreed. It's certainly not the only text description that's flat wrong. The "Recharge Intensive Pet" set IO's still say they cannot be slotted in MM henchmen powers, which I believe was true on Live, but is not true on Homecoming. I'm guessing it's a matter of "bigger fish to fry" or "keep forgetting to slam that into the code before next patch".
  9. I'd like to see this happen. /EA could be rough on a brute back when CoV first launched, but with IO's in play to patch up all the gaps? I think a tank could rock it plenty fine, without even having to change the nature of any of the powers at all. My EM/EA is still staying a Brute, though.
  10. I don't think Trick Arrow needs or should get a heal. You're using a frickin' bow and arrow. That doesn't heal, unless you're shooting suppository medical arrows. But several sets don't get a heal, and are fine. Sonic Resonance, Force Fields, Cold Domination, etc. At MOST perhaps you could have a Triage Arrow that sets up a Triage Beacon (from Traps) at the target location. But keep in mind, that's useless for any fast-moving group, becuase no one stays near it for long. If you want to be a healing archer, the Medicine tree is available, and is honestly a better solution for heals you can use even on teams that move, and top off people as needed. I think efforts are far better placed in strengthening some of the early weak arrows. Entangling Arrow - give it a small fire/toxic dot ("caustic"?) and would allow it to set off Oil Slick. Flash Arrow - I agree the To-Hit debuff is not strong enough as is. I would be fine with a base 10% (or more!). Yes, it's an AE power, but Poison and Radiation get better -To Hit powers at comparable levels in their respective trees. If boosting the to-hit much above 10% would be considered too OP, perhaps add a strong -Range effect, so things have to try to get into melee range with you before they can attack. It wouldn't change much for a "Standard" team with tanks and scrappers and MM minions, but it would make a huge quality of life for anyone soloing if they could use Flash arrow and kite for some free hits. Glue Arrow - I'd look at the -Recharge effect. I don't know what it is right now, but it should be right up there with Snow Storm for -Recharge. I don't know that it needs more than that, except perhaps a faster recharge. Mobs try hard to get OUT of the glue, meaning they move slowly and don't attack. This already mitigates a ton of damage / gives your team lots of free hits. Poison Gas arrow - I think entirely reasonable to give it a -Regen comparable to Poison Gas Trap in Traps.
  11. I won't say I don't ever play any other games. there's days I just want to go for world domination and fire up Civilization. There's days the sandbox itch hits me and I fire up one of the older Bethesda titles. But you can count on seeing me on Excelsior 3-4 nights a week, and most every weekend. I don't care who comes and goes. I don't care who obsesses that the population is above or below a certain threshold. for SEVEN YEARS, I would have been perfectly fine and dandy with a SINGLE PLAYER version of CoH, just to have my fix back. So long as Homecoming exists, *cough* <Ahnold voice on> "I'll be back".
  12. I wouldn't refuse it if Instant Healing became a toggle again. But do I think it *needs* it? Not really. Then again, I'm making no effort to tank LARGE spawns with Regen. And I have no interest in doing so. So my expectations may be very different. My regen is a Spines/Regen stalker. Teaming, I let the Tank tank, and I'm in a half-step behind him critting out the wazoo and tossing in instacast Assassin's Strikes everytime that glorious orange circle appears around it. If I catch aggro on a few stray mobs it simply doesn't matter. I can easily out-regen them. When I solo, I run +2 with bosses, and everything falls before me. Ya, a couple of bosses I've gotta pop a few inspirations before the boss, and use my clickies during the fight. But I win, they don't, unless I'm just sloppy. If you want Regen to be tanking soloing +4/x8 well.... can't advise you there. The set was originally designed only for Scrappers, and later Stalkers. Brutes were a much later afterthought. I don't believe it's design intent ever included solo tanking +4/x8
  13. I can't say my most fun team ever included a tank.... but that's because it was an All Defender Task Force (1 Storm, 1 Rad, 1 Dark, 2 Empaths, 1 Trick Arrow, 1 Sonic, 1 FF) flexing our Defendy muscles and showing the awesome power of Defender pewpewpew. OUTSIDE of such highly specialized cases though, yes, I love having an actual Tank on the team.
  14. <blink> okay, after I checked all of the floor styles it never occured to me there would be a separate category for surfaces. that should take care of me. Thank you!
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